Epic Legendary Commentary On YouTuber Zane Greene
Deadbeats phone is being pinged and he will be jailed soon.
Uh oh, you hear that everybody!?

Zane's getting BACKTRACED!!!


IRL courts are a real shit-show since COVID.  Those who plead "Not Guilty" can expect to sit in jail for years, literally, waiting for their stupid cases to be properly heard before a court - in the name of "pandemic". Example: trespassers (a minor misdemeanor) in DC are still being held in solitary confinement without bail.  Example, violent arsonists and assaulters are let out of jail without charges (if you happen to follow the right political ideology in Oregon). Unless one is as verbal about it as possible, and documents the process completely, and gets something besides a lying, incompetent, self-serving court appointed attorney, the way the system is now, it is 100% not fair.  I am sure Zane will show up when his legal paperwork ducks are all in a row.  Meanwhile, I bet he is making trip-switched videos that will spill all the beans and it should be good!
Zane wasn't in jail. He's been bailed out and had
 his bail revoked twice. No one is to blame, but 

 Let's not pretend that Zane, doesn't like 
 following rules... He's spent years telling
 everyone how "he doesn't participate" 
 in the system. 

 Here he is again, fighting the law.

 While his children are adjusting to their
 new family. All because Zane, can't get his
 life together. 

 "As The World Turns"

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