Someone actually had to ask why Designated Survivor was cancelled
The first two seasons were consistently good, and set forth an example of effective non-partisan governance.

In the third season, they ramped up the profanity in a major way and started pushing the woke leftist agenda hot and heavy. There was a graphic scene of a gay fellow ploughing his boyfriend in the afterburner. Some characters who had previously been honest and ethical began losing their scruples. It's as if they had fired the whole original writing crew and hired a bunch of Zoomer hacks.

Ratings plummeted. Gee, I wonder why?
This "Netflix Original" was actually an ABC series in the U.S. That might explain the relative dearth of profanity in the first two seasons.

By most accounts, it was cancelled after two seasons, although Netflix lists three seasons. Evidently Netflix picked it up for a third season after ABC cancelled it, and applied their usual magic to it.
(11-13-2021, 12:15 PM)Devastatia Wrote: ... started pushing the woke leftist agenda hot and heavy.

That wouldn't ordinarily be remarkable in itself, as that's Netflix's known modus operandi.

What makes it shocking in the case of Designated Survivor is that the series was predicated on the idea of a registered independent becoming POTUS, someone who strove to find equitable solutions to issues that would offer something to all concerned parties.

The abrupt and drastic shift in the tenor of the show felt like a hijacking.
the woke leftist agenda is the most anti american agenda yet.

divide and conquer.

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