Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil And Vile: My Analysis Of The 2019 Ted Bundy Movie

First of all, thanks to the Guest in this thread for mentioning the movie and ultimately inspiring me to watch/commentate on it:


I gotta say I find it absolutely hilarious because I was discussing the title of this movie in that thread, and how nobody would be able to remember the damn title. Lo and behold on a Google search, this is what comes up:


ROFL "wicked" is in there twice. Very funny. Anyway, I digress. 

I'll be watching this on Netflix and time-stamping my commentary.

Before I begin, I'll link to the other threads here which contain commentary and analysis on Ted Bundy:

"Channeling Ted Bundy"


"Teddy In His Prime"


"Ted Bundy’s Final Confessions: Commentary & Analysis"


Now let's begin watching the movie.


I just gotta say... casting Zac Efron as Ted Bundy? Wow. I never would have imagined that pansy boy lil Zac would ever be playing an actual serious role, can he do this? Pretty sure Ted would be rolling in his grave... if he hadn't been cremated. I'll be the judge.

Some interesting names in this movie, including John Malkovich and Haley Joel Osment... WTF?

So the movie opens up with a quote "Few people have the imagination for reality." My feelings about putting this quote (and its meaning) in the forefront are fairly mixed. What Ted did wasn't that remarkable. If the assertion is that such evil is hard to imagine, then I'd have to put forth some of the torture that went on in medieval Europe... and toss in a healthy "wake the fuck up" on top of it. Ted was just a dude with no fucking conscience, ultimately, and he liked to kill chicks. That's it. What he did was nothing compared to the evils humanity has exacted upon itself throughout history.

It's at this point I realize that accurately time-stamping Netflix viewings is incredibly hard and while I'll do my best, I do resent their format. This is likely the reason I never use their service and I just keep forgetting that.

0:27 "Netflix Presents" agh... facepalm. I have such a huge qualm with Netflix MAKING movies and series. I thought it sounded like a scourge when they first started doing it, and I still feel like it's a monumental atrocity. It's good that we're admitting the internet is the new hollywood, but what an old guard, crusty and geriatric elitist way to go about it. They had to have their hands in the cookie jar somehow. No folks, Netflix isn't the future of entertainment. LOL. The internet is. But not Netflix. The future entertainment is in the hands of the people of the internet... it comes in all forms, including what I do here, which is the written word.

0:34 "Voltage Pictures" really? Is that some kinda electric chair pun? God these people are assholes.

0:55 "In Association with Third Eye"... THIRD EYE? Fucking really? Facepalm. God, I'm really starting to wonder what kinda shitshow lies ahead of me here.

1:10 sooo, this lady looks NOTHINGGG like Liz Kleopfer and this guy looks NOTHINGGG like Ted Bundy. The way he just walks in there with this seemingly loving kinda sparkle in his eye, LMFAOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lord Jesus. I think that alone answers my question of whether or not Zac is actually capable of doing this role any justice. And it's not even his fault, the poor dude is just a puppet. He's lucky to even still have a career considering he's waaay too old for the pervs at Disney now, so my guess is he'll take any role he can fucking get.



Do you see that? Do you fucking see that? Ted would NEVERRR look that way. NEVERRR. He couldn't. He wouldn't. EVERRR. Sigh. Alright, let's continue.

1:16 LOL awwwe, I can tell poor lil Zac tried super hard though, with his body language and whatnot when the cop walks up and stuff. He really did try. That's the thing about being an actor, try as you might, you just can't hide who you are under there. That's why a lot of the most famous actors (especially the ones who play the same kinda roles a lot) aren't actually acting... they're just being themselves. Jack Nicholson is one example which comes to mind, probably my favorite example because it's so incredibly blatant.

1:23 I mean looks ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY NOTHINGGG like her.

1:30 kinda sick, great song choice though.

1:40 there's a sarcastic, rude tone in her voice that is only found in the millennial generation. That's not how Liz was and if she had been, Ted never would have been attracted to her. Liz was meek and docile back in those days.

1:52 "You HAVE a secretary"... BWAHAHAHAHAHA. They would never, EVER EVER EVER EVER be having this fucking conversation in the LATE SIXTIES. What the FUCKKK kind of fucking drivel are they trying to force on people today, USING TED BUNDY'S RETARDED LIFE AS A CARRIER NO LESS?! I fucking hate these people.

2:10 oh my God. How much is Zac actually portraying Ted in this movie because I don't know if I can handle this. This is horrible. That dude who played him in that old movie was so much damn fucking better than this Zac dude. 


Michael Burke... SO much better. That's because he had a touch of the real deal in there. THAT'S why these actors are EVER good in the roles they play. 

He hasn't been in a lot of stuff:


A lesser known perhaps even first time actor out there would have made such a better Bundy for this 2019 biopic... but they have to use their stupid fucking puppets instead, and therefore you end up with a taint performance like this one from Zac. And getting a fucking Libra to play Ted Bundy?? LMAO, fucking wow.

2:55 see it just sickens me... it really does. So horrible at playing Ted. He really is. I am just shaking my head right now. What the fuck were they thinking?? The good thing about this is that with such a blasé portrayal, no one is going to be falling in love with this rendition of Ted Bundy. The only reason they're hyping him up and making these docs and films right now is because 1. it's the 30th anniversary of his death, and 2. they want to use him as a mini loosh harvest by trying to get a new generation of women obsessed with him. It's sick. In my opinion it lends credence to the theory that Ted was involved with the shadow government all along (after all, he was trying to be a politician).

I covered the theory in this post:


Wherein I essentially say that ultimately Ted was too fucked up and went too far even for them. He got messy and way too into it. He was doing what he did for different reasons than the ones they have.

3:05 this romantic tripe is God awful... Ted would fucking hate this, he'd be repulsed and he'd be disgusted. As am I.

After taking about a 5 minute break to think through the reasoning behind using Zac Efron in this role, I've come to a conclusion. It's all about trying to further brainwash and warp these girls who grew up on Disney and people like Miley Cyrus and Zac Efron. Circa 2013 when they started publicly destroying Miley Cyrus's good girl image, their goal was to trigger the girls who grew up adoring Miley to follow in that same path of self-destruction. It worked. Young women everywhere began emulating that type of behavior. They're doing the same type of thing by using Zac, a former Disney heart-throb, in this role. And even though he's playing it badly, the brainwashing will still work on the many young women (most of them in their 20s) who were so in love with Zac back in the day.

What I sincerely DON'T believe is that Ted in his entirety was just a conspiracy from the beginning. Rather, I think Ted's innate depravity was an opportunity they just couldn't resist taking advantage of... and as we see here, they're still making bank off it and programming minds around it to this day.

3:20 this is a fucking grievous sin right here. She says she doesn't even know his name, making the chicks of the late 60s out to be fucking hobags or something. LOL! Man oh man... and don't even try to argue that chicks WERE hobags back then... just talk to the hand. 

3:38 this part on the porch is a little more like Liz's real behavior. Sort of shy and quiet.

4:50 what's with the green light outside the window??? Or are the shades green? Just WTF in general really.

Honestly, I detest these parts of the movie where all that is relied upon is Liz's apparent description of what the hell happened between them and what was said. To take one person's word for it and just run with that shit... it's plain stupid.

I'm not saying Liz would lie about shit, or embellish. But you really never know. And that's just it. Without Ted's end of the story... who the fuck knows what really happened, what was really said, etc.

5:45 now putting on that retardedass apron and cooking some breakfast with the kid, that's definitely some shit Ted would do.

6:20 so here's the deal with Liz and Ted... Liz seemed like she DID NOT have much going on upstairs. Otherwise, Ted would have never been interested in her in the first place. To put it nicely... Liz seemed SIMPLE. Now let's be clear... she's not 'simple minded' or even 'slow' per se. But she SEEMED that way. She LOOKED that way. That was what made her attractive. Here's an interview with her: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qf6jdz1HKvk

7:40 why is the police light green too?? Did the lights just used to be green and that's a legitimate fact?

What is this particular police instance even supposed to portray?? What did he just get done doing?? What instance was this??

8:20 yeah this scene of him being pulled over is just trash, all the way down to this guy's acting. It's just crap. Like... Ted would never act that way. If he had, he'd have been caught way sooner. His behavior is suspicious and try-hard... Ted's real life behavior wasn't like that, it wasn't overstated.

9:35 they could have at least smeared dirt on some of that shit. Why does it look so new?? Man I give this movie a solid C so far. It's probably gonna go down to an F though considering I'm not even 10 minutes in.

11:00 now I must admit that I don't find it at all hard to believe that Ted conned this chick into staying with him and assuming he was innocent. In fact, that's the easiest thing to believe about the whole nine yards.

12:40 I'll hand it to Zac that, though he's absolutely nothing like Ted on any level including looks, he doesn't SEEM overtly gay in this role... so he did a good job hiding that.

12:50 it sucks to see him going around and preying on women after trying to act normal with the Liz chick and her kid though. Really disgusting and I mean... that part is true without a doubt. Bad guy. Ted Bundy (2002) was still a far better movie though.

13:04 again, something that can't be helped, but still... Zac Efron's EYES are NOTHINGGG like Ted's as it pertains to what's behind them. There's too much... agh, I don't even know how to explain it. It's like some level of goodness or friendliness inherent in Efron's eyes (not saying he's a good or friendly person but that's what the eyes are emoting)... and I just wonder why that comes across so much in his portrayal of Ted. Is that what he's TRYING to emote, and if so why didn't anybody tell him like, no dude, don't do that? Or is it just the way he looks? Cuz I gotta admit I've seen basically none of the shit this dude's been in before and I don't know fuck all about him/don't care.

13:18 LMFAO lookit this bitch lookin' like Samara from The Ring about to crawl out the TV ROFLROFL.

14:30 it's interesting, this scene about his freakout at the car following him... who was it? Who recounted this event? The person in the car, or Ted?

15:20 "I think we should get married." The only part where Efron has sounded low key gay. Sigh. Again, Ted would be rolling.

16:00 I like Jeffrey Donovan in this role. He's a good actor... unlike literally everyone else in the movie so far. I mean, Zac isn't a terrible actor, he's just not good at playing any role where he isn't a metrosexual skinny jeans wearing millennial pansy boy, that's all. Everybody's got an area they shine in.

19:00 the chick they got to play Carol Anne Boone is very good, their best actor/character pairing yet. WTF am I saying, their ONLY good one yet, LOL! That was his wife: https://www.womenshealthmag.com/life/a27...ann-boone/

21:05 see this is where I have a serious issue. She's ripping his fucking shirt off? Really? Listen to that fuckin' interview with the real Liz I linked above, and fucking tell me if you really think this is something she'd DISCUSS even if it really did happen? Man FUCK no. FUCK no. See this is the shit that really pisses me off.

22:20 LMFAO this part of the movie was fuckinggg hilarious.

23:20 LMFAO that is NOTTT what Ted looked like. ROFL! Ahahaha. I mean, no offense but. That's like some kinda gay underwear model physique right there, not Ted at all.

23:30 this whole segment of Ted's reactions to running into people and getting bumped into by people, and his expressions and emotions whilst alone are again, totally inaccurate. 

24:10 OMG look it's the kid from the Sixth Sense. He looks great with some meat on his bones and a beard. Definitely approve. Probably the best part of the movie so far TBH. I like that dude.

25:20 this Terry Kinney guy is a great actor too... 


Real deal, started in theater... fucking founded a theater. Pretty impressive.

None of the actual good actors have a main role, and I assume that's because they couldn't really afford them. Or maybe shit actors in main roles are just the hot new thing. Shrug.

27:50 this 'Jo' chick she's talking to looks more like Liz than she does, sounds and acts more like her too.

29:25 what's with this spinning around in the chair bullshit talking like a 15 year old?? No one witnessed that. Ted wouldn't do that. Again, crap. Maybe Liz can tell us what he said on the phone, but it's not like she could see him, so him spinning around in the chair like a child is just some made up fucking nonsense.

God I can't believe I'm only like 30 minutes into this bullshit.

32:45 you know Ted must have fucking annoyed the absolute hell out of his neighbors with all that jumping practice.

33:40 dude bro, Zac couldn't even successfully imitate Ted when he was going off of ACTUAL FUCKING FOOTAGE OF TED LMFAOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Like maybe the rest of the time he could be forgiven for having nothing to go off of but WOWWW. This shit?? WOWWW. Bwahahahaha. Wow. OMG. He looks more like Christian Bale as Noah in that scene than he looks like fucking Ted.

35:08 that's a great fucking sweater though, let's be honest.

36:00 I still don't know how the fuck Ted jumped from that highass window without getting hurt, but one thing I can say for sure is that he didn't dilly dally that fucking long before he jumped. That's how you get hurt.

36:45 and the page with "Be right back" written all over it... I mean did that ACTUALLY happen?? I just truly sincerely fucking doubt it with every fiber of my being. I mean COME on.

40:26 and as soon as they release the cuffs he just starts RUNNING AT HER. Like... do they REALLY think he'd do that?? Did somebody say he did that?? Is that what witnesses said he did?? Is that what Liz said he did?? Did the guards say he did that?? Where the fuck does it say he did that and who says so?? Or did they just make it up?? These things fucking MATTER.

40:33 I mean with his body language etc. they've got him acting like a fucking goofball half the time. What the actual fuck?? Who told him to do that?? Did someone say that's the way Ted moved and acted?? What in ANY of the ACTUAL footage of Ted would give anyone that IDEA?? That's NOT how he moved, that's NOT how he acted. It's NOT. So why the fuck is he being portrayed that way??

42:55 and the crying?? If she was gone and if the guard stepped out with her then WHO THE FUCK SAW HIM CRYING?!?!?!? Fucking answer me that. NO ONE, that's who. Fucking NO ONE. They just MADE IT UP. This is such bullshit.

44:00 let's be honest. Haley Joel Osment is attractive. He is. He totally is. Come on. He totally is. I'm proud of that fuckin' guy. And he seems way way less gay than Zac.

51:24 that sheriff dude is pretty hot. Tearing up the drawing is a pretty severe touch, but let's be honest, I'm sure that was fucking bullshit anyway. I doubt he ever gave a fuck about the drawing, if the drawing ever even existed, and I'm sure he didn't put it up and stare at it all the time. The assertion is just stupid... no doubt a detail thrown into the movie to pander to women and make out like Ted had some semblance of normal feelings or something. 

55:00 finally he called the right bitch.

55:15 I honestly don't even dislike this chick for being a mindless Ted cuck. Like let's be honest, part of her probably really did think he was innocent or something.

57:20 at least this bitch is smart enough to invite Haley Joel Osment in. I guess she's not a TOTAL moron.

58:15 the first televised trial... so they had decided to use him before that, but this was the definitive moment they chose to use Ted's story to program minds for decades to come.

1:01:30 so Malkovich is playing the judge. Well he's doing an excellent job, because that's just what Malkovich does. But this fucking Jim Parsons fuck? Good God, the worst casting decision yet. Just what in the absolute fuck were they smoking? In no way can this man be taken seriously. Everything from the way he looks down to the way he moves... an absolute joke. He's on that show called "The Big Bang Theory" and I can only assume that he's being used because of the audience that show targets so that they can be successfully targeted in THIS brainwashing scheme. Fucking disgusting.

1:03:00 admittedly he does a good job with the role in this segment but his introduction was absolute cringe, absolute crap, absolute trash. Not his fault as an actor, but an atrocious joke no less.

1:08:14 seems to me the only parts they care about being accurate are the ones which were caught on film. What, do they think that ups their credibility with this movie and its portrayals overall? No. It doesn't.

1:10:00 that Carol Anne lady really did think he was innocent... I totally believe that. And see how triggered Ted gets even in this portrayal over his mom being brought in...


(03-08-2019, 05:51 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: The suggestion that the trauma of finding out his “sister” was actually his mother was the catalyst for his murderous behavior greatly angered Ted. In my opinion, his strong reaction to this idea suggests that indeed it probably was a huge part of the problem. 

I sincerely believe this was a solid 80% of the reason Ted turned out the way he did.

1:15:40 this part might be kinda sad, if there was any ACTUAL fucking remote chance in hell that Ted really did love the chick LMFAOOOOOO. The Carol Anne chick is way better, and really it's just stupid to assert that he "loved" anybody to be honest.

1:25:25 I'm getting pretty fucking bored of this.

1:36:30 see Liz was his fave lil tard. She was just the right amount of impressionable and controllable. The Carol Anne chick was total putty, which isn't as fun.

1:39:40 well I mean she should feel better now right? LOL.

1:42:32 man TBH I feel like I could act like Ted Bundy better than fucking Zac Efron can. 

Wow, it's finally over. Kthxbye.
About "Voltage Pictures" and "Third Eye":

Film producers often create a company just to make one movie. It's a temporary partnership just so there'll be a legal entity associated with the film. The company name is disposable, so they don't bother putting a lot of thought into it. They just make up a name and a cheesy animated logo on the spot.
Which lends even more credence to the idea that those names were cheeky puns.

The “Voltage” one is self explanatory.

The “Third Eye” one, well facepalm...

They certainly weren’t using their third eye to better channel Ted, that’s for damn sure.

Perhaps they were intentionally trying to torture his spirit with this portrayal, LMFAO, more punishment for Ted!
There is a ted bundy movie? Another one? Thanks MO for the idea imma watch it :)
they come in all shapes and sizes
the heart of mankind is wicked

many lesser known but fascinating nonetheless

Am I allowed to post this week?
In the Ted Bundy thread? Man hell no... we don’t wanna hear what the fuck you have to say about Ted Bundy.

If it was 1973 and I was nursing a broken arm and had to choose between one of you passing on the street to help me carry in my groceries after an evening visit to the market, I’d be choosing fuckin’ Ted over your sorry ass.
If I had to choose between eternity JUST OUTSIDE the gates of heaven with you as my constant companion...

Or straight up purgatory with Ted Bundy instead...

I’d be choosing Ted.
This movie well captures the essence of purgatory:

(05-16-2019, 12:11 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: In the Ted Bundy thread? Man hell no... we don’t wanna hear what the fuck you have to say about Ted Bundy.

If it was 1973 and I was nursing a broken arm and had to choose between one of you passing on the street to help me carry in my groceries after an evening visit to the market, I’d be choosing fuckin’ Ted over your sorry ass.

Well that's not very nice clearly im not that fucked up and you liked me once lol
(05-16-2019, 11:13 AM)Fungalicious Wrote: Am I allowed to post this week?

i found an infrared-style visualization of your posting habits.

rhombus will set you free.
*bows down eternally to Genba's infinite mastery*
a nice little chat with teddy , I hadn't seen this one ... this is the jail he jumped from the window a few months later to escape and continue the killing spree
lots of devious little smirks and smiles and dupers delight in this puppy

mo you like adventure and talking to strange people , you should request visits to all the serial killers in America and bring in hidden tiny camera in your hair or maybe have one implanted in your body so you get through the cavity searches . this would be golden material which many are willing to pay a lot to see

find out how often they masturbate and many other details of their lives
I vaguely love the idea!
Its just a thing think about it normal guy does weird shit?
Every human soul has this in them.
Its a choice whether you wanna cross that line or not.
Some brains there is no choice the receptors are on autoplay.

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