PayPal Deplatforms SubscribeStar, Sam Harris Deplatforms Patreon

One thing I will say is...

Use this time we have wisely.

Maybe you've already done all the shit surrounding the internet that you want to and you don't REALLY have any goals that tug at you.

That's not the case for a lot of us though...

I personally still think we have some time left.

We're at the juncture where it should be made clear it must be used wisely and in a very calculating manner.
Whether or not I have goals tugging at me isn't important. A large part of my career has been implementing other people's ideas. That's what paid the bills. I will work with any good idea as long as it's practical. I'm not trying to be pessimistic or contrarian, I just have to apply what I know to determine whether a goal is obtainable or just a pipe dream. Give me a clear, practical idea of what you want, and I'll see what I can do. I believe in you, MO.
I appreciate you man. I don't take your knowledge and sharing for granted. I know you know what you're talking about.

And I can't explain things in the terms that you can, etc. But I absolutely have hope here... I know we're going to come out on top in this. I can't explain how, because I really don't know how.

That's half the fun isn't it? :)
All I would ever ask of you is just to be ready when it's time.

And I know you will be.
(12-18-2018, 11:41 PM)MO Wrote: I can't explain things in the terms that you can

Draw pictures. I actually worked with a Web designer who conveyed his ideas to the programmers that way. lol
That's fricken beautiful man.
(12-18-2018, 09:21 PM)Guest Wrote: It's mighty interesting that this "trust and safety" officer at Patreon used to work for PayPal, and lo and behold PayPal bans Patreon's rival SubscribeStar as soon as people start switching in droves. At what point does an incredible string of coincidences stop being coincidental?

Microsoft used to get sued or fined every time they turned around for their anti-competitive practices. Seems there needs to be a Federal investigation of Patreon and PayPal. hmmm

I'm not the only one who connected the dots.


I feel like there needs to be a VERY summarized version.

"The same guy from PayPal is behind Patreon" is a pretty direct point.
(12-19-2018, 07:27 PM)MO Wrote: I feel like there needs to be a VERY summarized version.

"The same guy from PayPal is behind Patreon" is a pretty direct point.

The "trust and safety" director is a woman. Last name is Hart, I forget her first name. Her background is in banking. It's weird enough she got a public relations and TOS enforcement type of job at Patreon, let alone that she used to work for PayPal, and PayPal defunded her current employer's competition. I think she was brought in for the express purpose of completely destroying right-wingers' funding options. This goes way beyond Patreon. It's part of a much bigger globalist plot.
16:30 FINALLY the meat and potatoes of his point.
The guy is totally right.

I gotta admit, I am slightly sexually attracted to Tim Pool.

I feel like he's like a male Lauren Southern with the way he delivers his messages.


He's still hot.


Holy shit.

Did these people REALLY get THAT invested in Patreon??

It's just...

Shocking to me.

How could they depend on Patreon and actually think that's a good idea, rather than having these people support them on their own websites? Somehow?


Of course PayPal is one of the #1 ways people do that. And they're showing us some problems now. I get that.

But there will be solutions to that... there are already solutions to it, which perhaps aren't popular, but they WILL be.

I'd rather drive a crowd of 1000 to my personal website where they can support me in a plethora of ways, than to have 10,000,000 YouTube subscribers and depend on ad money and Patreon.
How could people give all of their personal info to Facebook and think that's a good idea, rather than having their own website? Nothing in the entire history of the Internet before Facebook suggested using your real name online would be a good idea.

Most people have an inferiority complex about being perceived as backwards, and see technology as an easy way to avoid that appearance. (Remember when flip phones came out, and people made a big show of using their phones at inappropriate moments?) People want to be hip, and they think technology makes them hip.

Becoming an "Internet celebrity" with 100,000+ followers is not only easier than making it big in Hollywood, it's an obtainable goal for a lot more people. The opportunity is too alluring for most people to pass up. Being a celebrity automatically makes a person hip and sophisticated in their minds.

And there was no apparent down side to pursuing it before now. Zuckerberg and his ilk lured everyone into a false sense of security with free services that appeared completely harmless on the surface.

Tim Squirrell, aka "The Creature from the Estrogen Lagoon," is the left-wing rabble rouser leading the charge to deplatform conservatives.

Squirrell's own Patreon account garners only $80 per month. He clearly speaks for nobody but himself.

There is no one guy responsible for this.

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