Lana Del Rey is fucking obnoxious and her music inspires suicide...
ROFL, it sounds over the top, but it's true...

Look at how dead her eyes are.

She basically encapsulates the very spirit of suicide.

She literally looks like a member of the Manson Family.

She's a fake and she's nothing but a puppet. Scores of unknown people out there have talent that would put her BS to shame...

But they're not famous, and you know why? Because they aren't DESPERATE to sell their souls and do ANYTHING for fame.

Elizabeth Grant was DESPERATE for fame, DESPERATE to be acknowledged, and has done ANYTHING asked of her to attain that fame. 

She stands for nothing, she's confused, she's sad, and she gets even more lost with every song she sells and every show she puts on.

It's the blind leading the blind...

Celebrities are TOOLS. They are ASSETS. They are there to push an AGENDA.

They have NO IDENTITY. They stand for NOTHING. And they're about to be obsolete.

There's little more mournful in this day and age (besides war, starvation and all out death) than to be a "CELEBRITY" of the OLD-GUARD elitist system...

Dead inside, completely devoid of any innocence whatsoever, and wholly obsolete.

Lana is Legion...

They are many.

It's not just her...

But I do find her to be one of the more repugnant tools.

I'm sure time will tell exactly why...

How sad it would be to have been a fan of Lana Del Rey and to find out some of the sick, heinous and horrific shit she's undoubtedly done.

All will be known.
I am absolutely HONORED to have never heard Lana's garbage suicide spirit music...

I've only had the heinous displeasure of hearing a few of her songs.

I've never listened to Adele...

I've never listened to most of these trash heap morons that are wildly famous these days...

I haven't been tainted with their vacuous, ridiculous mind control slop.

I'm so fucking proud to be untouched by their filth.
Lana Del Rey's assignment was to be the walking image of sadness, depression... her only use was to glorify every aspect of suicide.

Her only mission has been to make people mournful, to inspire feelings of hurt and loneliness, feelings of being stuck in the past and avoidance of anything happy whatsoever.

Each celebtard has their function and their assignment...

They take all their orders from someone else and they have no identity whatsoever.

They have no freedom, they have no purity...

All their hands are dirty with God only knows what kind of sick deeds they've committed in order to be where they are.

And they'll never come off it willingly because they're all blackmailed...

The revelation of the depths of their depravity will only come from sources outside of this globalist cabal.

But it WILL come out.
mmm. I love this.
Most if not all of them work for the CIA too...

Literally employed by the globalist policing mechanism which is over all the propaganda trends that you see in the media every single day.

Little more mournful than to be one of them.
And ya you´re right about her eyes. Really dead.
I so fucking love when you write like this.
Lady Gaga did the same thing.

She did horrible things to secure her place.
And she´s supposedly super unique. Cuz the kids haven´t seen the 80s music videos where chicks dress up just like Gaga.
It's a system of degradation, coercion, blackmail...

They take these DESPERATE people who would do ANYTHING to be famous, and they first degrade them to make them feel totally worthless, totally powerless, totally as if they can't SURVIVE if they don't have the controller to tell them what to do/think/feel.

Then they are forced (with fame being the dangling carrot) to commit vile, soul shattering acts (too numerous to name, all the worst forms of illegal behavior) so that they are truly broken inside, and so that proof of those actions can be used against them in the future as blackmail if they go against the rules of the agreement.

Then they are paraded across the world stage to tout the propaganda du jour, as literal slaves, for their rest of their lives.

By the time it's over...

These old-guard celebrities will be so revealed, so outed, so completely unmasked for the whole world to see how sick, evil, guilty and depraved they are...

That they will be beggars.
I hope they will be beggars! :)

It´s very obvious when you see vids of Harvey Weinstein with chicks like Jennifer Lawrence that something was fucked up between them, even though they´re smiling and acting like nothing was wrong. Almost like how brainwashed chicks treat cult leaders. Ugh!
Unfortunately they probably all have too much money saved up to live happily ever after. And it doesn´t look like the justice system is interested in a reckoning on these creeps.

I mean Harvey´s not even in jail... lol
its sad to admit but i have masturbated to Lana ,Trix and Teal Swan

i don't feel proud about this , its shameful and slightly evil

i wish i could go back in time and never touch my weiner in a lustful manner
Dude I'VE masturbated to Teal Swan.
AND I posted in the comments section that I masturbated through the entire 30 minute video too.
(01-30-2018, 07:47 PM)Trix Wrote: Dude I'VE masturbated to Teal Swan.

Jesus Christ! Trix, you are such a fucking gangster, Tony Montana shines your shoes.  Pandawave
(01-30-2018, 07:47 PM)Trix Wrote: AND I posted in the comments section that I masturbated through the entire 30 minute video too.

AND he picks up your dry cleaning!!  Dancingnana2

Ahahaha, that cracked me up.
I still feel this way about her music, but...

"Chemtrails Over the Country Club" lmfao...

I dunno man, I may be starting to like her.

I meeeaaan.
SHE'S probably decently likable...

I still don't like her music though.

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