They made Marilyn Monroe have lesbian sex with lots of other women, and do orgies
Aside from totally ripping off someone else's image, I think Jasmine is actually leading a very successful life.

She is absolutely gorgeous (made up or not), fit with a wonderful figure, she's nicely spoken, smiles and laughs a lot...

She's taken an enormous amount of RESPECTABLE photos of herself (and had them professionally taken) capturing the absolute height of her beauty and vitality.

She's done a damn good job in several regards, so I am definitely proud of her.
I would make the suggestion that she learns how to cook if she doesn't already know how to at a decent level.

If she maintains even half that bubbly quality off-camera, then I can't imagine too much else she needs to improve on.
It seems like an exhausting life though, to LIVE in that character.
Sure, the persona probably drops once the camera stops rolling but just
maintaining that physical appearance has to kinda keep the dialogue running
in the background, so to speak. Hope she's got a strong unwind game.
Yeah there would be a fuckton of maintenance on that look... the hair alone.

It would be a lot.

If she ever gets tired of the hair color upkeep, she could start emulating another classic hollywood actress with dark hair instead.

I mean she's bound to get tired of the Marilyn gig someday.
Even Marilyn didn't live in that character all the time.

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