Full Version: Five Word Chain Story
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Keep it going in five words. Here we go!

Deafening silence fell upon us...


when she lifted her dress...
It looked like a mess...
She hadn't shaved in months.
Suddenly, in walks a Martian...
... with a huge green hardon.
"I've come for that ass."
She reached for her revolver.
But there wasn't enough time.
The Martian grabbed her wrist.
She exclaimed, "I have STDs!"
He replied, "So do I."
Out of ideas, she submitted.
When a thunderous cry emerged...
Instantly, he lost his boner.
It was his Martian wife.
There'd be hell to pay...
"Not this shit again, Chester!"

(A Martian named Chester? I guess it's just the human translation of his Martian name. Let's go with it.)
It's Chester, the Martian molester.
"It's not how it looks!"
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