Testing out D.Tube as a YouTube alternative...
Lil strange the way dTube works.
Why are there only 7 videos in the search results on dTube for "InfoWars"?
Probably just that a lot of people haven´t heard of dTube yet. I only first heard of it today.
"There is 10 results for alex jones"...

That's literally what it says in the search result.

"There is"...


Fucking wow you guys.

Excuse me if I have no faith in this whatsoever.

I Want To Believe
(02-24-2018, 07:31 PM)Crille Wrote: Probably just that a lot of people haven´t heard of dTube yet. I only first heard of it today.

True, it seems pretty new which is exciting.
Alex Jones - Goblins REMIX
- 6 months ago

At least the most crucial video was uploaded 6 months ago ;)

Alex Jones/InfoWars must be censored on this platform or there would be a lot more...

Not a good sign.
Btw, isn´t it a little bit lazy that they just took Youtubes red color, in particular for the sub button... Like... Really? Couldn´t they have made their own color scheme?
Nah it is good...

I typically frown upon things like that...

But when it comes to a YouTube alternative catching on, it's beneficial to be 'reminiscent' of the site being replaced.

dTube looks just different enough.

They do need to correct the typical fuckups that are made though...

Like not having 'Subscriptions' clickable from the front page (not having to click the stupid pop down menu to the left)...

If they survive they'll eventually fix that stupid shit.

It would look really bad for Steemit in general if their YouTube replacement went nowhere and had to ultimately be closed.
Alright yeah I can see your point.

Hey I´ll tell ya this, if... at least 5 of my favorite channels completely leave Youtube I´ll leave it as well.

Now of course, the problem remains like, if I want to see some tornado videos, or snapping turtle videos... That´s probably not gonna be on dTube. This just made me realize what an incredibly difficult thing it is to replace a huge video site like Youtube...

Is it actually possible to get a chunk out of mainstream video watchers? Hmm.
Yeah it is a total monopoly...

But if we all had to boycott YouTube it would probably be good for our lives anyway.
We´ll see if they ban Alex Jones. If they do, he and InfoWars will have to make a move. That´s potentially over 2 million subs going to dTube. Or maybe they´ll just host all the videos themselves who knows.
Lmao imagine if Trump was like "We´re taking down the White House channel on Youtube and moving to dTube". Fuck that´d be great.
That´s what that site needs, an event that creates social media waves and traffic.
Yeah it could be pretty revolutionary...

As far as I know, it's the first video sharing platform that is built around crypto.
And of course crypto is the future of the internet and the world.
Another thing I will say is that I'm not a fan of these 'special' domain extensions...

They have a history of total failing, like Vid.Me for example.

If it's not .com, I personally wouldn't want it.

I don't see them ever catching on...

They're annoying.

If they're serious about this, they're gonna need to buy dtube.com too.


That's just how it is.
That or change the name.
Seems these new players can´t or won´t follow the basic rules. There´s no need for fancy tricks.
What the fuck does it even do on YouTube when you click thumbs down?? I've always wondered that.

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