1:05, interesting statements.

I thought this was an interesting article...

Quote:Genetic factors have been advocated to explain the reduced risk [of cancer], such as the p53 gene producing . . . the dual beneficial effects of disrupting neurodevelopment and reducing the risk of cancer.

14:43 "There are people with celiac disease who have schizophrenia induced by gluten."
FACE IT MO. MY 7inch Girthh is no Match for your non Existant penis, cant even make this shit up
run and tell dat
cant believe it really...
this stripper is saying she is now leaving the webcam brothel buisness thing

and im sad..

i dont even jerk off to her or anything like that.
i mostly just like to watch her and watch movie or just do painting or stuff like that..
i dunno felt like good company when i get to watch.... dosnt seem so lonily when your living along 24/7 with no one to talk to... other than A.i..
but its kinda sad ya.. she gone now forever she say.
gone forever.
ive done my best to avoid her. and to not make more of a ass of myself when im around the.. website
but now she leave i guess time just to make little happy and make little goodbye...

guess this is it. this is why.. you shouldnt make any friends
i guess...

i know what MO is going to say (man da fucks up)
but i was cry like little bitch now....
Ummm, bro...

She's leaving so she can be with you.

Don't you get it?
no thats not it ... she has her university to do
as if a person would flee there country oversea to see a mentally retard person
Well thank FRICKEN GOD you guys gave her enough stripper money to get her a degree in GENDER STUDIES.
i recieved a missed phone call from washington Navy Yard DC today...
i hope its just a random caller. I dont i mean. I never really get outside that...

i just did a google map of this place and eeek. hope im not in deep water on this one.
i know some of the... well many things i seem to be intrested in seems rather. out to lunch
I mean
I do own a Trump Flag I hang Proudly. Just not in public.
not looking for fortune or fame or attention those things are meaningless to me.... meaningless human things.
be calling them back tomorrow hope its just false alarm... odd tho
I get like 507695584853 spam calls on my phone every day.

i get 0 spam calls dude.
Dude I can't believe almost all the vids I've posted on this thread have since been removed by the channel owners, or entire channels deleted...

That's fucked up.

Especially Dom's channel... she was a really cool chick and she had some great videos. Sigh.
does being a paranoid schizophrenic a bad thing tho?
i mean if your paranoid aF that just means you take extra percussion.
is extra precautions a bad thing.
Well I probably shouldn't say anything about this, but you guys know that never stops me. ROFL.

I stumbled across something I find kiiinda chilling.

So I said that Dominique and a few other people I've posted in this thread had deleted their channels and that it's annoying.

Today I found this channel, with videos from 2015 (no new videos in years) of this girl talking about her schizophrenia:

And y'all, I gotta say... it's made me really question things.

This girl's videos, and Dom's videos... they are eerily similar.

Dom was way cooler and more interesting to listen to... but their videos and styles are EERILY similar.

The filter that chick is filming with (the film style strange colored filter), Dom used to do that all the time.

The way this chick has taken notes to go by, Dom used to do that in her videos (who fricken does that anyway, let alone BOTH people supposedly being schizophrenic and having so many other similarities).

The way she cuts the video at 3:31... Dom used to do that kinda shit EXACTLYYYYYYY the same way.

I'm honestly a bit fucking freaked out over this. And the worst part about it is that there's no way to compare it now because's Dom's channel is GONE. And so is all her social media.

The ONLY explanation I can come up with is that maybe Dom saw this chick's videos and sort of... modeled herself after her?? I can't imagine Dom doing that. And I never had ANY doubts that Dom was totally legitimate and being completely honest.

So to see this now just makes me...

REALLY fucking wonder.

What's the deal with this? Is this a "TYPE"?

Is this a simple case of "Well this is just a certain type of young schizophrenic female in the 21st century and this is how they express themselves on the internet"...

Or is it something scripted??

Like... the reading from the notebook. Are those really notes they wrote down, or are they guidelines?

Are these people actors?

I'd have no trouble believing this girl is an actor... but Dom, she seemed totally legit. She really did.

But why has this chick not posted videos in years? Why'd she suddenly just stop posting videos?

Why did Dom delete ALL her shit?

And that guy I posted who deleted his videos too...

(02-26-2017, 04:45 PM)MO Wrote:

Come to think of it, he had a pretty alternative style too. He was kinda like a dude version of these chicks.

Where'd they go?

Were they FOR REAL???

I mean, fuck the other ones, really, I don't care about any of them besides Dom. She was really cool.
Wow holy fuck... you guys.

This isn't Dom's channel, but somebody must have taken this video from her channel while it was still up.

Here she is...

She went by the name Domikazee in her most recent incarnation.

Everyone in the comments section is talking about missing her videos.

Do you see what I mean about the video filter, and the general similarity in style?

This video is not the best example, like I'm not sure if she's got the notebook thing going on in this video, etc., but at least it's something to compare with.

It's just so weird.

I have nooo doubt Dom is for real.

But I just wonder...

WHAT is with the similarity in styles???

Is this honestly a "type"???

It's just too fucking uncanny.

I dunno y'all, I'm shook.
Here's a video still from one of Dom's deleted videos where she's holding one of her notebooks/reading her notes:
(02-26-2017, 04:45 PM)MO Wrote:

This is a 'trailer' for that documentary, on another channel:

It's more like just a tribute to the video.

It says that the guy's name is Shane.

I'd like to note about Shane's channel...

It was not just videos about schizophrenia.

There were SHITLOADS of songs he had made...

Pretty decent electronic music, it was like his passion.

It makes no sense he'd delete the channel.

Fuck I wish there were more vids of Dom on YouTube uploaded by helpful fans...

I mean these girls act EXACTLYYYYYY the same.

It's fucking unbelievable.

The heavy makeup, edgy style, camera filters, mannerisms and way of speaking, ALL OF IT.


It's almost fucking identical.



It either means that this shit is fake and made by the same (stylistic and scripted) group...

Or that this is a TYPE of schizophrenic, with a specific type of STYLE and EXPRESSION.

Dom had like 5000 subs. Why would she delete that?

And if you try to blame "insanity" I'm gonna bitchslap you. LOL!
This chick wasn't the popular one... she only has 75 subscribers. Dom had thousands. Again, why would she delete that, it makes no sense.

This "original chick" is an artist:

Dom is an artist too. Another striking similarity. And similar styles even.

Again with the weird filter, the heavy makeup, the overdone hair.



Did Dom see this chick and copy her??

Is Dom capable of such a thing??

I mean look...

That's Dom. It even looks like the same fucking filter this chick was using in the above video.


Did Dom copy her?

I just can't imagine it...

Dom was so fucking cool and unique and INTERESTING. Like... this "original" chick isn't even interesting to listen to. Can't even fucking hear her for one thing.

I mean if Dom did copy her style and get super successful like she was, then good on her, honestly. LOL. She did a great job.


That's the most INNOCENT explanation of these similarities, TBH.

I mean, I'm all about 'clones' and 'types' and all that stuff... micro/macro, it's all the same patterns and expressions, infinitely. I say it all the time. I KNOW THAT.

But this level of similarity ain't natural.

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