Vince and Noelle and Jeff: Van Living, Stealth Camping, & Makin' Love
God bless Noelle forever and ever.
And Vince.

This is a...

Repeating pattern for Noelle.

Let's hope Vince DOESN'T let her divorce him so she can't marry Mr. Fun in a couple months.
"Listen, can you marry me so I can't marry anybody else? Thanks! What? Yeah, no, don't call me. Ever."
Noelle "Epic Gold" Amendola.


LOL she blacked out from 4 mini bottles of Sutter Home.

God I love her, I'm serious. Her random breaking out into song is hysterically funny, but not because I think it's stupid...

It's just...

So fucking special.
I want to FUCKING DIE to the sound of Noelle's voice.

ROFLMAO... kidding.

Kind of.


Why does Vince look mildly dejected in every single video beside Noelle even when it isn't about anything dramatic??

This video is literally called "HOW TO BE HAPPY" where Vince is supposed to school us on happiness.


Looking at these two now I gotta say... they kinda honestly look like oil and water together.

Dude I wonder if Vince is a Rat on the Chinese zodiac? That would make WAAAY too much sense. I fucking bet you he is, MUWAHAHAHA I FUCKING BET YOU. Hmmm... I think I found his birthday. If this is him then it looks like he's a Pig on the Chinese zodiac.

LOL what they're saying about trying to stay cool in the van in the summer is like borderline sad. ROFLMAO.

So I ran the numbers on Vince and Noelle's astrological compatibility. It's pretty terrible in some aspects. Chinese zodiac compatibility is actually pretty good. Western zodiac compatibility is good. But there are some negative aspects in their chart that sound EXACTLY like the problems they ran into... struggles with personal freedom, hating living together (at least on Noelle's end), getting annoyed with each other. Makes sense.
it almost looks like he is being held captive and he must be careful what he says or be tortured when the cameras are turned off , that lady is fucking manic

Let's run the numbers on Noelle and "Mr. Fun"...

Rub Hands

Their physical compatibility is the only strength (not surprising), their emotional compatibility is just "okay", and their intellectual compatibility is pretty terrible.

They're an excellent match on the Chinese zodiac. Excellent Western zodiac match.

Now let's take a look at their aspects...

There are 4 challenging aspects and 2 positive aspects... not good at all.

Their challenges say they are too different in tastes and ideas. It indicates a "disturbance" in their relationship, lots of bickering. Also indications of a destructive and/or temperamental element in sex.

Comparatively, Noelle and Vince had 6 positive aspects and 3 challenges.

"Mr. Fun" doesn't look promising. Just knowing he's a Dog alone is a big enough red flag. Dogs are some of the most issue ridden dysfunctional people, and of course they are some of mine (and Noelle's) best matches, further indicating the romantic doom that surrounds Horses in general.
(06-23-2017, 10:07 PM)Guest Wrote: it almost looks like he is being held captive




The video is called "How to Have a Happy Marriage"... LOOOOL.


They were watching their MARRIAGE VIDEO. Ahahahaha who does that?!

Awwwww, I kinda have a weakness for Vince, honest to God. He seems great.

WTF Vince lost 70 pounds after they got married and Noelle lost 30 pounds!? They were a couple of fatties!!!


"We had no idea what we had in store for us back then."


Noelle and Vince are actually really wise though. That's why I can't hate on them.

I totally can't hate.

5:00 ROFL "four breakups"... BEFORE they were married, then EIGHT breakups after that, Noelle breaking it off every time.

5:50 so Noelle is always 'so attracted' to the 'new and improved' Vince that happens every time they break up. Boy oh boy, he's gonna 100% be super attractive after working on the dude ranch for several months the next time they get back together!!!

Vince said he dated somebody else after they broke up once too... maybe he'll forgive Noelle for getting dicked by somebody else during this breakup!? Right?! Finding Forgiveness: Back Together With Vince After Getting Dicked By Mr. Fun.

Vince, if you're reading this, don't get mad. I am just being real, no offense intended!
You know now that I'm thinking about it, I'm just gonna be honest...

I think I would AVOID somebody who calls himself "Mr. Fun" like the FUCKING plague.

For real.

And could you imagine having to deal with Vince when she does get back together with him?? Talk about setting yourself up for a whole load of trouble...

Every time they get in a fight or he does something to piss her off and she starts treating him like shit, I can just hear it now...

"Oh, not as good as MR. FUN, I guess?!"

"Sorry I can't be MR. FUN!!!!!!!"



Honestly, if I was Noelle, I'd be ditching this whole "Mr. Fun" idea and I'd be working my way back in with Vince. The van life/freedom lifestyle was so much better than what she's doing now and she'll never find another 'safe' dude like Vince to put up with her.

Man Noelle's got some weirdass karma.
dumpweed was written for millions of guys like vince  , 

I want to see Noelle naked.

She's finally back from her trip out west with MR. FUN. Thank God. Coffee Time due this Thursday. I hate how she waits so long to do Coffee Time and she's probably not even gonna post it on YouTube. Which is so gay and it means I'll have to watch that shit on Fuckfacebook, because I HAVE to see it and gauge how she feels about everything.
I searched Vince on YouTube to see what he's up to...

Awww OMG, it's so sad. To see Vince and Noelle, right there next to each other. They're so perfect together.

They really are. Right?! RIGHT!?


Vince hasn't made a video in a month.
(07-09-2017, 06:21 PM)MO Wrote: I searched Vince on YouTube to see what he's up to...

Awww OMG, it's so sad. To see Vince and Noelle, right there next to each other. They're so perfect together.

They really are. Right?! RIGHT!?


Vince hasn't made a video in a month.

MO i think you need to do a road trip and go check on vince ,lol .  The devastation could be huge .
i hadn't heard her sing this song before , its really nice  

lotta people might call it 'gay' , lol  but thats just  her way of expressing honesty
(07-10-2017, 09:59 PM)Kitty Von Catsworth Wrote: lotta people might call it 'gay' , lol  but thats just  her way of expressing honesty

I LOL'd.

I LOL'd hard.

"My husband and I live in a van."

Oh Noelle... my sweet. My precious. My everything. The love I feel for you can't even be expressed.

OT, but that is a phat fuckin' braid right there. Damn. I'd love to stroke it. I'd love to stroke it. Gently. So gently.

I find Noelle intensely inspiring, I cannot even lie. I can't lie. I do.

Still wanna see her naked though.

I love how she always sits back and smiles when she's done. I love Noelle.
(07-10-2017, 10:07 PM)MO Wrote: Still wanna see her naked though.

Dem tiddies. Specifically. I bet she has them pretty lil nipples. Like me.

A super short update from Vince...

One thing I can say about what he's doing now is that it's actually really great that he's so active and getting out there and hanging out in nature, hanging out with the animals.

Vince is actually doing what humans should be doing.

It's kind of a trip how Vince said people recognized him from YT when he's only got 5K subs and is literally in the middle of nowhere...

Small world.

He seems tired and kind of like he may not be AS happy about his life as he claims to be...

Maybe there are just residual feelings about Noelle assfucking his heart.

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