Just realized I hadn't yet made a thread about how terrible circumcision is...
Circumcision is a heinous, barbaric practice that should be done away with entirely.

It permanently alters the brain:


Babies are born and one their first experiences is being mutilated, exposed to excruciating pain which permanent alters the brain... and all for absolutely nothing. All because of brainwashing. All because of some bullshit religion... don't ever kid yourselves. The excuses they give for circumcision being a good thing are entirely made up, manufactured by the sick, demented minds who have carried on the barbaric practice from thousands of years ago.

Stop making your baby boys into victims... think for yourselves.

This is an excellent informational site about the reasons why circumcision is so bad. It's NSFW and makes a lot of points about how sexual pleasure in females is decreased because of circumcision, which in my opinion is the absolute least of concerns anyone should have about the matter. Still an excellent explanation of WHY it's bad:


Don't mutilate your babies. It's the 21st century... stop being ignorant and allowing yourselves to be brainwashed.
I think circumcision is very sad example of how programmable humans ultimately are...

Even smart people fall for it. Even people with big hearts who wouldn't hurt a fly fall for having their own baby mutilated with no anesthetic, right out of the womb.

Wake up and drink a stout cup of reality.

Accept your ability to make your own decisions.
i nominate sept. 11 as global anti-circumcision day

perhaps a little ceremony next to the WTC in new york is fitting
Somewhere I have a pin button that says "I Heart FORESKIN"...

i love it when some feminist type is goin off about patriarchy and bullshit, then i casually remind them that they didn't have their genitals mutilated as an infant, whereas most guys here do. they never have any good responses, they just get all flustered.
rhombus will set you free.
“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.” ― Michael Ellner
People are unforgivably fucking stupid.

12:13 she goes into detail about the horrific, barbaric, sick, disgusting, heinous abuse of MILLIONS of African boys and men by way of CIRCUMCISION using the mogen clamp, of course with the CDC and PEPFAR behind the whole evil operation.
They called it "Operation Abraham"... disgusting.

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