Coffeetime With Noelle Marie
I think about Noelle a lot and love her real deep in my heart and soul.
Well, not A LOT, but you know what I'm saying.
Looks like she's deleted all her FB pages AGAIN...


Fine, but at least keep us updated on YouTube or SOMEWHERE.
I think she deleted 'em because FB is full of total fucking idiots.

But still...

She needs to share SOMEWHERE.

Get a fricken blog or something.

Love it... this is one of their best songs. Definitely the best jam on their channel.
So in love with Noelle.
Love Noelle so much.

The music on this one is great, that opening though.

Wow, OMG he literally starts out the song lyrics with what I just fucking said about loving Noelle WTF!!!
Whoa that is a trip lmfao oh my God dude.


I mean.

I guess it's just extremely commonplace to be in love with Noelle.
Brando Eyeroll

Noelle is being sent off to Colorado to stay with her family for the birth of the child. It's a good choice... then again, I dunno where her family lives there. Hopefully somewhere lovely and safe.

The child is named in the video and I think it is a great name... very cute.

I am sure that Noelle and Jeff will be able to get back together soon.

I am also pretty sure that moving to CO is what Noelle wants.

Literally crying as I type this...

I fucking love you so much Noelle.

Thank you so much for just existing...

And for being a portal for that sweet child to step through.

You got this, girl. And so do you, Jeff.
Oh, Noelle...

Sweet precious Noelle.

I hope we hear from you again someday...

There are people out there who really love you.
I believe its time for mo to cry


Make contact.

There's no excuse for this.

We love you and care about you.

Fuck the trolls...

I know that's gotta be the only reason you REALLY left.

They always did get to you and fucking ruin everything for the rest of us.

Don't abandon us like this.

We love you.
(07-04-2018, 05:36 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

Noelle, please oh please...

Please come back to us someday.
My email address is I don't think you even read or know about this thread. If you ever do and don't want to make videos or talk publicly, please just email me and let me know you're okay. I tried to find your email address on your site, but your domain looks like it lapsed and the hosting company has it hostage now. I don't know of any other emails you ever had. It makes me sad Noelle. Please just make contact.
If ANYBODY reading this knows Noelle or if she's okay, please email me or post.
I won't say anything publicly if anyone emails me, you have my word.
So, like, is Noelle EVERRRRRRRRRR coming back?
To the Guest who just replied to this thread...

If they were still active on social media, approving your post wouldn't be an issue, but it's just too intimate to share at this juncture. Noelle will always be legend, but the peeps associated with her (besides Vince who was also part of the legend), meh, not so much.

As far as what you said...

I get where you're coming from, and it's not that I doubt what you're saying. None of it surprises me. But there are always 2 sides to every story.

Noelle probably isn't the easiest chick in the world to deal with, and for that reason, she probably attracts people and situations that aren't so easy either.

My advice would be for anyone in the situation to garner some support, but I'm not sure anything on the internet would be the best approach.

Being surrounded with family, friends, and taking initiative to build a new group of friends would be the best approach.

There needs to be a strong support system in real life to make a close, personal, REAL connection with.

With all that said, I do appreciate your post, Guest. It just goes to further prove and exemplify some of the things I've already suspected about people and life in general.

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