Epic Legendary Commentary On YouTuber Zane Greene
(09-06-2020, 06:08 PM)DB Hunter Wrote: Hahaa, his kids must be terrified!!!

In his most recent livestream he basically said people from Texas would judge you if you said your kids were gonna have to use an outhouse, but in Alaska, it's normal.

I'm just thinking dude...

He has a daughter, I mean...

Does he really think she wants to use a FUCKING OUTHOUSE??

Man fuck no.

Maybe granny can't cook worth a fuck, but at least she has a FUCKINGGGG TOILET.
You have an outhouse for emergencies. For "just in case". Not as a mainstay.
I played the "dirty hippie" bit for a hot minute and actually really loved it, but even I think outhouses are fucking disgusting.

How the fuck is Zane hiking up a jagged 2 mile trail in the Alaskan wilderness and he STILL has a signal?
I geuss the little hobo is gonna be a crab catcher. Sounds about right i want him to spend 20k on that boat and make it nice so he can attract some pretty woman up there one that is brash yet well kept(not a heroin addict). Then he needs a sidekick more of a serious mellow dude to offset his nuttyness. This is how zane will succeed
Zane has succumbed to the fact he's not going to get rich on a fishing boat and has to work for minimum wage at the canary. What a douche nozzle!

The guy continually sets himself up for failure.
God forbid if he ever got custody of his kids
That would be a total shit show of a trainwreck!
I'd be leaving Alaska fast.

You know what Zane, I've been where you are...

In love with a magical, mystical oceanside paradise rich in fishing culture and sentimental memories of your youth...

Stunning unrivaled beauty, mountains, hills, cliffs, fjords...

A place you drag people to hoping they'll love as it as much as you do, but they never do.

A place with bitter cold winters and snow drifts the height of semi trailers.

A wise man once told me, "You never stay for the winter. That's stupid."

I wanted to fight him on it, and coming from somebody who loved the place as much as I did, I thought surely it was just a personal preference.

But I see now he was right...

And even more importantly, now I see that sometimes, you just have to let it go.

Mother nature is a cruel mistress and she won't save you just because you're in your island paradise...

She won't spare you just because you love it.

You won't be safe just because you feel like you're in heaven.

We've all lost something in the hills...

But you have to save yourself.

There's a time and a season.

You should go where life will at least be easier to survive on the most logical levels, like temperature.

The desert calls you...

Pick it up and tell it you're coming, because if you try to fight against it, the call won't be so gentle next time.
This fucking moron wants to blame everyone but himself for what happened at his new job. The fact of the matter is he walked in there talking about what a big youtube star he was and the boss went and looked up his youtube channel full of him being a fucking drug addict bum and quickly decided there was no way he could have Zane associated with his business. Rightly so I might add.

Word to the wise Zane, the next time you get a decent job keep your fucking mouth shut about your stupid, ridiculous, Youtube Chanel. Certainly don't go in there telling the boss you're going to film his business and put it up on your crack head channel. I mean what the fuck are you thinking? Do you think any respectable business wants to be publicly associated with the filth that is 'Zane Greene'?

Yeah, let me get some of that. lol... I want my company associated with a bum who does drugs and gets drunk as fuck nightly on youtube. That should be great for our public relations. lol... Buy your fish from us, it's prepared fresh by a filthy drug addict bum! lmao

Get a fucking clue Zane. No trolls got you fire, YOU GOT YOU FIRED!

It's always everyone fault but your own right Zane?

Take some responsibility for your own actions why don't you?
Buy your fish from us, it's prepared fresh by a filthy drug addict bum! lmao
It's funny that I log onto YouTube and see one video... I got a job at The Cannery.... one day later I got fired from the cannery.. lost my job. This really seems to be a recurring theme with Zane and drug addicts and Bums alike... the lack of steady employment. I repeat the lack of steady employment kind of funny seeing Zane fall from La La Land from his hundreds of thousands of dollars a year fishing gigs to $12 an hour Cannery jobs that he can't even hack
Those Mexico videos really were totally fucking gross though.
I mean just an absolutely hellish bottomless pit of shockingly nasty filth.
There's never been a lower low point in Zane's life, guarantee you that.
you guys are super judgmental

public relations. a cannery ? lol

Any type of place like that, a factory, a cannery, doesn't matter...

They are very serious about who they allow in with cameras.

If you wanna film in those kind of places, you have to arrange it with them and they have to give you a guided tour.
(09-14-2020, 05:36 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Any type of place like that, a factory, a cannery, doesn't matter...

They are very serious about who they allow in with cameras.

If you wanna film in those kind of places, you have to arrange it with them and they have to give you a guided tour.

I guess the higher ups didn't get the memo about a Big-Time Youtuber working and filming at the plant. I'm sure some heads are gonna roll in the Hobo Army camp! Zane doesn't tolerate  insubordination.  He runs a tight camp!!

Let's be completely honest here.... It's blatantly obvious that Zane is suffering another mental breakdown and has no clue as to where his life is going. He's litteraly walking around like a brainless, drunk, zombie.
@4 min i feel as if zanes brush hut is like his mind . i cant imagine sleeping in there bears all about
No fucking way I'd be relying on some random unknown peoples' flighty good graces to guarantee me a vaguely "safe" place to stay through an Alaskan winter...


0:55 listen to Mariah, Zane.

Listen to Mariah.

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