Full Version: da vinci knew about _them_
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so i saw an edit of the mona lisa surface again recently, and decided to attempt to replicate what was done there. after a lil tweaking, mine turned out even better than the one i saw.

da vinci was fucking insane. i don't mean that in a crazy way, i mean that in a holy fuck on a shit this guy's genius is transcendent. there's no way this makes it into the mona lisa accidentally. i adjusted the color slightly, and added the under glow to help it pop out a bit more.
It's VERY interesting.

That said...

To me this runs in the same vein as divination.

Essentially, this is a form of synchronicity.

You see these forms everywhere, like in your Sol imagery thread...

These images and patterns are in literally absolutely everything.

What (or who) is depicted in the original imagery (whether it's a painting, a real photo, etc.) likely has a lot of bearing on the type of forms that come through in the edit.

In my opinion the figure says more about the truth of Da Vinci himself as a person rather than any kind of statement he was trying to make of the world/power structure. After all, he's been touted by 'them' for hundreds of years, so it's not like he wasn't on their team. There are far better artists out there and there always have been.