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ZetaTalk in December 1996:

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Dancing Banana 
Hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanoes oh my?!? 2018: YEAR OF DOOM!?!
I like the guy who talks to Nancy on this radio show... he's really great, you can tell he really likes Nancy and he works well with her.
(06-04-2018, 11:17 PM)MO Wrote:

20:44 regarding Amazon developing facial recognition to assist the police.

21:22 regarding commercials taking over TV.

22:20 regarding Facebook trading personal data of users with companies.

34:25 they start discussing volcanoes.

38:15 references aliens wearing disguises, taking on various animal forms, etc. when making contact with humans.

41:24 closing words of wisdom from Nancy.

I find the title of this broadcast interesting, "Scripted Drama"...

Considering the posts I've been making lately about how I think that so much of what's going on in "current events" is fabricated...

It's almost like a webbot hit.

14:54 pretty interesting.

18:51 also interesting re: giant cracks appearing.

20:15 she links the loud booms being heard to the pole shift...

Nancy is great.

Put on your tinfoil hat and lube up your mindhole, Nancy's coming in hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOLOLMFAO Nancy sounds so nice, she sound like a nice, normal old grandma.


6:00 I found this very interesting re: "upper atmosphere lightning" being common during Planet X's near passage to the earth, considering the fact that red sprites are so much more prevalent these days than they used to be...

9:41 sounds like a damn lava flow to me, I'm sorry but come on. Let's be real about it.

11:47... hmmm.

12:00 ooo, it's kinda hot when Nancy talks dirty!!!

12:06 Nancy is so brilliant, it's so true. Those fuckin' water planets, right? But she has a good point re: where the hell else did the asteroids come from??

12:22 it sounded like she said "pumice"... but I think she said "comets". I guess sometimes I only hear what I want to.

Nancy's explanation of reality is fucking lit, ROFL. I mean... I can spot the things that aren't true. Like... the whole entire "Nibiru" thing. I mean yeah, there's a Planet X, but there are a lot of other planets, there are binary stars and all kinds of shit out there. It's not any one outer body causing this.

13:30 holy shit... a fucking trench to survive the firestorms. Nancy and the Zetas just dumped some hardcore truth on us right there, folks. Damn, just damn, just wow.


Dude I genuinely think that... I dunno, I just can't watch this whole broadcast. But it's still just like... fucking legendary.

CRUSTAL. Fucking. Shifts. WOW.

17:16 OMG I mean it's just fucking fascinating. The way she frames it all and her commentary on it, holy shit, Nancy.

18:00 OMG I talk about this all the time?!?!?

27:13 ROFLMAO "An overcompensation in the wobble"...

God I love this.

0:58 "fiercer and wetter" ROFLMAOLOL.

2:59 OMG what's with my perv mind and these sexual innuendos?!

16:40 she discusses water distillation.

17:51 she makes a mathematical error regarding time and this is just a tiny little verification of the thread that I made today about time/perception adjustment that has taken place over the last few days:

22:08 Nancy says houseboats are the future and reminds us that this is a water planet, which has been previously touched on in this very thread.

25:43 Nancy touches on the topic of getting vitamins and minerals from bugs and weeds.

30:48 she addresses "the wobble" and mentions tracking the wobble by the sun. Reminds me of the Inuit people who talked about the change in the position of the sun...

39:00 damn, those pics though!!!

Andre is such a fabulous co-host. I really like that guy. I wonder if he's hot.

This episode is called "Ode To Junkmen" and will be discussing the importance of being able to make stuff out of junk.

2:45 LMAO Nancy all wigging out about the cat meowing in the background, ROFLMAO it's like if that cat ONLY KNEW!!! Hush it up kitty, or Nancy's gonna take you down to the local Chinese joint and turn you in for a cold hard $5!!!

4:25 mentioning cavemen and "friction" in the same sentence...


9:04 hell yeah Nancy!!!

18:00 she makes a very important point about hand tools... the electric tools will be unusable in a TEOTWAWKI/TSHTF scenario where there is no electricity.

29:00 it's just sooo nice to hear Andre come on and show his vast knowledge on subjects...

Call me, Andre!


33:50 it's interesting re: the topic of Russian journalists, investigators, and scientists who are getting killed...

Alexander Rastorguev, Kirill Radchenko, and Orkhan Djemal:

Maxim Borodin, Ivan Safronov, Olga Kotovskaya, Victor Aphanasenko, Mikhail Lesin, Nikolai Gorokhov, among more than 30 investigators dead:

And the most recent, Nikita Razvozzhaev:

EMPs on the increase?! Ah come on Nancy, it's Mercury retrograde!!! It always causes tech to go wonky.


Dude I agree with Nancy, fuck planes, fuck flying.

19:07 LMFAO hell yeah Nancy, fuck yeah... except for that I ain't doing no video. Text me, motherfuckers.

23:28 that's because they're remote controlled fucking spy devices.

Weird vibes between the host and Nancy in this episode...

Sounds like host guy woke up on the wrong side of the bed on the day this broadcast was recorded.

Poor guy! I still really dig him.

LOL @ the McDonalds commercial.

Is Nancy unironically discussing global warming right now?

10:00 again, I think her co-host is a great dude, I always enjoy listening to him.


20:20 WTF that's the "honeycomb" lattice shape.

26:38 ROFL I fucking love Nancy.

29:49 it's true, there is a lot of such matter under Canada which causes magnetic anomalies... first I've heard about the "liquid iron" specifically though. I have known about an "asphalt volcano" under eastern Canada for many years.

33:40 ROFLROFL, it's not FUNNY, it's just the way she SAYS IT!!!

38:13 LOLOL.

0:38 Nancy on video, rare! Nearly 10 year old clip though. Nancy should do vids. Who cares if she's old?!

Oh Nancy...


1:58 the Navy is now calling UFOs "unexplained aerial phenomenon" (UAP)... way less catchy than UFO.

7:20 I totally don't believe this story.

20:32 lmfao don't nobody wanna meet Skinny Bob.

20:50 Nancy has a son!?

23:52 LOL Nancy is so great.

33:12 been there and done that, hard.

Dude Andre sounds pretty hot... I'm honestly kinda turnt.

5:50 I feel like Andre's gotta be secretly cracking up about some of the shit Nancy says.

18:30 LMAO wow... whew. Damn. It may be better to live in Nancy's imaginationland than to live in reality.

27:45 count Nancy on the 'people should eat bugs' roster.

40:48 Nancy sneezes.

So this episode is gonna be about pandemic history. Wonder what Nancy will have to say about this?! *popcorn*

2:05 "HIV emerged from chimps in Africa"... really Nancy? Really?

She's giving the stats of all the previous pandemics of note.

3:09 she says the 1918 Spanish Flu spread from Asia.

3:28 she called it the "Wuhan Coronavirus"... hell yeah, that's my girl Nancy!

So she seems to be spinning the idea that it came from a bunch of different coronavirus infected animals including one with HIV and that's how it ended up in its current form.

Nancy Lieder is 79 years old. When I first heard of her she was 61.

7:20 Nancy says blood pressure meds block the ACE2 receptors... *shrug* Doesn't seem like a good enough reason to take that shit to me!!! LOL!!!

8:16 "Those of European or African ancestries will tend to get a lighter" version of the illness.

13:40 so these influenzas killed 3-5% of the world's population. Seems like a pretty common occurrence.

21:42 rofl I love Nancy.

25:40 Nancy says if travel were shut down then the virus wouldn't spread and it wouldn't be a problem.

27:25 rofl.

I'm so intrigued by Andre...

I guess the USA Emergency Broadcasting Network is a radio station??

Sounds pretty legit.

Here's his Facebook:

He's one of those people who uses Tyler Durden as an AV.

Wow... this is so cool. Wonder if Andre invented it?

Reminds me of Mae Brussell and Alex Jones.

Well anyway, back to the show.

4:24 Nancy says she's almost 80... unbelievable. She's so quick for an old chick. Sigh. Love ya, Nancy.

18:54 ZETAS RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19:51 roflroflroflmfaoooooooomg.

28:50 she tells us how to have an earthworm farm/compost. She says you use the egg sacs for fertilizer, keep the baby earthworms in the farm, and eat the grown ones if you get desperate... 82% protein, omega 3, etc. Yikes. Cool. Okay.

30:00 listen to that laugh... Andre is sexy. I'm kinda lit.

0:50 lmfao has that always been Nancy's shtick?? Because I feel like she definitely said at one point that it would happen in 2003, sooooo. Yeah.

3:13 roflmaolililililolololo.

4:21 roflmfaololililililolololololo.

11:45 I'm sorry, but locust problems in the middle east are fucking AGE OLD. That's WHY that shit is in the Bible... rofl.

12:58 it's obviously because of some kind of algae.

13:26 roflmao Nancy cracks me the fuck up.

18:07 agh sigh OMG I can't. Love you Nancy but I'm out.

Nancy and I are all about saving seed...

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