fuck my cats look depressed
yesterday the 4 year old female pushed out  the screen on the second floor window 

the  6 month old male who is full of hijinx has infected the  bitch and she wants the hell out 

to be a real cat    , that's enough lockdown ...let the chips fall

goodbye to you kitty

Sin is a waste.
It's never ideal to fall from a great height but sometimes what's gotta be done's gotta be done.
Where did I advocate for that whole personal parachute thing...

(06-14-2017, 05:55 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: If people are going to live in high rises they need to invent some kind of parachute to jump out with.

Or something. God. I mean seriously? Humanity wants to colonize space but it can't even accomplish a high rise parachute?


Seriously, humankind wants to GO TO FUCKINGGG SPACE.

And the PERSONAL PARACHUTE isn't a thing yet??



Humanity is just completely doing it wrong.
EVERYONE should have a personal parachute.

They should be THAT inexpensive and common.

It should be THAT commonplace.

EVERYONE should carry one everywhere.

They don't have to be designed to be bulky.

They don't have to be 90 yards of material.

It's all about buffering, that's it...

It's never gonna be about avoiding calamity entirely.

If the situation warrants a personal parachute, you're gonna wanna fuckin' have one.

Humanity just needs to step it up, get on it.

How would you carry around a personal parachute? What shape would it come in?

Well, it could probably come in a cane size width and length, probably a little fat.

It could be like a Swiss Army knife, but cane style.

Cane, sword, something. Poster container. Lol.

We'll have to normalize walking with cane/sword/parachute "multi-tools".

They can be super stylish, I promise.

Also used as staves when you're hiking.

It's a brilliant idea.

And if you're hiking then you MIGHT legit need a damn parachute anyways?!

I know. It's brilliant.
The Personal Parachute™
Now you might be thinking...

"Ummm, aren't ALL parachutes personal?"

Well yeah, only in this case, we're talking about REALLY REALLY personal.

So personal that you can carry it around as a cane/staff/walking stick and EVEN A SWORD.

Now, you might be asking yourself...

Where would the sword part go if you had to suddenly use it as a parachute?

It's either gonna have to be GUARANTEED to stay put during chute deployment, or we're gonna have to get rid of it altogether.

I am just saying.

Most peoples' personal parachutes aren't gonna have a full on sword in them, but I think they SHOULD be made possible nonetheless, for people who wanted the option.

But only if it could be guaranteed that the sword stays in place while it's a parachute.
Safety first, folks.
(06-20-2020, 03:58 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: EVERYONE should have a personal parachute.

They should be THAT inexpensive and common.

It should be THAT commonplace.

EVERYONE should carry one everywhere.

You mean like the yellow vests in France?

When they have a mass uprising, should they all pull their ripcords in unison?

(06-20-2020, 04:05 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: "Ummm, aren't ALL parachutes personal?"

Nope. The Apollo astronauts had three men per parachute.

And some airplanes have drogue chutes to slow them down when they land.

Sometimes freight and military equipment are dropped at a delivery site by parachute.

If you had your own personal Apollo spaceship, airplane, freight, or military equipment, then yeah, that could be considered a personal parachute. But generally, no.

She just wants us all wearing backpacks like dora.
I literally just noticed that MO's avatar is animated!


Fkn lol!

It's my Christmas AV, I just never took it off...

So you've had it since Christmas, and I never noticed? hmmm


I'm sorry, MO. I really should lavish moar attention upon you and your doings. Heart

(06-20-2020, 10:16 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Fkn lol!

It's my Christmas AV, I just never took it off...


Christmas of what year? That avatar has some years on it as I remember it.

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