Amber Heard and the Psychiatrist
The summary I've heard of today's events in court is basically that Johnny was driven to self-harm while Amber was abusing him... it's very common for the victims of narcissists to hurt themselves out of frustration during arguments. They usually hurt themselves instead of lashing out physically at the abuser. She was driving him to cut himself and all kinds of shit. In one recording he basically said that he hopes he dies so he doesn't have to put up with her abuse anymore.

Every recording that is played while Amber is on the stand that is supposed to be "evidence" against Johnny always turns out to showcase her insane manipulation and abuse instead.

The video titles and thumbnails from official channels are increasingly against Amber, it's easy to see whose side they're on... and it's only because her lies and her manipulation are totally transparent. She's just not fooling anyone.
It's sad to imagine Johnny Depp being in that kind of situation...

Some crazy manipulative devil bitch mind fucking him while he's trying to escape and then her making fun of him for trying to get away and pushing and pushing him until he's literally self-harming.

No one in the world is safe from abuse...

No man, no woman, no child...

Anyone can be a victim of (ESPECIALLY) emotional/mental abuse.
Camille is tearing that ass up in cross exam...

She's pushing Amber's buttons and making her act like a cunt.
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(05-16-2022, 06:36 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: Camille is tearing that ass up in cross exam...

She's pushing Amber's buttons and making her act like a cunt.

Well she is a cunt innit?

12:00 "I can't promise you I won't get physical again."
I run into crazy females about once every few weeks now . they are very dangerous to everyone around them , even if you are minding your own business they will needle you until you react

its getting worse and worse

That's one cooked goose right there.

Quote:So let us get this straight: the nurse, the police officers, the bodyguards, and everyone else is wrong and lying and only AH is telling the truth. If that isn't THE very definition of a narcissistic sociopath, I don't know what is.

Quote:Victims do NOT taunt their 'abusers,' when in danger.
Heard taunts Johnny Depp relentlessly

From the comments...

Quote:She tried to set him up. Hence why she said “go tell the world that YOU—a man—was a victim of domestic violence.” She tried to act like it’s cuz he was being hypocritical b/c ‘he was abusive’ but we all know it’s cuz she knew it would ruin his image & make him seem like a pussy instead of a macho cool guy—which is how he prefers to be portrayed & she knew that. She was so confident that he would put his own ego over the truth….b/c that’s what SHE would do.

Quote:She tried to set him up. Hence why she said "go tell the world that YOU—a man—was a victim of domestic violence." She tried to act like it's cuz he was being hypocritical b/c 'he was abusive' but we all know it's cuz she knew it would ruin his image & make him seem like a pussy instead of a macho cool guy—which is how he prefers to be portrayed & she knew that. She was so confident that he would put his own ego over the truth….b/c that's what SHE would do. read more

Quote:The thing that I've found interesting lately is the statement that Johnny told her that she would never see him look her in the eyes again. When someone gets to that "you are dead to me" moment, you know they've been through a lot with that person. I can't see Amber having a snowball's chance of actually winning anything from this case.

Quote:I've had to see the results of domestic violence first hand. One of my earliest memories is fighting someone off my mother. Amber would never be able to take those hits with no bruising. The vindictiveness of it all. He seems like a genuinely good guy with drug addiction. He's getting help. I'm proud of him.

Quote:Amber took countless hours of video and photo footage (mostly of JD trying to flee an aggressive situation and her following him and trying to get him to continue to engage) and yet the very minimal photo/video evidence she's presented to court is either suspicious or actually works against her. She has a prior DV arrest and don't start that "it was dismissed" BS unless you're ready to use that same excuse on thousands of victims of abuse encouraged to drop charges by their abuser themselves. She is ON TAPE ADMITTING ON RECORD THAT SHE PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED HIM. There are hours of her taunting him. read more

Quote:Rob (Law and Lumber) and Ian (Runkle of the Bailey) are two attorneys from Lawtube that were present in the courtroom today. From their observations, the jury doesn't seem to be on her side. This doesn't mean that they will find her guilty by any means, but things aren't looking good for her.

TL;DR, literally no one is on Amber's side.
Amber's not gonna win this.

None of the evidence backs up her claims.

The jury probably doesn't appreciate being lied to and having to sit through her bad theatrics.

She's screwed.
(05-16-2022, 07:08 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: 12:00 "I can't promise you I won't get physical again."

I mean... this shit just writes itself. Does Johnny even need lawyers at this point?
Day 2 of Camille tearing her ass up and putting her innumerable lies on display for the jury.

Frank Valchiria has some great coverage, he is hilarious.
No I'm not actually watching a livestream about this, lmao...

I just find good sources of info and post them here.

My approach has always been to watch clips at the end of the day from the Law/Crime channel.

I'm not that invested in what happens with the case, but I do wanna cast my bets that Amber's gonna fucking LOOOOOSE.

She's been called out relentlessly today. And one thing is for SURE, Johnny's getting his money's worth out of Camille because hot damn is she ever WORKIN' IT.

She was BORN for this job, I dunno her sign but I bet you could even see it in her astrology.
but don't a small part of you guys think ' maybe junky Johny really is a complete dickhead in private and would drive anybody crazy with all the drugs and ego '

maybe amber is just too honest in the courtroom to the point of being self critical cuz she is a healthy farmgirl who just wants honesty and decency

I bets most of you have shit the bed

Audio of Amber Heard antagonizing Johnny, laughing at him, and sounding legitimately possessed.

She's saying "Suck my dick" over and over, he says something like "I don't want your kind of woman" and "I don't want to suck your dick."

The whole audio is just her being totally abusive to him, saying cruel shit that you absolutely would not say to someone who you feared physical abuse from.

She's saying all his shows and movies sucked and that he's a washed up has been loser basically.

It's unbelievable...

The fact that JOHNNY FUCKING DEPP had to hear this out of somebody. It just goes to show that NO ONE is safe from this kind of abuse. NO ONE. No one is safe from feeling demeaned and unappreciated... nobody's safe from mental, emotional, or physical abuse.

It's just crazy.

After hearing her cackling like some kind of demon and saying all that shit to him, there isn't gonna be a single person on that jury who believes her shit anymore, if they ever did to begin with.
She's absolutely vomitous.
7:26 it's sad to hear JOHNNY FUCKING DEPP say "You don't even know what movies I've done, you haven't even taken an interest, but I have to watch your..."

It just goes to prove that you can be beloved by COUNTLESS people across the globe, but when your "PARTNER" doesn't give a fuck about anything you do, couldn't care less about your creations, your passions, or any other way you express yourself, it totally hurts. No matter who you are and no matter what you've accomplished... when your partner never acknowledges anything about you that makes you unique whatsoever, it hurts no matter how much support you have outside of that relationship.

It's so relatable.

I hope Johnny has a good relationship with somebody else someday, or at the least just never has to be used and abused like this again.
That's some of the most damning audio that has been presented in this case...

You pretty much don't even have to hear anything else that has even been presented, that shit tells the entire story.

Amber verbally abused him and degraded him until she was sure she'd hurt him, and if she wasn't sure her words had hurt him enough or if he wasn't reacting enough, she would resort to physical abuse.

It's totally clear who the aggressor is and who the victim is just by this audio alone.

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