ongoing interdimensional totem captures
(10-01-2018, 02:45 AM)genba Wrote:

y helo thar

reallly tempted to have that shirt custom made...

I see an "alien" wearing space traveling gear... he's got a helmet and a respirator.

But there is something less apparent and deeper in the image... I'm reminded of the "small, still voice".

It's a tiny little guy who catches my eye:

He's a little green sun faerie who appears to be underneath a banner that reminds me of a moth.
one of the sites i use to make custom stuff [] is having a big cyber week sale, so i ordered a handful of 12"x12" prints. the site also allows me to sell my designs on it, which is pretty cool.

i've had ties and buttons made by them before and they came out good, so i'm excited for this. hopefully one square foot allows enough detail on my images.
Zazzle is an excellent site...

I get all my business cards from there.

I am proud of you Genba, keep us updated.

I feel a certain sense of wonder and destiny with this.

so boring and monochromatic during solar minimum, but there's still a doins a transpirin on may day. i lost track of how many months the following message has been appearing on the page:


Due to a recent hardware failure, we had to take images and movies from 2010 and 2011 offline. This data will be restored once we have completed the procurement process for new hardware. We apologize for any inconvenience.

that's just before i started doin this, and calculating backwards, probably the ideal range. i did get my prints, never updated here. was not satisfied. idk if there was a mismatch in format, or their printers aren't great, or my expectations are too high, or what. probably a mix of all. i'm very tempted to get one printed on a displate. HD print on metal. can sell my stuff there too.
What I see looks like this...

Only both arms are going up...
Looks like a menorah...

they're baaAAAaaackk....
it's an elongated skull being. with facial features matching some of the old khmetian statues/modern day bogdanovs.

on 11-9, watching over this mess.
(11-09-2020, 12:58 PM)genba Wrote:

they're baaAAAaaackk....

Looks a liiiiiittle like a white buffalo head with feathers hanging from its horns.
tonight was a fine night to smoke a joint under the full moon while charging my various moonstone items.

this entity agrees.

that smile is so perfect. they usually have such sour / bitter faces.

this is one of those ones that blows me away. i think it'd speak to me if it were mushroom season.
i've been going through my archives, as i am currently endeavoring to polish up my collection, add some animations, and post videos and do streams about them on had seen a blue colored sun with a grid behind it, and wouldn't you know it happened again just now.

it's always been the 335 ångström filter.
Hot damn, that's a good one!!!
Squinting at these images boosts the contrast and reveals much more depth in the topography.
when i post on imgur, right click the image then view image. that lets you see the full 4096x4096 image.
(04-02-2021, 05:15 PM)genba Wrote: when i post on imgur, right click the image then view image. that lets you see the full 4096x4096 image.

Fuuuck yes, that's more like it. Good lord, the detail. I may need to revisit this in an altered state...
i recommend a combination of psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, and a smattering of cannabinoids.
working on enhancing the entities and constructs through layer effects.

big version of what my avatar, as of this post, is.
Ho. Lee. Frick.



I mean...

Just LOOK at that.

LOOK at that.

How can anybody fucking deny that???

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