Grav3yardgirl (Bunny Meyer)
That's it.

I'm hereby petitioning to be Bunny's live-in lesbian lover who...

Actually does absolutely nothing besides selfishly fondle Bunny's gorgeous, perfect titties whenever the opportunity to easily do so presents itself.

All I ask in return is that I shall feel her soft tiddies against my face no less than once biweekly.

I shall also be her webmistress and manage her discussion forum, something she's long dreamed of having but never been able to achieve due to the fact that there are so few message board experts out there and I am among the indesputed best of them!

I will be the ultimate she-cuck, as Dogman will be Bunny's true lover and he will fulfill 99.99999% of her smexual needs since I'm only good for sporadically fondling tiddies?!

Dancing Banana 
It's been less than 24 hours and I still haven't heard back from Bunny about my plea to be her she-bitch ladyservant...

Beginning to lose all hope?!

Bunny's natural hair color is amazinggg...

I call that 'honey blonde' and I think it's the best kind of blonde.
Bunny fuckin' Meyer.

What a cool name...

I love the fact that she took a nickname and just ran with it.

I'm so proud of Bunny, she's so cool.

She's really has done so well.

I'm happy for her that she has had such a positive impact on the world.

There's really nothing about Bunny that is a bad influence, at least not compared to a lot of people who are popular.

8:06 honestly, I would love to get naked with Bunny.

But in a totally non-sexual way of course.

4:16 Bunny and I could rub our bodies together and create a luxurious foamy experience too.
I didn't know she had a second channel. What's the point of that? Seems like she does the same kind of stuff on both channels.
Yeah the other channel used to be for more intimate stuff but now she's blurred the lines and it's slowly turned into bullshit.

That's why second channels are unfailingly totally pointless and should be avoided at all costs.

Them teddy bears in her hair tho'.

Pretty cute.

Wow, a whiteboard...

I feel like Bunny is playing into all my fetishes now!

19:46 they ARE the exact same makeup ROFL...

It's ALL China shit...

Assholes like Jeffree Star just mark up the price like 70 million percent and sell it to their fans.
These scammers don't send any makeup. They just take your money.
Yeah I know, but they're constantly duping the palettes that these fuckers come out with...

You CAN buy that shit, straight out of China...

And Bunny et al like to think the "real" makeup is 'better quality' and not toxic but LMAO...

Yeah, it's not.
They get it all out of China...

Jeffree Star is as big a scammer as whoever made that bogus site.
He wipes his ass with his fans' money and I guarantee you he thinks they're fucking tools too... probably makes fun of them.

100% OT but I feel like Bunny needs to be somebody's mother.

12:41 roflmaolololol fuck I love Bunny.

6:45 she has blonde body hair...

Big Nanarub

Bunny finally exhibiting some Lisa Frank!!!!!!!!!!

*feverishly humps Bunny's body*

Wut?! I wasn't doing anything!?

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