Epic Legendary Commentary On YouTuber Zane Greene
First things first, I'm not BND, but I happen to agree that Zane isn't going to follow through on getting custody of his children.   He has a major uphill battle, including all his own personal issues & battling the grandparents in family court. I really don't see him dealing with all that and maintaining any sort of normalcy. 

Once again, it's just a personal opinion & at this point, only time will tell.
this is why the Bible tells guys to take their new wives FAR AWAY from the womans family , they just cause division and awfulness and lead to anger and disease
(01-12-2020, 01:59 PM)Guest Wrote: this is why the Bible  tells  guys to take their new wives  FAR AWAY from  the womans family  ,  they just cause division and      awfulness  and lead to  anger and disease

Like I always say... JESUS SAVES us from in-laws. Word up. 

Oh baby...

If you're gonna be posting some LazerHawk, I might need you to get naked.

Look at the twinkle in that fuckin' hobo's eye...

He loves this.
I really like Zane sober, he's got a nice serious underlying vibe.
He just showed the area he's sleeping in... it's like trash strewn and he's wearing Crocs. Like what the actual fuck??

I think it's the Crocs part that bothers me the most... like what the fuck kinda shoes are those for a homeless dude??

Jesus needs to deliver our Zane into a nice warm loving home!!!
He needs to disable the superchat if he wants people to pay through PayPal instead.
So Zane came home...

We all wanted him to...

Most people had been saying he should go home from the beginning.

The kids are old enough to remember this from now on...

And they're old enough to remember that granny didn't even let their daddy sleep behind a shed in the back yard, she just let him be homeless...


Hey I'm just a bystander, just a stranger on the internet watching a tiny excerpt from random strangers' everyday lives.

Not like granny's gonna live for too many more decades, so the kids can't hate her while she's alive as long as they could potentially hate their father while he's still alive IF he hadn't come home and tried to be there in their time of need...

But y'know, don't get me wrong...

What do I know?

Who knows what goes on...

Not like I have all the answers!

But just looking in on the situation, this is how it appears.

Now, should Zane have ever been in any of these stupid situations in the first place? Well no, he shouldn't have. But I think he's encountered a lot of stuff over the years that fucked things up for him in a lot of ways, and he's just been jumping from consequence to consequence ever since... some more dire than others.

I'm not a professional, so it's not like I can mentally evaluate him and put any kinda labels on his situation but... if a qualified person were to do so, it could be determined that Zane's never really been entirely in his right mind.

Granny's basically bullying a retard...

I mean no offense to Zane if he reads this, of course I don't think you're LITERALLY retarded. You know I love ya hon... but let's be real.

Would we rather the kids hate granny, or daddy?

Well obviously we'd rather they hate granny. Gonna suck for them if they have to live with granny and realize during that time all the wrongs that have been done in every direction here.

Will it take a miracle for Zane to get in a position where he can actually be stable enough to take the kids? Definitely. Do I believe in miracles?? Hmmm. Well, I used to a whole lot more than I do now. Guess it's possible though... dunno. Guess we'll see.

At least Zane has old friends in Texas...


If he didn't he'd be more fucked there than he's been in a lot of places.

Only good thing about it is that it ain't the coldest place in the world...

Other than that...


K, I'm done.
I think one of the most important things is demonstration.

Willingness, intention, what you WANT to accomplish...

I mean it's always a matter of action vs. talk.

Of course that's true, of course actions speak louder than words.

But the world is a stage and life is a play, it really must be about the show.
What if Zane can't get a place to live?

Is granny gonna let Zane inside the house if his wife is on her death bed?

He gonna have to watch through a window?

I know it's harsh, but I'm just saying...

All the haters wanna act like Zane is the ultimate piece of shit...

I think this is a situation where other people could be proven to be just as much or more of a piece of shit!

Of course the haters would never admit that...

But even they know the score deep down.

Hey it may not make me popular to say the tough shit I say...

But I ain't here to be liked, I'm here to be honest.
I hope he's determined enough to see things through and get a place to live.

He can do that...

He can definitely get himself a place to live.

But all the rest of it?? What a shitshow.

I'll get the popcorn ready.

The video title is "We Made Our Goal!"

That sounds exciting.

But when I look in Zane's eyes I see a hint of sadness.

Wonder if I'm wrong? I'm probably wrong.
He said that the goal was made today of getting into a room... so that's pretty badass. See, I knew that could happen for him.

He needs to get his ass into that room.

I love the fact that Zane makes these necklaces... that's so my kinda shit. This guy is so badass.

That is a damn fucking nice shark tooth right there... very impressive.

LOL Zane just called himself vindictive. That's so sweet!

Well I mean Zane's life and adventures have been kinda unbelievable, you can't really blame people for not believing all the crazy shit that's gone down!

I like these short manageable streams!

Zane never fails to be entertaining when he's allowed/free to be himself... he's a great natural born entertainer.
Zane needs to try and protect the location of his upcoming residence and at least don't show it from the outside... no room numbers or any of that stupid shit.

Dude, uh...

Are they fuckin' related?

They literally look related.

I'm fucking living for it.

0:20 I'm just trying to suss out, what's this feeling in Zane??

Not really sure...

I will just let it go unless I see more of it in the future.

There could be a lot of reasons for it so it's not efficient to give it much consideration at this point, and this is days old footage as well I'm pretty sure so...

We'll see what changes once Zane gets a room.
"Going To Work My First Night Tonight!"

Zane looks great. So fucking proud of this guy, oh my God.
Zane's got a hard hat and a yellow vest... has a room now so that's great. Nice work Zane!
I’m happy for Zane.

Even though a lot is still a mess. He is doing the right things.

Feels bad to say it, but I just don’t find it that interesting.

Says more about me than him.

A lot of people, I’d wager.

There is a reason the First 48 is a show, and there isn’t one about a family putting their lives back together after tragedy.

Can you imagine, though?
A show like that would be pure trash.
Scripted for network TV..

Richard Belzer would be in it for some reason.

I hate it so much, and it’s not even real.
(01-14-2020, 09:23 PM)Guest Wrote: Feels bad to say it, but I just don’t find it that interesting.

LOL, well at least you're honest...

Me personally, I do find it interesting for a lot of reasons I won't disclose.

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