I've started eating a ton of garlic...
I eat one raw clove with honey daily...

Then I try to work in some roasted garlic into at least 3 meals a week.

I love the way it smells.
Are you afraid of dracula ?
I'm afraid of not eating garlic.
The story of vampires being put off by garlic is allegory for the fact that garlic defends against parasitical phenomenon of all kinds.

(02-28-2018, 10:32 PM)MO Wrote: I eat one raw clove with honey daily...

I´m totally unfamiliar with garlic. Do you use honey to mask the garlic taste or is garlic actually OK to eat and you just use the honey because it makes it tastier? I´m intrigued.
Raw garlic is incredibly spicy...

The honey really helps it be less hardcore.

It's not easy to eat, I gotta tell ya.

Roasted garlic though, a lot more mild and absolutely delicious.

Cut off the top of the bulb, drizzle extra virgin olive oil, wrap in foil and bake at 400 for 30 min.

When eating it raw, cut the clove into several pieces and let it sit for at least 10 minutes in order to release the allicin which is one of the greatest health benefits of garlic.
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But OK I´ll get one of those... Bulbs? Lmao. And try it.
Or clove ok not bulb... Bulb is the other part. K.
Unfamiliar with garlic eh?!

What the frigg do you eat, Crille!?

What's the diet over there?!
I've put garlic in everything (well you know) for years and years, typically just minced though... the kind that comes in jars.

But I'm going balls to the wall full on bulbs now.
You went full on bulbs man... Never go full on bulbs....

LOL nope that doesn´t make sense I know :)

Oh I guess I eat it in sauces and stuff but... But ya I will buy one emm bullllllbz and try it out.
I've decided not to eat any garlic today...

Besides minced garlic in some delicious sautéed onions I'm making later.
Make a portion for me too Smile

Thanks... Smile
Get Lettuce leaf big ones put garlic and cheese in it, its stops the burning, its good for you but don't do it to much. Every now again I feel sick I grab a hunk of garlic and just eat it raw with cheese and drink some low fat milk. Burns for a while but don't brush your teeth or it will burn worse. It keeps away the fucking VAMPIRES NEGRO!
I just experienced the "drinking coffee after having had garlic" thing btw lmao Smile

But I didn´t buy a clover of garlic (totally forgot) but I bought a beer sausage (slim snack size) with roasted garlic in it. It was good.
why don't you just swallow it? I crush mine and chop it up a bit, let it sit for a couple minutes to release that chemical and then I swallow it by the spoonful with water and don't have to deal with the spicy taste.
That shit BURNNNSSS.

Swallowing it fast and washing it down quickly would probably minimize the burning.

I'll try it next time.

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