Jesse Bloomfield (Hops Tarot) - Most Woke Reader Ever

This guy is a great reader, but even more than his readings I enjoy the things he posts in the community section of his channel...

When I read this one, I knew this dude was leagues beyond woke...
His filming setup is great...

The way he shows the cards up close.

Pretty brilliant.
He says in that video he's a Virgo.
It makes sense.
We always wanna know what signs these readers are.

16:20 re: emotions and gnosis.

(03-24-2019, 08:30 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

Yeah Rich has been dethroned as the hottest dude tarot reader ever...

Dethroned as fuck.

Hardcore dethroned.

I’ll keep the thread title the same because...

Being ‘woke’ is a lot more important than being ‘hot’.


Yeah there’s a clear winner here and it ain’t Rich.

Hopstarot has him beat most importantly on personality and humbleness.

Rich is an uppity judgemental douche...

This Hopstarot guy is chill and he’s honest but he’s not coming at it from an uppity place.

I think he’s said a lot by shaving his head and going for a purposely less superficial aesthetic...

Not that he was ever superficial, but that without all the impossibly good looking dressing up, you can see who he really truly is, and that’s how you’re introduced to him.

So to find out that he’s like... impossibly good looking is just a bonus.

I really like that guy... I’m not perving on him or anything, it’s not like that.

I just had to set the record straight about who’s REALLY the hottest dude tarot reader ever.

More like Hotstarot.
That widow’s peak though...

Can we just take a moment.

Y’all know I have a fetish.
I kinda feel like this Hopstarot guy’s been through some shit though.

Like there are a few things I notice that I don’t wanna 100% call out...

But I wonder how old he is, because I’m catching some Saturn return vibes off this shit.

That could encompass anywhere between 25-31...

Kinda like the shadow phase and post shadow phase type deal.

Those vibes cover a lot of years.

OMG he's using the Sakura Clow... one of the least used and greatest decks in existence.


I fucking love this fucking guy.
(04-30-2019, 08:54 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I fucking love this fucking guy.

It doesn't hurt that he's got a great fucking voice.
This is one of those "how does this guy only have 13k subs" type of youtubers. Dude is fucking beautiful.
He should do ASMR. Not just because it's on fucking fire right now (a friend of mine's kid does it, isn't super great at it or anything, but 30k subs in under six months), but because he already has a kind of ASMR effect with that voice and his body language, he would fucking destroy.
Never go wrong with Amethyst. As soon as I saw the option I was like "no-brainer". But then I stopped myself and thought "but wait, if you always pick amethyst, you're not opening yourself up to feel the other options". So I stopped the video and really thought about it, and then it hit me, like it REALLY came to me: and I chose Amethyst.
He does have an amazing voice.

He's having a come apart right now though LOL...

He's saying tarot is done for him and now he's only supposed to channel.

Which is fine.

The issue is he's talking about re-naming himself.

It's always a sensitive thing to do that...

Thing is you'll always feel like you wanna change it. Gotta find one name (brand) and stick with it.

He's still new-ish. He'll find his way.

He really should just relax though...

Poor thing.

He said he's going celibate too.

Which I really recommend.

Simply because if I don't get to have sex, then why should anybody else!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!


LOL... dude he's a hot fucking mess right now.

And it makes me want him so fucking bad, LMFAO.

Sooo fucking bad OMG.

What must it be like to be that absurdly fucking good looking, that's what I wanna know.

What must it be like to TOUCH somebody that absurdly fucking good looking??

Dear God...

I hope and pray someday I will know.
Guy’s having a meltdown...

He said he doesn’t feel called to read tarot anymore, but he wants to create a tarot deck.

I love it when artistic people design their own tarot deck, it’s awesome and I’ve seen some great work.

But I feel like he’s confused right now...

Wonder what the heck is going on.

I feel like he needs to tell us more about his life and maybe we can help.
Looks like he made a good choice and just decided to use his name as a brand.

It’s a pretty hot name too...

I used to not feel the desire to perv out all over this dude but now I’m getting the urge.

I’ll try to refrain.
I totally wanna hear him say this name though...


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