NWA: National Wrestling Alliance
I just attended NWA70, the wrestling event of a lifetime.


BWAHAHAHAHA that was fucking EPIC.

Congrats Nick Aldis...

I was rooting for you the whole time baby!!!
What a blast with just me and 1000 of my closest friends...

Shit was legendary, so glad I went.

Fucking amped OMG.
Shoutout to that rudeass drunk old guy who sat next to me intermittently and talked shit to the tall dude ‘blocking’ his view, like what an asshole.
Everybody else was badass though, I had a bitchin’ fucking time talking to people.
And fucking screaming and cheering LMFAO.
I sat next to this security guy and I know he had to be like OMG I hate my job. ROFLMAO.
there is not a dumber sport on the face of this planet. where people brutally punch eachother in the face out of senslessness pain and suffering

If I were the government I put a Ban to all forms of fighting unless used for self defence training purposes.

its not good dont like it. Even Hockey Players tend to beat themselves to hard. Some Fear and Some have gone Crippled due to the excess violence.

does nothing good for society
its all trash.
God that shit was FUCKING lit.
Dude I'm sore as FUCK today...

I SOMEHOW pulled muscles and everything.

If I'M sore, those hotass wrestlers must be REALLY fucking sore!
you can only imagine what trix does for her idols back in the dressing rooms , there is no shame when you are blonde and slutty its expected
Oh I fell in love honey, that's for sure...


Hey, I'm full of ravenous desire, okay.

One of these days, MO's gonna get what she needs.
Of course I understand that the NWA isn't just based in America, they defend the title all over the world.

But I see the relaunch of the NWA brand as a perfect example of the American dream...

Billy Corgan grew up watching wrestling, he loved the NWA.

The fact that he went on to actually purchase the brand...

Dreams do come true you guys, sometimes life has things in store for us that we couldn't even imagine, GREAT things.
I think something like the NWA is a great thing for America at this time...

Boys are being raised to be SOFTIES these days. What with all the hormone pollution in everything, everyone is being overdosed with estrogen, it's bad folks.

Kids need GOOD role models to look up to.

They need examples of how to be TOUGH, without being abusive and having no redeeming qualities.

These wrestlers that have been performing with the NWA are all totally respectable dudes...

The current champion Nick Aldis is VERY classy. Cody Rhodes, the former titleholder, he was a PERFECT role model.

These guys are truly awesome, they're tough, they're smart dudes, they're shining examples of what boys should want to grow up and be.

It's so amazing that the NWA can bring its champions to towns all over the country and the youth can have a chance to meet their role models or be in the same building with them, to see them in action, in real life... and be INSPIRED.

Inspired to be tough, and strong... to be driven and focused. It's a great thing for kids, and it's also just very entertaining for everybody who likes wrestling.
People have a huge nostalgic love for wrestling...

Even I wanted to be a chick wrestler at one time, LOL!

I LOOOVED Patti Pizzazz and Becky The Farmer's Daughter...

It's so cheeseball, but I thought they were so cool and I wanted to be them.
This kinda stuff means a lot to kids, they want to be just like their heroes...

We need GOOD role model heroes in the world today, ones that are accessible.

Going to NWA70 was such a blast, and I'm a grown woman!

Imagine how cool it'd be to see your heroes live in person like that if you were a kid.

Oooooo, Tim and Nick are duking it out one last time at the TV studio premier of the NWA reboot!

I like it...

Well except for the pandering to TV and the fact that it's in Atlanta, those aspects suck.

But other than that, hell yeah, stoked that Tim and Nick are gonna be fighting again.

I assume that this is sort of a sign off for Tim Storm, and also for Nick Aldis as the next champion (or the champion after next) will be Eli Drake.
This is actually an awesome way to bring things full circle, it's a well done story.
The NWA reboot was HELLA fun at first...

It was really organic and intimate, and it had a lot of charm.

They've moved the operation down to Atlanta though, they're filming in some studio down there.

I don't think they grasp the concept of how the audience dynamic changes with locale, which is kinda crazy considering who the owner of the NWA is...

They really should understand that principle but they don't.

The in studio audience is way too loud in all their Atlanta videos and frankly they sound like a bunch of idiots... they react the wrong way at the wrong times. Dunno what their deal is, but it's all a result of WHO is WILLING to go to a such a place in order to attend a show... it's a dramatic difference from the beginnings of the reboot.

But if they want fake, fake is what they'll get...

They've already got some anklebiting famechasers in the inner circle that they seem wholly oblivious to, feeding off 'em like they're a fucking smorgasbord. Maybe they're fine now, but after too much of those kinda people being allowed into the core of the brand, the behind the scenes, the inner workings of the machine...

They'll clog it like a giant turd and things will begin to go wrong, things that will be hard to trace back to their origins (if not impossible) because someone was dumb enough to let them in IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Not good... but ah well, it is what it is. It was fun for a time!
They have some EXCELLENT people...

Eli Drake, up and coming Worlds Heavyweight Champion no doubt...

They've got fun talent like Thunder Rosa...

These folks deserve better than to stake their claim in the NWA and for the NWA to turn around and show favor / honor to bloodsucking leeches.

They really need to wake the fuck up and fortify their inner circle before something embarrassing happens.

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