Antarctica Hidden Truth: Secret Technology, Conspiracy Theories and Factual Oddities
(06-04-2017, 06:57 PM)MO Wrote: And of course I can't find the links from the accounts I read years ago where people who traveled to Antarctica talked a lot about how they always felt like they were being watched and followed. Here is a link that only addresses it a little bit:

But what I read about was actually regarding the terrain rather than that one creepy building. It was about people who were trekking across and felt really freaked out because of the strong sense of a presence.


It's thought that there is ancient, massive machinery under Antarctica. It's thought of as the "World Machine". Some think it's alien technology, or perhaps even an alien ship. Others think that it's simply remnants from an Atlantis type of civilization which was destroyed in a global cataclysm.

A lot of people tie it to an ancient 'crustal shift'. What they say was a 'pole shift' wherein landmasses shifted suddenly, sending flora/fauna and all the various lifeforms sliding into a massive pile, displaced by thousands of miles and 'flash froze' a vast area of the planet (Antarctica).

Speculation of this has been going on for so long now, it's disgusting how much 'they' probably know and just love to keep the masses in the dark.

I used to theorize that this happened when the Mid Atlantic Ridge 'went up'... I also theorize that earth's moon actually originates from this inner earth ejecta. That's why it's 'hollow' and 'rings like a bell'. Because it's basically just a big hunk of pumice.

In the expanding earth theory...

The earth expands, continents are sent sliding, and it's a global cataclysm... said to happen every 500,000 years or something like that.

The last time it happened, apparently there was a highly advanced civilization circa Antarctica and they had tech which... really would defy the imagination even in this day and age where people jizz over fast paced big action space thriller films and the like. 

Tying back into the 'feeling of being watched'... some people believe that part of this advanced technology was some type of consciousness housing. Some type of tech where people 'mind melded' with machinery in order to be immortal. There was a 'grid' type of situation around this "World Machine" and consciousness could be projected around and hang out in the 'grid'. Kind of like an 'all seeing eye'... kind of like the lit up globe that Trump etc. had their hands on recently: What is depicted in that photo of course being absolutely archaic (ironically) compared to the tech that was supposedly used in Antarctica.

Some people think the tech is still up and running underneath the ice, and therefore, the consciousness 'grid' could still be active, and this could be the 'haunted' feeling visitors get.

Maybe it sounds far-fetched. But the global elite display an amicable quality regarding Antarctica that they certainly do not show for the rest of the planet. Antarctica is the only place that the global elites have 'agreed' to 'have peace' and co-operate with one another as it concerns that part of the world. The only thing that could bring a selfish bunch of pigs like that together... would be tech and capability even they cannot fathom the implications of. Something immeasurably bigger than themselves.

Some also think that aliens never came to earth, and that we never reverse engineered any alien technology. It was said that a lot of our current technology was reverse engineered from crashes like the one in Roswell. That seems to be a red herring though. Apparently, all the tech that we've been utilizing was discovered in Antarctica, and are merely the ancient remains of human civilization.

Other threads about Antarctica:

Nancy's new podcast inspired me hardcore about this topic.

6:15 - 7:20 wow... what the hell is that??
Stasis beings, red haired giants, Pre-Diluvian technology...

Reminds me of the story about the two ancient worms which came back to life after having been frozen in arctic ice for tens of thousands of years...

2:33 he discusses the cosmic particle rays that are said to be emitting from underneath the Antarctic ice.

Just more and more theory surrounding the concept that there is ancient tech in Antarctica.

5:51 Sage talks about the Smithsonian Institute and their well known and criminal against humanity past of destroying evidence...

8:03 the particle machine isn't said to be a weapon, it's supposedly a "projector" like I talked about in the OP... the "World Machine" is said to project a matrix. Others say it just projects a protective field.

And of course we must link to Clif High and his previous discussions about buildings and more being uncovered in Antarctica...

(06-03-2018, 09:44 PM)MO Wrote:

1:26:42 discussing the closed nuclear plant in Antarctica and how there were pieces of land the size of Kansas which were ice free with surface lakes in which people were swimming.

1:27:40 there were literal mountains of coal in Antarctica and Clif says the coal was formed into nodules by "something".

1:35:00 Clif starts explaining in great detail a pyramid which was found in Antarctica. He says the steps are massive (14 ft.) suggesting they might have been used by giants.
About the recently photographed rectangular iceberg in Antarctica...



Dude the guy narrating this sounds hot as fuck OMG, he sounds sooo smart...


I believe there are ruins there
I mean the faces of those ‘mountains’ sure do look like pyramids to me.
Considering pyramids have been discovered all over the world, I dunno why anybody would have a hard time believing a landmass as large as Antarctica has them too.
"Scientists Alarmed By 'Radioactive Heat Source' Melting Ice Sheet"
i noticed a couple weeks back that one of my customers was wearing a very official looking antarctica winter coat. didn't ask about it. couple days ago he was back in, and i asked him about it. dude has been down there 3 times, has been at mcmurdo, and his actually gone down to the pole. he's goin back in august. said it's fuckin awesome down there, and he'd rather be there in -40 than up here in cleveland winter. said it's very dry and not as cold as you'd think, and that the air was perfectly clean. said if i [or anyone] has the chance to go there, definitely do it. i briefly brought up some of the admiral byrd stuff, and the alleged openings at the poles. he smiled as if he's heard a bunch of that, but i didn't get any sort of psychic ping that he's directly seen anything like that. i'm guessin people directly involved in that wouldn't be overtly wearing that coat and talking about it in public.

small world sometimes, eh?
rhombus will set you free.
Well Genba, granted you do live in a big city, so it's likely just the very first trickles indicating the future...

I would say the fact that you came across a dude randomly in the general public wearing official Antarctica paraphernalia is a pretty good sign that it's about to become a lot more common for people to travel there.
(01-08-2019, 06:20 PM)MO Wrote: I think there's gonna be a mass migration to Antarctica.
"Stau Sleptons: The Bizarre Particles Blasting Out Of Antarctica"

Spoiler: they're literally everywhere.


But it's still cool that "science" is trickle feeding us hundred year old information...

Thanks, science!
EVERY single time I think of Antarctica; I become MacReady...

I'll take his hat over a "cowboy" hat any day. 

by the way I know a LOT of shit about that place, lots of theories have I but meh...

big brain is just pure imagination probably. 


Yeah... just mapping a bunch of snow. What's up with the whole "bridge" thing if it's just topography? Meh...
Master wants to conquer Antarctica lol.
(05-20-2020, 03:05 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Master wants to conquer Antarctica lol.

and.... so ?

I thought you knew I really love cold, fresh water. 

Remember the "underground" lake they found there years ago?

by the way; pretty sure linux is in charge of passports there. 

check out the stamp you get if you take your passport (and you literally, legally have to)

To my fortress, I mean just a bunch of snow and shit, whatever. Starts with an A.
my contribution: 


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