Alright! It's time to watch another prostitution documentary!
[Atlantic City Hookers: It Ain't E-Z Being A Ho' - HBO Documentary]

Gotta love the name of this one. LMFAO @ the music. Holy shit.

Again... the narrator is just so fucking perfect.

1:37 Dr. Ho!

TBH... if my husband needed a blowjob that bad, I'd be down with him getting one from a cute college girl or something, but for the love of all things sacred, don't go to a legit fucking prostitute!!!

4:05 she makes it sound exciting, eh?

*wags finger*

4:54 uhhhmmm... fuck that.

5:50 that dude looks pretty hot.

6:25 sorry but this chick is annoying as hell.

Some of 'em are like that... not a lot of them though, surprisingly.

9:04 that's for sure.

9:35 a lot of the hoes are actually very smart. Not as it pertains to their choices most certainly.

12:25 uh oh this is starting to sound familiar, wonder if I've seen this one before.

14:45 oh I've definitely seen this one.

15:28 "I'd rather do that than be suckin' a dick." Well there's something we can agree on!?!

16:00 - 16:39 see this is why you can't have "friends" around your kids... don't be fucking naive.

No one is safe and nothing is sacred, believe that.

24:45 oh yeah I've seen this for sure. She gives handjobs and just pretends to be suckin' dick, that's brilliant.

There actually aren't that many good prostitution documentaries out there.
[Sex for Sale: Inside A British Brothel - BBC News]

3:58 these pro hoes ain't the same as the street hookers... they're not as interesting.

5:00 pretty sure I've seen this one too but I just didn't commentate on it.

13:52 niiice.

14:10 I think this is even true about street hookers TBH, they just don't value themselves enough.
[1970s Interview With Prostitute From Kings Cross, New South Wales]

Stripping apparently is a gateway into hookership.

0:57 agh... yikes. Ah well at least there wasn't any AIDS back then.

3:00 very interesting to listen to this chick.

4:45 wow... fuckin' shot at in the '70s!

5:50 "90% of the pros are lesbians, that I know of."

8:00 very interesting.
That fuckin' zoom in at the end...

God I love the 70s.
[DW Documentary: Sex For Sale In Spain]

0:02 whoooaaa, catch a glimpse of dat ass!!!

0:33 that place looks seedy and run down as fuck!!!

1:06 I gotta be honest, if I was a dude I'd pay to fuck any one of those chicks!!!

2:07 look how hot these dudes are. Fucking crazy hot.

4:23 see that's what I said too... wow. Hmmm. Must be all the nasty icky energy.

5:38 the owner seems like a nice guy though to be honest LMFAO!


Bitch please.

14:35 the chicks are super hot but the music is God awful.


There's nothing worth sucking dick, it's better to just be dead.
But instead of having a street hooker suck your dick, wouldn't it be more exciting to find a sort of seemingly innocent 19 year old chick and pay HER to suck your dick??

So much more exciting because she never does that and taking money for sucking a dick (if you could convince her) would be like the dirtiest thing she's ever done!!!

It's just a huge lack of imagination to automatically go to a street hooker and bypass funner options.
Your wife has better things to do than suck your dick...

Go find a hungry college chick.
Doesn't that sound better than "street hooker"?? If I had a choice, I know what I'd be choosing. The fuck is wrong with dudes.
Who cares if you go to jail once or twice for trying to buy sex acts...

At least that's time away from your wife.
BJs are offensive because it's just not natural...

It's a perversion because you can't impregnate someone with a BJ.

Therefore it's a total waste of time, energy and jizz.
I mean unless you spit it out and shoot it up with a turkey baster or something.

But then again, why would you want to be impregnated with the jizz of a man who is too dumb to fuck the right hole!?
BJs are like anal sex in your face...

Only dumber.

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