*** The Official Styxhexenhammer666 Discussion Thread and Garden Party ***
I REALLY wonder what the story is here...

But I respect Styx so I’m not gonna wonder TOO hard.

It’s just. Wow.

So many questions.
It’s the INSTANT marriage part that boggles my mind...

I would just...

NEVER do something like that.
Even if you do meet somebody online, talk for months, click with them...

You GOTTA meet and live together for a little while at least before you FUCKINGGGGGG MARRRRYYYYYYY.

Just saying.
But I mean, hopefully they stay married for like 100 years and have 20 children...

It’s just...

Well I mean it’s still Mercury retrograde for fuck’s sake!
They couldn’t wait a couple weeks!?

They’re gonna be getting to know each other AFTER they’re married...

I feel like they didn’t talk this over with ANYBODY first. LOL.

Not that anyone should have swayed their decision, I mean they’re grownass adults, BUT...

Maybe some perspective might’ve been nice.
I mean for Styx, on its face, there’s absolutely nothing that could be regretted...

I bet he’s NEVER been this happy in his ENTIRE life.


Without getting together and spending day in and day out with each other first, how could both of them know whether it’s a good thing or not??

I bet very little planning went into this on any level besides emotionality.
I bet it was 90% hasty emotional decision making (even before meeting) and 10% consideration of reality.

I mean my God...

If a woman like that approached basically any man and asked him to ask her to marry him...


Well he’d just be powerless to say no. POWERLESS to say no.

There’s no way anybody’s saying no to her.

She’s just...

PERFECT. That is a PERFECT chick.

And I just wanna know what the catch is because I’m so jaded toward every facet of life...

If it seems too good to be true, these days I’m inclined to think it must be.

I’m not saying SHE’S got some kinda serious flaw that is the problem, I’m thinking it’s more like the situation itself rather than her specifically. Or it’s Styx. But something somewhere along the line...

SOMETHING’S gotta be whack because life isn’t a damn fairytale, you don’t just end up with a fairytale princess angel goddess like this, scot-free, no holds barred.

I mean...

They look fitting together, I suppose. Somehow they do look... matched, I guess.

I just dunno.

Can anything in life REALLY be that good?


A dreamlike perfect captivating romance that sweeps you off your feet and whisks you away, boom, you’re married, bada-bing, perfect life?

I hope so...

But I have also had enough experience seen through to the other side of things and it ain’t all dolphins and rainbows, basically ever.
I mean she looks like Veronica Lake for fuck’s sake...




How would you even deal with being married to someone that beautiful???

“Soph” is a 12 year old girl (looks younger than that to me) and I think everyone needs to be asking who exactly writes her scripts.

I don’t make a habit of watching children on the internet, and I find it creepy that this kid is being used by some adult to make hardcore politically charged videos...

Had never heard of this guy until reading this thread.  He's one smart dude with an awesome garden and a hot foreign wife, I'm a fan!  Just watched the video you posted in the Tulsi thread and he is 100% spot on.
Pleased to introduce you to Styx, Rusty!!!!!!



Gotta say, I didn’t expect to see Styx back in the US so soon.

He lives with family so I don’t know if that’ll be their... permanent place.

Maybe he was just trolling us about being married.
This is just weird.

I find her to be pretty damn right on, I mean the chick is amazing.

Are they really married?? Did she accompany him to the US??

What are they gonna do from here??
I feel like Elisabeth is even smarter than Styx...
I mean think about it...

She doesn’t say much, meanwhile Styx talks on pretty much a constant basis...

I’m not saying he’s a windbag or anything I mean the guy’s obviously pretty smart but...

He WAS a satanist at one time, how smart can you really be if you go for religion as an adult, let alone if you choose satanism.

Putting him next to Elisabeth raises the possibility that he’s not the most brilliant person in the room anymore.

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