Doelow Da Pilotman: Astrology Savant & Professor Of Universal Knowledge

Boom bitch! Y’all ain’t ready for this!

He has like a million videos and a series on basically every astrological placement...


I like the way he tells it... he knows what he's talking about.
10:24 gloves off.
Doelow is dope

3:18 love watching these videos at night... listening to him share universal truth off the cuff puts me in a damn near meditative state.

15:05 I love Doelow's totally disapproving stance on polygamy. He's so right, and it's honestly so vomitous how people are such slaves to the demon.
20:24 amen, *cries* ... I wish society would adopt this attitude.
I also have no fucking idea how I ended up on this specific video either!!!

What The Fuck

That's how you know some shit is magic!!!


I love it when Doelow delivers impromptu messages like this...

"Your emotional triggers are your past lives' successes."

That makes sense.

2:19 wow, that is a very interesting concept... I honestly don't think I've even really heard it before.

8:00 how is a glitch like this even possible? Keep watching, it happens again.

Doelow is magic...

I am someone who has power to interrupt/influence certain magnetic fields, and I think Doelow does too.

12:48 he explains one of his past life experiences as a bird. I can relate to these types of stories, I remember past lives too.

15:00 he's 100% right about this, and I have talked about being able to see the air as well...

It looks like paths weaving around just like he's saying, but I see it more as an electromagnetic river with a bunch of currents.

What he's saying makes sense... I've never seen the air at any high magnitude, only from low elevation/ground level.

On the ground level there's a lot of interference and it causes the paths to bow in a lot of different directions.

I think one reason birds are kinda fond of power lines is because they probably emit such an intense electromagnetic field that they're easy to take off from. They probably forge a pretty strong path.

And that's also probably the same reason behind bird and sea life mass die-offs. Some type of intense electromagnetic interference, probably usually from the sun or the core of the planet. Same shit that causes earthquakes and volcanoes.

He starts off his videos under one inspired idea and ends up going a bunch of different places with it. The topic was basically the same throughout the vid, it was a lot about past lives. But there was so much more in there too.

18:44 important core points of the video topic.

Doelow is right but...

He's triggered as all out pure and total FUCK lately.

Like for the past month or something.

He's been REALLY mad and triggered.

He's definitely been targeted and fucked with for years...

So what in the hell has changed recently??

Why's he so upset? What the hell is going on behind the scenes??

It is extremely unusual for him... extremely unusual.
Doelow never gets mad like this...

People in the comments don't seem to pick up on the shit either...

They just blindly cheer him on like all these YouTubers' audiences do.

I think people are seriously underestimating what the hell is going on behind the scenes with him.

Why is he upset? Who's been targeting him that is different from the norm?

He can't let the shit bother him this much...

All it's gonna do is show them that their approach is working.

Whatever it is must be pretty damn bad...

If he's getting threats or something (out of the norm kinda stuff) then he needs to tell his people in a very public way.

In a very straightforward way.
Doelow is doing fine now. I think he was upset about women...

Basically what happened was that he got to talking to a chick he liked, but then it turns out she was just trying to rope him in to take care of her kids AND her other dude on the side.

Now he's super hurt because he thinks no one wants to be monogamous anymore.

He seems to be in a better space mentally/emotionally these days though.

He feels stuck where he is location-wise and seems to be in a situation I can relate to... can't seem to get out.

It's interesting because I can see that he's where he is (where he was born and grew up) so that he can be cocooned and protected til he's really ready to launch...

But he can't see that and it makes him sad.

It reminds me of that saying...

"When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky."

I say all that to say this...

His music really is fire, nobody else has lyrics like this.

Doelow thinks deep and there's definitely no one else like him.

He's one of the best examples of pure dedication that I've ever seen.

For over a decade, almost every single day, he's publicly given hours to this channel...

That's not even to mention what he does with the rest of his time.

He never stops creating...

And that's all that matters.

We should all be a little more like Doelow, with determination, persistence, and consistency that never fails no matter what stands in the way.
He talks a lot about Jacob, and how God came down and wrestled with him, then gave him the blessing...

He gave him the name Israel.

This is what Israel refers to...

"Wrestles with God" or "Fights for God"...

There are a few different interpretations of what it means, but the bottom line?

"Israel" was never referencing a geographical location, or a certain people who lived there...

It was always a concept.
You never hear people talk about that...

You never hear the truth about it.

Yet here Doelow is talking about it in a rap...

*shakes head*

The Age of Aquarius is gonna be one wild ride.
(09-06-2021, 10:06 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: It's interesting because I can see that he's where he is (where he was born and grew up) so that he can be cocooned and protected til he's really ready to launch...

But he can't see that and it makes him sad.

He's also had to make a lot of concessions in order to provide for his child... full custody of his daughter, and he's been a father since 23 or so. Most of his adult life. Takes a lot of money and resources to raise a kid.

All in all I think he's doing well and good in ways that money can't buy.
(09-06-2021, 10:06 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

1:00:38 "Feeling By Myself"...

This is a great song and it's basically talking about what he's been working toward lately...

He wants to find his partner and have someone to support him with his YouTube business, deal with the shit tons of emails and reading requests, etc.

He wants to have more children and he wants to continue making a family.

It's sad that shit is so hard these days.

I can relate to his longing... not really for the same thing, but it's the same kind of pain.

I hope Doelow finds what he's looking for.

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