Rose McGowan has lost her fucking mind

Bitch has dropped all her marbles, they're all over the place, people tripping over them and shit. The lady is bonkers. 

Who gives a shit about ads featuring Mystique in a stranglehold by Apocalypse? 

I thought the movie was great, and the whole apex of the film was the scene depicted, wherein Apocalypse almost kills Mystique.

And McGowan says advertising that scene is "casual violence against women"?? That's so fucking dumb. Has this bitch even seen the movie?!

These aren't even regular humans being depicted... the X-Men are literally superhumans. If it was a man and woman character from any other kind of film where they're JUST PEOPLE... it wouldn't be the advertised scene. LOL... man, these feminazis are really fucking stupid. I'd rather see the stranglehold billboard than ANY photo of McGowan, who frankly looks creepy as fuck.

To be honest, the whole Mystique/Apocalypse strangling scene kinda turned me on... I mean Apocalypse is inarguably hot as fuck, and he's sooo big and powerful. I think the scene should have been more sexual and intimate honestly. I probably would have cum even more while watching it. Like I already said in my thread about this movie... The whole thing turned me on, super sexy film.
Anything to stay relevant.
Oh my God what a fucking embarrassment.

Boycott hollywood.

They're trying to weaken the western world, embarrass us and humiliate our people as much as they possibly can.
All they have are a bunch of soul-sold, mentally ill puppets...

Surely to God we've got this.
Maybe not though...

Maybe people are just too damn fucking dumb.

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