Claire Michelle: LOL, I love this chick...

I hate it when I think I'm subbed to people but I'm not and then I miss a new vid, lmfao!

Wonder what she's gonna say??

I'm like 2 seconds in, but she looks really great.

I haven't watched it yet but I took a look at her IG...


Fricken LOL, this chick is nuts. But I am nuts too. But she is NUTS! Ahahaha, I love it. So great.

1:30 ah, fuck sake man...

I may watch this later when I've got some more free time, can't really swing it right now but...

I will just say I think she looks better than ever.

Oh my Lord...

What's she gonna say!??!?!?!?!

0:45 she literally already has all that. You gotta make a vid more than once every couple years to keep that whole thing stabilized though, just saying.

1:42 I feel called to share a lot too, Claire. Like, a lot a lot.

2:34 I've been nestled deep in my own womb too, Claire. But typically I refer to it as having my head neck-deep in my ass... I feel it's more accurate.

2:55 I was drinking deeply for a hot minute too, but then I realized it kinda felt like it was lowering my immune system, plus I'm allergic. I still have a box left though, I'll send it to you if you give me your address!?

2:59 ayahuasca retreat? (Damn, I can't believe I spelled it right!?)

3:10 oh God. I can't with these airy fairy hippie chicks. I mean, I'm sure this is some guy's DREAM right here. But I ain't a guy, so to me the whole 9 is just like nails on a chalkboard.

3:22 kinda makes me wanna jump off an Instagram-worthy Hawaiian cliff.

3:30 ooo, that chick looks kinda cute though... reminds me of my 2007 bisexual MySpace days?!

3:44 is it kinda fucked up that I write poetry too but I still kinda like don't wanna hear other peoples' poetry?? I think that's kinda fucked up.

3:55 I mean, she's right but. I still couldn't kick it with this chick. I like her, but I could never kick it with her.

She comes by this naturally though. For real. She didn't just pick up this whole "hippie artist" shtick somewhere along the way and jack the style for her own. She was 100% born this way.

I Can't

9:10 I'm speeding this up to 2x, which I actually really enjoy. I always listen to Clif High's Substack podcasts on 1.25 speed. Anything that cuts viewing/listening time down is good. But not in a "short attention span" kinda way. I generally prefer long videos.

15:55 dude, I so relate to Claire.

19:19 that's actually really friggen beautiful. It's so true.

I really appreciate this chick. See you again in a couple years, Claire!!!


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