Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader

Rich be lookin' hot AF in his thumbnails these days...


4:22 he makes a great point here... Rich is a good teacher of spiritual principles, he puts them forward in a way that is easy to understand. He's doing a great job in this world.

I can relate since I do have major Aquarius placements, except for the part about learning to have affection. It's cool that he's opened up to that idea over the years, he should be proud of himself for that. But I personally have never been very affectionate and I refuse to fake the desire just because someone else isn't happy with the way I naturally express myself. Fuck that shit.

I think people who whine about affection are needy and I wouldn't want to deal with somebody like that.

Generally I like to be left the fuck alone, and I've never NOT felt that way, even in a relationship. It's nothing personal... I just don't wanna have to deal with people.

As time has gone on, this trait has developed even more in me to the point that it's just easier not to even bother with relationships. People are needy, clingy, demanding, and they want too much... I ain't here for that.

10:00 Rich has been posting so many great videos lately and I appreciate how he uses his own life stories and examples to teach the audience. "No matter where you go, there you are." So true. Reminds me of the "Without Bound" discussion...

12:48 "Do not take advice from somebody who does not have what you want." Yeah, it's the same idea as NOT taking advice from people who you wouldn't want to trade lives with. If you wouldn't wanna live THEIR life, then you shouldn't be taking advice from them.
I like his tarot readings.
I don't much like him its almost like he has an ego problem a bad attitude.
I just dunno his tarot is cool though.
I think Rich is pretty cool, he does good readings but I'm not sure he really even likes it all that much anymore. I guess whether he does or not, he's gotta act like it.
I like his readings they resonate. Just not him, try hard macho man. I deal with those people now though I have methods and techniques. No more violence.
Well I'm glad you've renounced your former violent approaches in favor of something a little more refined, Fung, I'm proud of you man!
No thank you chick, you have helped me in ways you will never know.
I can't tell you I wont drink or be a cunt again.
But the only thing I want from you is if I am being that way please tell me or slap me upside the head.
I am working on what serves me, you have helped to help me in that.
Big hugs to you lady. Or maybe hold hands in the flower field.
Eh I like to let you be how you want to, Fung...

But slap me when I go wrong please because I can't promise you I wont. Its good to be how you want to be, no big punch ons and ego mania, but this is a thing that can come when it chooses. Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde. Jesus knew this he did what his father said not what the Romans said. And he died for it. But then now we have Jesus forever. So you see the bad thing can become good. I thank you for you how you are. Play in the flower fields girl. That is all.

With Mars/Venus Aqua, I can say this is definitely accurate.

But I would go so far as to say I was born into this life with knowledge carried over from past lives.

I was just born with this cold, standoffish way of being.

Yeah, it causes problems in relationships, til you grow up enough to say "fuck relationships" and vow to be alone/free.

Romantic relationships are just neediness, people BS and say they want someone to share their life with, but they really just want someone to use and to give a hard time for one reason or another.

The best thing you can ever do is to leave behind that ridiculous rat race, master yourself, and work toward your own goals with blinders on to any blood sucker who tries to come into your life.
I mean, if you get told that you are "cold" in ANY type of relationship...

It's because that person is trying to leach off your energy/life essence, and you're not giving it over easily enough.

You're standing your ground and trying to defend your sovereignty as a being, and that is no good for them.

They can't feed on your life force if you stand strong in yourself.

You someone says you're cold? Know that you're getting negative feedback from a hungry vamp... end of story.

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