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Very strange...

Just started re-publishing all the videos yesterday and there have been a ton of releases.

The vids stopped around 2014/15 and everybody seems really confused about what the hell happened, and the sudden reemergence.

This guy (and his friends) are amazingly talented.

Wonder what's up... wonder if there will be any statement released about what's going on.
Max's whole life appears to be artistically documented on film...

Or at least since he was old enough to take an apparent interest in videography.
Very funny videos...

(05-04-2019, 09:20 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: [ -> ]

Some very poignant too...

(05-04-2019, 09:50 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: [ -> ]
I had no idea I was even subbed to this channel...

And I was subbed to it on a channel that I really never used or subbed to people on in general.

But I remember the video that I subscribed from...

Over 3m views and most likely was the channel's highest viewed video.

That's one of the best for sure.

1:54 ROFLMAOMG 2:07.


Oh my God holy fuck LMFAOOOOLOL.

LMFAO OMG he's always been a genius... the shit is insane!!!



Holy fuck oh my God...

(05-04-2019, 04:49 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: [ -> ]


I can't possibly watch that video. I just can't have that thumbnail ruined for me.
It means far too much!
Dude trust me you won't be disappointed.

(05-04-2019, 10:01 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: [ -> ]Dude trust me you won't be disappointed.


**watches video**


ROFL. She was right.

Dead Nana

Max has been going through a hard time. Really rare to hear from him on a super real level like this.

He's speaking about being abused by a girlfriend... I'm glad he's talking about this because the issue of domestic abuse toward men is NEVER discussed enough.

6:20 holy shit man... poor Max, what the fuck.

I really hope he doesn't delete this video... the world needs to know this and people need to know he's in this state.

13:00 agh my God man... brilliant minds have it the worst.

Legitimately the HARDEST.

20:00 he's RIGHT... they're all fucking IDIOTS.

22:10 he says he's been out of the mental hospital for a month.

25:30 God I really hope he gets better... he's so brilliant.

31:20 I see somebody who's just heartbroken and overwhelmed by the horrific truth of humanity. It's a traumatizing thing to realize and he's simply been traumatized.

A discussion on the subject of trauma:

I doubt he's legitimately schizophrenic or anything like that... I doubt he's even bipolar. I think he's just shocked and horrified by what utter trash humanity truly is, and he's really hurt by that realization.

Hopefully he'll pull through it, keep believing in the magnitude of his gift, and keep creating...

He really needs to not put so much pressure on himself though. Everything doesn't have to be perfect. Sometimes things just need to be put out there, and that is more important than them being "perfect"...

Much love to Max.

He's absolutely fuckin' brilliant, my God, what an amazing mind.
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