Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader
Shane Webb, the TX tarot deck winner, has a friend, Ashley, who got into it with Rich in the comment section of Shane's FB site. Ashley was just joking around about the cards smelling like cologne but Rich got abrasive fast. That's an unattractive part of his personality that I'm afraid is here to stay. He seriously needs a better sense of humor!

Who gets defensive about that??
Yeah, it's very unattractive.

(06-10-2019, 01:42 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

4:28 I agree with him, he's right.

5:08 so true.

8:20 I think 'talking to the dead', WANTING to do that... it's sorta ridiculous. I haven't been in that headspace since... high school.

You've gotta move to a higher level in understanding of the matrix/reality/existence.

9:30 tarot and all the other divination isn't 'fake'... it's just a way to read the subconscious mind. It's sort of a waking meditation method. But in general I agree with the gist of what Sage is saying.

10:35 I love palmistry!!!

The tarot divination portion of Sage's video made me think about the age old argument of whether you can actually read for yourself or not.

I've heard a lot of people say you can either read for yourself, or you can read for everybody else... it's usually not both.

And I have to say, I'm not sure whether that's true or not. In my own experience, I can read for myself incredibly accurately... but as far as reading for other people, agh. It always seems like the reading is FOR ME.

It's actually been that way since I started reading in 2014 with the Gypsy Oracle deck, the one I call the "Spooky Lil Deck" because of its extreme accuracy...

It's a serious little deck, and it's just not for playing around. You only use that deck if you want to know the truth and aren't afraid to hear it.

I just haven't gotten the opportunity to read for very many people, so I really can't say whether or not I'm able to read for other people. But what I know for absolute certain is that I can read for myself.

That deck taught me the truth of that matter beyond the shadow of any doubt.

I would rather be able to read for myself than to be able to read for other people anyway.
I think it would really suck if you were unable to read the tarot in order to answer your own questions...

And I can't conceive of how that would be possible.

I still lean more toward the notion that everyone can read for themselves...

I actually think it'd be MORE rare to be able to read for other people...


Kind of common sense.

If you respect the tool for what it does, bridging the gap between the subconscious mind and the conscious mind, and so you understand where the answers are actually coming from, that it's NOT some kind of 'airy fairy' mystical thing...

I feel like you have the maturity to read for yourself. And Rich for example doesn't get that at all... as he's made very clear from his past statements.

So it's fine he feels that way, but to mislead his audience (out of sheer and total ignorance on his part) is pretty unfortunate.
If we didn't understand that he's just a kind of immature moron, then we MIGHT assume that he was purposely trying to convince his audience that they can't read for themselves and therefore they NEED him... $$$.

Just saying.

It's kind of like the catholic church telling people they can't pray directly to God and they need a priest to be able to do it for them, LMFAO bitch please...

I appreciate the shout-out for the Gypsy Oracle deck. I will have to check it out. And I agree, we ought to be able to read for ourselves.
I just got mine out to play with it...

I wanted to ask a pretty serious question and of course the answer was totally on point, though I didn't expect it. Great deck.
Personally I believe that you can read for yourself, but yeah Ive heard that alot (not just from Rich), that you cant, someone explain why or where you heard it from? is it an old wives tale? Im curious
I do readings for myself all the time, hell every other day

Random but it was too awesome not to share
So I dont normally watch LOA type vids
But this came up in my recommended, so I put it on and had it playing in the background as I was doing work stuff, says within 10 mins, Im 9:15 secs in and I just got a $1012 check in the mail

Bitch Im looping that shit!
Whoa trippy, holy shit thanks for sharing!!!
So crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ill send you a PM of the check!

I was reading the comments on the video...

Some people saying they had $10 in their account and woke up to $75 from out of nowhere.

Makes you grateful for what you have...

Also reminds us that everything is relative.

Amazing how many it worked for thou, Im a believer
North Carolina next for Rich?!

Look at this shit:

Screencap of her video chatting with a shirtless Rich, ROFLMAO!!!

So she's been made a mod of his channel, vid chats with him, and is thanking him for "taking the time" to give her advice and being her friend...


Honey, he's not your friend... he wants to FUCK YOU.

God these young chicks are so damn fucking dumb it literally gives me life!!!

I love it... thank you all so much.

Group Hug
BonerBloom is way hotter but whatever.
Rich prefers them on the more homely side so it's not like either one has a chance anyway.
It's sad that this one honest to God appears to sincerely believe Rich is like... just being nice.
Why hasn't Boner gotten a Rich t-shirt yet?
If I was Rich I wouldn't like it if she took a screencap of us on call together and posted it to all of Instagram.
That'd be a total dealbreaker actually.

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