David Coyne is legend... those vids are from 2007ish.
Fred: The Voices In My Brother's Head

I thought it was an interesting article...

Mentions a lot of smoking and whatnot.
I had a friend years ago that started smoking [cigarettes]
after a schizophrenia diagnosis. It's weird.
Part of it might be the activity aspect of it, keeps them engaged with
hand-to-mouth movement/mind-body collaboration. Plus nicotine probably
does something for them too. Still weird though.
(12-17-2016, 07:12 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I know a schizophrenic man who was functional enough to be able to explain a little bit about what the experience is like. He said he was "dimensionally challenged". It led me to the realization that schizophrenic people perceive 'dimensional bleedthrough', wherein they see things from other dimensions that are typically only experienced during sleep. I believe the area in the brain which produces DMT whilst in a sleep state malfunctions and releases the chemicals which cause these perceptions whilst awake. Schizophrenics are essentially in a waking dream state all the time, and this is why the things they experience can be nightmarish. What they perceive is real. 

There is also an excellent TED Talk about this issue... essentially, the human consciousness is multifaceted. A conglomeration of separate consciousnesses in the body. The upper brain, the reptilian brain, and also the brain which resides in the gut. These are just some of the conscious aspects within humans, and there can be more. All of these consciousnesses are typically perceived as a whole... but when there's an issue with one (usually stemming from trauma), they can 'fragment' and potentially be perceived as an outside consciousness. The best case scenario is for the main consciousness (what we know as ourselves, our own identity) to talk the fragmented consciousness through crises. 

Perfectly described. It's when one can't "traverse" the realms, switch on and off filters "maybe"
without those abilities some of them become "non-functional." 

It would be super interesting to meet someone that had those abilities
and that "label/category." I bet they're super interesting to talk to.

Can you even imagine?
Audio pareidolia...

I think it's possible that auditory hallucinations are a lot like visual pareidolia.

I have had a lot of highly detailed pareidolia experiences...

I talk about some of them in the above linked thread.

For me, I see the face and instantly along with it comes an entire story about the face.

The story varies but it's always INSTANT and always a detailed "imagining" of the story belonging to the face...

For example, whether it's a friendly face, a human face, the face of a doll, etc., there's always a story behind it which makes me able to categorize it as threatening, non-threatening, evil, whimsical, you name it.

I have realized that auditory hallucinations may be made from the same type of process...

Hearing a sound, misinterpreting it (usually as a voice) due to one's current perception (which is usually based on mood and emotion)...

And then with that comes a whole detailed, INSTANT story about what this voice is saying, whether the voice is good or bad, what's the message, etc.

What amazes me is how fast the process is. This "flash" of backstory is instant with visual pareidolia, but with audio... it seems even faster.
My first and only deck I bought of Tarot was the Osho-Neo Tarot picturing a man paralyzed by an abyss he was crossing.

The "name" of the card was "Schizophrenia."

It was interesting to read the definition for that card; how schizophrenia was state of dissociating in shifting states to avoid
crossing something seemingly impossible and rather only a temporary state until the chasm was crossed. 

Someone probably knows more. I wonder why I chose that deck; or if someone recommended it. <--neo osho schizophrenia (Chandra Mohan Jain) 
Osho Zen tarot/oracle deck is great, one of my first decks too... and actually the deck I recommend to males who are just starting out with tarot.

The "Schizophrenia" card is the Two of Swords... it's an interesting parallel. Thanks for bringing this up... reminds me why I liked the Osho Zen deck so much!
I know EXACTLY what that card means to me.
(06-12-2020, 01:28 AM)Marmel Wrote: I know EXACTLY what that card means to me.
That's not schizophrenia. That's the skyzone freein' ya. 

Fly! (down to earth and back up again) 

Fighting the Flighting only makes it harder : (
(12-19-2016, 03:19 AM)GG Wrote: Who's to say that one person's reality is more real or correct than anothers?

Amazing TED speech.
The one with the hammer vs. the one that doesn't believe in hammers probably has a more "correct" reality. 
A person may not believe in hammers, but when they fall on your head-they believe in you.

Hi GG! =)
I was just thinking about how awkward and annoying it must be for schizophrenics to have to talk to other people sometimes...

There must be a lot of misunderstandings, which are hard to deal with anyway, on top of having schizophrenic delusions.
(06-22-2020, 02:30 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I was just thinking about how awkward and annoying it must be for schizophrenics to have to talk to other people sometimes...

There must be a lot of misunderstandings, which are hard to deal with anyway, on top of having schizophrenic delusions.

Logs and lots of delusions should be recorded though. Great sci-fi, film, content, etc. 

Always archiving!


Where in the hell would they even get the idea that they were being RECORDED on VIDEO inside their rooms in the first place??

Come on.

Where would they even get the idea that entire buildings were bugged "somehow" and they were being listened to??

Where would they have gotten these ideas??

Maybe it's just fucking true and what is going on today has been going on for a very long time.
Makes ya think, huh?
I don't really believe in schizophrenia or psychopaths , I think everyone is a  bit nuts  and just like    individual personalities  the 'crazy' in all of us springs forth  in various ways

There's nuts. And then there's nuts.
I've seen and experienced the difference. It made me a believer!
Sho' nuff.
Apparently niacinamide (vitamin B3) in a dose of 500MG up to twice a day is an effective long term treatment for schizophrenia.

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