Epic Legendary Commentary On YouTuber Zane Greene
No, I think his disappearance is totally intentional and he doesn't want to be located. I doubt anyone would donate to it, and you'd get a lot more hate than anything else.
He got the rona and ended up on the vent. Never made it.
Lmfao, just shut up.
Not even funny. Being deadly serious?
Proof would be... you know, completely and totally obligatory.

Come on saying some shit like that without proof, you're just being a tard whether it's true or not.
Look at all the effort I've put into this thread over the years...

You think you're gonna come along making a couple incomplete pissweak sentences and get any respect from me?

Too close for comfort and was told not to give anymore details for sake of kids. RIP dude.
It ain't about you or needing respect from you or from complete transient internet anons. Was told not to converse anymore, so, so long.
Obituaries are all I believe... not randos on the internet. Come back when you have proof. I'm not hating on you... but this is the internet. There are rules.
(01-15-2022, 08:40 PM)Guest Wrote: Too close for comfort and was told not to give anymore details for sake of kids. RIP dude.

I mean, remember I can see your IP address...

You're anything but "close" to anywhere Zane would be on the fuckin' planet.

My guess is you're getting info from haters and trolls.

The idea that any info about Zane whatsoever is too sensitive to share here is frankly just stupid.

This is the biggest discussion about Zane that exists on the internet and probably the biggest that ever will, so if you have important info and you DON'T share it here, then you're just selfish and you don't really give a fuck about Zane or his legacy.

Just being real.
If you knew Zane, then you would know that he loved me at one time, and I loved him too.

I was good friends with his wife before she passed.

And YOU'RE too close for comfort?

You don't know shit.
If anyone has REAL, ACTUAL information about Zane that is too sensitive to share publicly, just email mail@sectual.com and share it privately.

Confidentiality is my forte and I will never publicly discuss anything that is sent to me in confidence.

One thing I know for certain is that Zane's elders are dead.

He doesn't know his father (I was told his name at one point, but I don't recall whether he's alive or not). His mother is dead. His grandparents are dead.

The only people who matter in Zane's life who could be telling you not to talk about him publicly (except for his kids) is his wife's mother...

And his wife's mother ain't exactly a fan of Zane, so I just ain't too sure why anyone would be honoring her wishes.

I understand if the info is too sensitive and no one would ever want his kids to see it.

So fine. Email me.

I won't publicly share any information. If I do see proof that he's dead, the most I would do is come on here simply state/affirm the fact, and I would say no more and no less.

I get it if no one wants to trust me with that info...

But if you have this information and you withhold it...

I just don't think you're in the right.
Zane had a serious impact on a lot of people.

I personally spent a few thousand hours following his life story as it was shared, and as it unfolded...

I'm not the only one.


If he's dead, we deserve to know, and we deserve better than a few sentences from a random internet poster about it.
And honestly Zane, if you're not dead, then you need to stop being a fucking asshole and say something.


If people don't want it public, make it private.

I am a trustworthy individual, and if anybody knows that, it's Zane Greene.
Lmao, the fact that a random troll would just come on here and claim that Zane died of the fucking "Rona"...


You haters are the biggest bunch of shit flinging morons I've ever heard of in my entire fucking life.

No wonder Zane took a big drizzly shit on the internet and then turned his back on it.
Wherever Zane is. Zane walks.
May he always.

Zane is eternal.

We are all eternal.

Blessings and love to each and every one of us.

Endless love.
Please come back Zane.

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