Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader
(08-04-2022, 01:52 PM)Chatwoman Wrote:

2:13 man, he ain't kiddin', tell you what.

3:00 he's right.

And I appreciate that Rich shares info because it shows he does care.

Damnit Rich, why you gotta be so cute?! Lol
I had the same thought when I was watching that video, lolol.

Sooo fkn true.
Just because they're rich or have some type of resources or belongings that seem great, DOESN'T mean they're happy... absolutely do not take advice from people if you KNOW their lives/behaviors are fucked up. Don't take advice from douchebags. Doesn't mean they have nothing to offer, but look at their LIVES... their way of being, their demeanor, etc.

I can understand losing interest in music with words that aren't good for your subconscious mind...

But I listen to a lot of instrumental type stuff, music with no words, etc. and I can't imagine just giving that up, lmao.

I dunno, it just sounds totally fucking boring and joyless to lose your desire for music.

On one hand, I get it. It just depends on what kind of music you always listened to though... if it's normie shit, then yeah, it's probably gonna have to go.

I'm guessing any music Rich ever listened to was definitely normie shit. He even said in another video not that long ago that he's never really given a shit about music even though he plays the guitar. His take isn't very relatable and I think this is probably one subject where he shouldn't be speaking in generalizing terms.
Definitely true about entertainment in general though... I could write an essay about the subject right here and now, but I kinda gotta take a shit.
I mean there's an obvious difference between this...

And this...

Like maybe don't listen to System of a Down because it's straight cancer.

But if you're listening to the Soulful Strut, it's all good. Instrumental jazz? All good.

Make sense?

I've known people who weren't like, THAT into music... in fact, I've known people who basically didn't even listen to music at all. For real.

And those people?? I think they *COULD BE* reptilians.

Not saying they are... but I think they could be.

It's Aliens
Rich could DEFINITELY be a reptilian...

Usually the reptilians are uncircumcised...

But I've also known uncircumcised dudes who weren't reptilian.

Okay, maybe foreskin or lack thereof isn't an indicator... nvm.
OT, but isn't it weird how polarizing the topic of foreskin is???

I think it's kinda weird, you guys know I'm an advocate for foreskin.

But it's whatevs, I'm not judging dudes who have a lack of foreskin either.

After all, they were victims of the medical industrial complex as babies...

Nodding Yes 

He's Right You Know

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