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So they’re gonna be hiding literally everything then.

Got it.


1:27 I couldn't agree with him more.

I've really come to this conclusion over the past few years, and I'm straight up done caring...

We're all gonna die and it's necessary to live right now (in the moment).

Vid's from 8-3-19 and Styx's first vid back home was the same date sooo, I'm guessing this is his kitchen??

Better up your fucking game if you expect to keep a woman like that satisfied... that nasty fucking stove isn't gonna cut it.
It isn't about whether Elisabeth 'asks for much'... I'm sure she absolutely doesn't.

It's about the fact that she's top notch quality and she needs to be in quality surroundings and have quality tools.

It's COMMON SENSE... this is an UNSPOKEN fact that you should just KNOW, and act accordingly on.

If Styx is going to live in his family's home in Vermont, he needs to put some money back to do some upgrades to that property, because if the stove looks that gnarly, my guess is the rest must not be much better.

That stove should have been replaced a decade ago.
God in heaven, step it up.
I'm sure Elisabeth would like to make more cooking videos in the future, as well she should be able to and given all the opportunity in the world to do so...

She's not gonna wanna do it on a stove that looks like shit.

Regarding Tulsi Gabbard:


"If you like the gun you have, you can keep it!" they said...

Double Facepalm

Styx right again.

I think it's pretty clear that this is a goodbye video.

Felix has made a fuckton of money, he just got married...

I doubt he wants to scream at video games forever.

He doesn't even edit his own vids anymore...

I think he's done. I would be if I was him.

Re: Tommy Robinson's release.

Styx speaks the truth.

Styx shouldn't have addressed this and his wife should have ignored the BS...

It's obvious he only made this video because it bothered her somehow...

Number one rule of getting involved with any moderately popular public figure is that you just don't give a fuck what anyone says to you regarding your relationship, you don't respond to people, and you get pretty damn hard as far as insults and your tolerance for reception of absolutely psychotic behavior.

You get ready for the barrage of would-be infiltrators trying to get to them through you...

You get ready for all the BS and you just don't react to it.

It's a bad move to make this video because it'll do nothing but please the trolls that he even responded to it and that more importantly it ever bothered her enough to even mention to him, really.

He'll probably delete this video... maybe not though. It just should have never been made.
Hopefully she doesn't ACTUALLY get overwhelmed by the nonsense, because truly, it's no big deal.

ANYONE who is even slightly popular online gets death threats, "I'm coming to your house" threats, ALL that type of shit, LOL! ANYONE.

I have received plenty of colorful death threats during my time online, some of them pretty memorable... and ultimately my sentiment is, who gives a fuck??

There is absolutely no reason to pay attention to or care about what anyone is saying to you over the damn internet... it's all a bunch of BS. It's not tangible, it's solely psychological, and even if it did become tangible, chances are it would be low level nuisance that never pans out into anything more serious.

The #1 point is DO NOT respond... just don't. And don't NOT RESPOND just because it's a strategy that works and you GOTTA uphold that approach. Don't respond BECAUSE you truly don't fucking care. Unleash the part of yourself that just does not give a fuck about anyone else or what they have to say or what they think. Unleash the part of you that doesn't even open hate mail out of curiosity... "deleted unread" is my credo.

There are plenty of approaches to take... the sole approach NOT to take is to publicly address a single fucking thing.
(08-19-2019, 12:40 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

Vid's from 8-3-19 and Styx's first vid back home was the same date sooo, I'm guessing this is his kitchen??

Better up your fucking game if you expect to keep a woman like that satisfied... that nasty fucking stove isn't gonna cut it.
she has really nice fingers , my mind wanders  just thinking of the pretty dresses she must wear
Yeah I mean she's super hot...

But dude...

Styx needs to teach her the ways.

He's never addressed the haters before has he??

Man fuck no...

Know why? Cuz he doesn't give a fuck.

Get'em in line, Styx.
I mean shit fire and save all the matches, he made the video in a bath robe for God's sakes...

It sounds like she was flipping out about it and he had to make the vid emergency style which is like...

Just more victory points for the trolls in their eyes.

And if she DIDN'T prompt him to make this vid?? Even worse. Like if she simply TOLD him that people were messaging her and being all weird??

And he just decided to react this way of his own volition?? Whoa.
Gonna need you to bring that 10.2 down to a solid 2 bro.
He should know better, which is why I assume that he did this just because of her reaction to the situation and not his own...

But maybe I'm giving him too much credit, like...

If she didn't basically tell him to make the vid, then I feel bad for her because he overreacted.

He should know better than to publicly address some shit like this.

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