Epic Legendary Commentary On YouTuber Zane Greene
Maybe the earth really is flat, because apparently Priss and Zane fell off the face of it on their way to Alaska...
Fuckin' LOL!
@ 1:26:30 

dude i really miss that mac dog , he was a good soul 

Zane hasn't even posted on FB since the 4th of July. Should I file a missing persons report? Maybe cartels got to him?
Just leave him alone, he obviously ditched the internet and doesn't wanna be bothered...

Knowing idiots like you follow him, I can't say I blame the guy...

Scourge from hell.
(((Worthless post from Fungi censored)))
Fungi, your retard blather was only momentarily tolerated because you contributed one useful informational tidbit on a topic we actually care about...


We do not care about you.

Your future posts (unless they're useful, which they almost never are) will not be approved.

So you can scream inside of your glass case of literally retarded emotion all day and night...

No one will hear you, as it should be.
(09-13-2019, 10:05 AM)FungiPop Wrote: Zane hasn't even posted on FB since the 4th of July. Should I file a missing persons report? Maybe cartels got to him?

One word..."BIGFOOT"
Zane was hobonapped by a family of Bigfeet.
Looks like your favorite bum has lost it (again).



"Come Step'n Get Put On Blast"

Too much of a coward to do it without a voice changer...

However, note the bucket.


Oh, and MO, the reason he's got Fungi as a follower is YOU.

Cleary he's back at slab city.
(09-14-2019, 09:24 AM)Guest Wrote: Oh, and MO, the reason he's got Fungi as a follower is YOU.

You carrying some kinda torch for Fungi??

Shut the fuck up!
Those weird stupid videos aren't Zane...

You're like 1000 miles off base with all this shit...

Dunno what to say to you.
If he was back at Slab City as a free man he wouldn't be making weird retarded videos...

Zane has never made videos that fucked up and stupid.

How'd you even find that psychotic weirdo shit??

Do you regularly search for 'slab city' on YT or something? Bizarre.
The "Let's Do This" bucket is from Home Depot...

You think Zane's friends are the only people in the world who have one??

Boogeyman = Zane for you or something.
Freaked out psychos like whoever made those retarded videos are the norm at Slab City...

Zane was the exception.

If he really made those dumb as shit videos then clearly his vibe has gone down about 40 notches and he's totally lost every likable quality he ever had because that is NOT Zane. LMAO!
Fucking guy fell off the face of the Earth...

He's not making vids or even fucking around with the internet, just accept it.

And if Zane was at Slab City making weird dumb videos like that, all the social media wouldn't say that he and Priss are still together.

They're together, who knows what they're doing... but they're sure the hell not in Slab City.

I mean listen to that dumb shit...

If that's Zane? He's gone to shit so hard we don't WANT him back.

Like how many pounds of methcrack would you have to smoke to turn out like that??
Ugh and CREEPY.


Those videos are fucking CREEPY.

Zane himself has never been creepy (ever)...

You can call the guy a lot of things, but creepy?? No.

Those videos are some creepy shit. Ew, just ew.
And if Zane SUDDENLY turned into some kinda creepy psycho with absolutely zero video making skills...

What's your explanation for that??

Those vids could be ANYONE...

Hell, maybe they're you.
That's like some fucking ax murderer shit.

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