Ted Bundy’s Final Confessions: Commentary & Analysis
(05-10-2019, 10:35 AM)Guest Wrote: Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

I mean it’s a terrible choice for a movie title, NOBODY is gonna remember that...

“Shockingly Wicked And Evil And Vile”

“Extremely Vile And Shocking And Wicked And Evil”

“Extremely Vile And Wicked And Shocking”

Like people MIGHT remember it starts with “Extremely” but “Shocking” also has quite an impact linguistically so they’ll probably put that word first a lot of the time too.
(05-10-2019, 11:06 AM)Guest Wrote: It's a good movie and worth watching, but a Ted Bundy expert probably won't learn anything they don't already know from it.

I was just being silly about the expert part. Certainly no expert here.

I should watch it just to see if I DO learn anything though.

And of course... just to analyze it.
And make fun whenever possible, because you know, that Ted guy was a real hoot.
Thing is, if a lot of it is based on other people’s assertions about their alleged conversations (experiences) with him, it’s only half true at best.
That’s why I’ve only ever studied material featuring Ted himself, which is actually fairly scant.
It was based mostly on known facts caught on video at the time. Bundy's Florida trial was televised. There will be police records of the interrogations if you really want to go the extra mile to ferret out the truth. The judge did throw out one cop's testimony that Bundy confessed to him because the confession itself magically disappeared from the recording of the interview. While we obviously can't know whether everything in the film is factual, I get the strong impression that they made every effort to make it so. You'll have to judge that for yourself.
Very interesting!!! Thanks, I will!!!
I kind of understand how teddy thought . You see in the modern age all kinds of sexy ladies walk around flaunting their sexy bodies , looky looky but no touchy the tooshy an titty. Ted snapped and became a grabber . Koran and Bible teaches women to cover up.
Ted didn't have any grounds to resent women. Dozens of attractive young women would've eagerly had sex with him.

That makes me think there must be a huge missing piece of the picture, like a severely dysfunctional relationship with his mother. An attractive dude who has women throwing themselves at him isn't likely to resort to kidnap and rape. Date rape, maybe, but not stalking unsuspecting women for the purpose of raping them.
you should listen to Ted Bundy tell the story about the time he almost got caught and then listen to the lady tell her side of the story cuz I believe they both have told the story separately
Speech-to-text is crap f*** that s***

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