Near death experiences...
(10-29-2022, 10:58 PM)Chatwoman Wrote:

Another epic NDE and another story of a reset of the body system resulting in spontaneous healing.

Almost seems like all the things we experience in life cling onto the electromagnetic field of the body and upon death, this electromagnetic field ceases and resets.
That's why our bodies rejuvenate when we sleep.
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It makes sense... these things are connected.
When you go to sleep and dream or astral travel, you eventually come back to this reality when you wake up.

So, when you die, you'll go onto the other side.
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Flatliners (1990) - Review & Commentary


3:16 DAYUM, Kevin Bacon fine as hell. I didn't know he was ever that young!? He kinda looks like Jon Bon Jovi though, no BS.

5:28 "I'm going to take your baby"... see this is the kind of hollywoodesque embellishment on the topic that I just don't appreciate at all. I've heard a shit ton of NDEs and none of them ever said anything like that.

7:14 why are there so many hotass dudes in this movie??

13:15 Kiefer Sutherland is the hottest for sure.

15:10 "The electric current will stop my heart"... see, it's all electromagnetic. The mind (consciousness) is electromagnetic, our identities and memories lie in the electromagnetic field.

16:00 there's a ton of sexual tension amidst all these hotass young doctors, I think they need to forget about the NDE thingy and just have a big ol' gangbang.

16:58 I can already tell this is a great fucking movie though.

19:00 I'm gonna keep it one hunnit... this is making me horny, but the only part that's turning me off is the fact that he's cold. That's not hot.

I'm so glad this is free to watch on YouTube (at the time of writing) cuz otherwise I never would have watched it. I tried watching some other movie first but it sucked balls.

19:20 this is making me nervous though. It's pretty suspenseful and I think my feels are wrapped up in it more than they would be if it was one of the lesser hot dudes flatlining instead.

Are they ALL gonna do this after they hear about dude's experience?? That's what I'm guessing. That's kinda intense... imagine the bond you'd have with a group of people you did this with. Like way beyond sex.

I don't think I've ever seen this movie, however the part about them filming the experiment does seem familiar. I feel like maybe they see something on the tape. Seems like I remember that.

19:27 I didn't know Julia Roberts was in anything besides Pretty Woman this early on in her career.

20:00 I thought he was ALREADY filming.

21:18 it's very interesting though because think about it... if dying really does reset the electromagnetic field and cure illness, then this technique could be used to save lives. I mean, there'd be a chance you'd like, stay dead and stuff. But if you were terminally ill, the risk would be worth taking.

21:47 TBH, I can't get over how fucking HOT Kevin Bacon is. Like I've always known Kevin Bacon was pretty damn hot, and I mean he's still hot for an old dude. But he's CRAZY hot in this movie.

23:20 meh... could have done without the "triumphant friend group does successful thingy" scene with the super 80s/90s music. Just feels kind of premature.

24:00 "So... now that we've fulfilled your super weird fetish, are you gonna let this go and be a normal guy?"

24:52 basically it sounds like he's explaining that he's more in tune with the electromagnetic field around everything now.

25:31 "I'm an atheist," famous last words lmfaofaolololol.

25:55 I knew they were all gonna wanna do it.

26:55 uh oh, that's lookin' like a bad trip to me.

28:22 I dunno about this movie y'all, lmao, it's kiiinda taking a turn for the worse.

28:45 look lady, what he really needs is for you to get naked and get down on it.

30:00 the convo between these two sounds so forced and one-dimensional, I guess that's how it's supposed to seem.

30:36 oh come on, this guy doesn't have any feelings. His GF is probably gonna come rushing back to town after a phone call like that though, what the fuck. He's an idiot.

32:50 the NDE depictions in this movie have been trash so far.

35:50 I mean... it's an okay movie, but it is kind of dumb. You don't have to be a doctor to know that the longer they're dead, the less likely it is to get them started up again. They barely got the other dude back. I just think this movie pushes it a little bit sometimes, beyond the confines of what is likely for the characters and their personalities.

36:16 Julia Roberts has a nice ass though.

37:48 this is the part in the movie where they get real about it and mention that NDE stories are almost always the same no matter where people are from, what they believe, etc. And it's fuckin' true... they are.

37:55 I don't think it's "reaching" to try and explain it away as a chemical release in the brain that causes a psychedelic trip... I think it's an obvious explanation.

40:36 I dunno why they're making this guy's experience out to be so wank... you never hear about people having crappy experiences that seem to have been opened up by their NDEs. It's always the opposite if anything. This was the 90s so maybe they just knew less back then. Regardless, so much of this movie seems off base.

41:41 "Halloween morning"... WHAT THE FUCK!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! It's LITERALLY HALLOWEEN AS I TYPE THIS. It's AFTER MIDNIGHT!`!!~!~~!!!! What the EFF?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!!?!? Oh my God. Well, I mean. The movie is free on YouTube and they only have these movies free for a limited time, so it's probably all on purpose. But that's still really fucking weird because I recently heard this movie mentioned in an NDE interview video I was watching, maybe like a few weeks ago. That's the only reason I'm watching it tonight.

44:28 this guy's apartment is sooooo fucking nice.

47:50 well this should make a believer out of him if he ever wakes up!?

49:15 dude this is fuckin' creepy though.

50:10 this creepy little girl looks familiar, I think maybe I've seen parts of this movie before but it's definitely been a million years.

53:50 I mean for real, look at that baller wainscoting.

54:00 so I'm not a rocket scientist, but at this point it seems like they're all being haunted by the biggest instances of wrongs that they've done. It all seems to be from when they were kids.

54:22 oh that guy is fucked for sure now.

58:42 this is such a bad idea, lol. It's too bad none of the dudes have spoken up about the wank experiences they've been having.

1:00:00 yeah, the Baconator's definitely figured something out... lil late though.

1:06:10 well... there's been a total departure from truth with this movie at this point. I guess the only way to explain the spin on it is that they purposely sought out these NDEs instead of coming upon them naturally. None of the shit in this movie has any resemblance to any NDE I've ever heard of, nor any of the experiences I've ever heard of people having afterwards either.

It'll be fine if they make it clear that they're having these bad experiences because they did it all on purpose... otherwise, I'm gonna have to give this movie a fairly low rating. I think Kevin Bacon is hot as fuck and he's definitely grown on me way more than Kiefer Sutherland over the course of the movie, but none of that is enough.

1:09:55 actually... Kevin Bacon is definitely enough.

1:12:45 I mean... the story IS good. It's just that using NDEs as some kind of karmic balance for the wrongs they've committed just doesn't sit right at all. They could have come up with some other idea besides NDEs to work with this plot/storyline. Maybe they'll tie it together in the end, but I kinda doubt it.

1:14:40 see, I fucking knew it. The only thing this guy did wrong was that he recorded them without their permission... THAT'S the bad part. But now it's gonna end up really terrible for this guy.

1:16:12 but is it the address of a home or a graveyard, because I have my doubts that any of these people are alive anymore.

1:27:00 the one guy called it "profoundly unnatural" and that's the first mention of the problem with the METHOD of achieving their NDEs.

1:36:40 well it's not like we didn't already know what he was doing all along.

1:38:50 "Everything we do matters." Does it though? I mean okay, yeah, it does. But a lot of the NDEs are all about "There's no judgement" and blah blah blah. I've never heard anybody STAY in a hell experience, and I've never heard anyone say there was any shame involved during their end of life review. I've heard stories where people say they felt the other peoples' feelings in every involvement they ever had... but that's about it. It was never bad or sad or evil.

1:39:07 let's face it, this Nelson guy definitely IS gonna have to die in order to improve his situation though, lmao!!!!!!

1:45:13 oh whatever, they need to shut the fuck up. They might as well totally lose it on him, I mean what other option do they have???

1:49:36 it WAS a great movie, just not in the context of NDEs. Sooo, yeah. Maybe they just honest to God didn't know as much about NDEs back then... after all, it was before the internet, so there probably wasn't an abundance of easily accessible stories at the time.
(01-21-2023, 05:48 PM)Chatwoman Wrote:

3:34 sounds like the way a lot of people describe coming out and coming back into their bodies during NDEs.

5:37 I've had the same vision. It looks a little something like this...

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