Epic Legendary Commentary On YouTuber Zane Greene
Holy shit... shill much?
Great Caesar's ghost!
Someone needs to be tenured at the local university! Post haste!!

“Replace "G" for gravity with "M" for Magic, and your shitty math still works, because it's just that MATH. Math isn't REAL.”

You could, but the letter “m” generally stands for Slope in the equation for a line, so you might end up confusing some people who stayed in school past the 7th grade.

~100 minutes in, Zane says he's going to Cali, Texas, and Hawaii, and then he starts talking about his mom/dad/grandparents.
Dear non-Texas rest of the world,

Stop going to Texas. It's terrible there. 
The heat, rattlesnakes, tornados, Mexican food... it's Hell on Earth.
Love yourself. Stay where you are. Please.


None of your goddamned business.
Or Chad. I could be Chad. Not likely, but slim chances.

You think they bought it?
Jesus, I hope so. We don't need any more 'furners up in here! lol
Well, the gayness is on full display now....

(Today, 05:34 AM)Guest Wrote: Well, the gayness is on full display now....

1:19:18 what. The actual. FUCK.
And the guy just lays there like what the fuck is happening here...

He doesn't even know what to say, man!!!

1:20:48 SOMETHING happens. The guy says something or SOMETHING and Zane is like HUH?! and gets up.

Maybe he felt a boner. Or maybe Mikey G just wasn't responding and Zane was like ummm.

Then he takes the camera and puts it in his face and Mikey G is like, BARELY tethered to this world y'all... guy's like drunk or something out of his mind.

I dunno man, the way I see what happened there was like this...

Zane expected SOME KINDA reaction, and then didn't get one...

And then he was like WHOA. This really IS kinda gay!

But the way I see it, like, it's not even REALLY all that gay.

Like come on, if Zane just wanted to cuddle, why not? Right guys?

It's not like he was even under the cover with him!!!

If he'd been under the cover, I'm sure Mikey G would have reacted differently and TOTALLY rejected Zane's advances!!!
My logic is sound! Think about it!

On some real shit though...

That's kinda like what happens when somebody comes along and violates you.

At first you're like what the fuck is happening, maybe a lil shocked, maybe a lil frozen like the deer in headlights...

It's not Mikey G's fault, yo.

I'm sure he's COMPLETELY straight and would never even truly consider spooning with Zane.

But then again...

What's wrong with spooning other dudes if you're clothed and stuff?? Hey man, it's Alaska, it gets cold!!!
1:22:06 lmao listen to Zane trying to make excuses for the super embarrassing situation that just went down.
Or sprang up, should I say...
Zane seemed a lot more like a Sagittarius than a Scorpio when he was trying to act like it was Mikey G's fault for not responding "the right way"...
Dedicated to Mikey G and Zane...

1:22:28 dude you better believe Mikey G feels straight up violated yo.
Zane made Mikey G feel VIOLATED.

He wasn't sure if he needed to call for help or stay quiet or what the fuck was happening.
1:22:30 you can see Zane feels all awkward and kinda mad and shit even though it's totally his fault.


That's the look of "Wow, things really WERE gonna get gay!"



What the fuck do you think, we're just talking a bunch of meaningless shit??

No, dude.

You can see the gay coming from a mile away.

But YOU made the move.

It's not Mikey G's fault.

And I really suggest you just get the hell out of there and turn over a new leaf, buddy.
Shit was either gonna go one of a few different ways...

1. Zane was gonna push it further and Mikey G was gonna protest.

2. Zane was gonna push it further and Mikey G wasn't gonna protest.

In the case of point 2, I would say Mikey G would have been less coming at it from a genuinely gay standpoint, and more from a "Zane forced himself on me and I froze" standpoint.

I do not at all think that Mikey G is legitimately looking to get down like that with Zane or other dudes.

What Zane should really be asking himself is why it was so easy for him.
I mean watch it again...

That was some authentic cuddling from Zane yo.

He was nuzzled in like a motherfucker was gonna stay.

It would have been enough to confuse anybody.

Sometimes the best choice is to make no choice at all...

I don't blame Mikey G for his lack of response.

Who knows what he was really thinking.
1:27:15 lmao.


Just wow y'all.

I dunno, I think Zane seems kinda scared here...

Like the two guys are about to gang up on him for getting weird.

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