The lottery is a datamining conspiracy...

Hate to break it to ya...

Maybe most of you already knew that, but...

It's totally a conspiracy.
I Must Certainly Agree!

We need to stop all the bad shit MO.
We need to abolish gambling. Bars. Booze. Prostitution. Strippers. Cigerrets

and just only allow weed.

oh and BAnned Justin Beieber and anyone who listens to THAT SHIT
Wolfy, a voice of reason in these troubled times.
Yeee And Free my Cows dude
cut the fences and free all my creatures
Ugh weed can go too
(unless the person is legit sick and it helps them, let them have it)
but seriously fuck that shit, I lived in a row house a few years back, neighbors were dealers, the constant (24/7) stench/smoke in my house from it actually gave me depersonalization, tooks MONTHS to get out of it, very scary

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