Zakk Tull: You GOTTA hear this, ROFLMAO...

Dude is Zakk STILL hanging out at Planet Fitness??????

It's been months.
So this guy is basically stuck in a roddy piper sci fi . How many years has this been running?
(09-15-2018, 08:04 PM)Kenny Wrote: How many years has this been running?

Are you talking about Zakk? Dude Zakk's been doing this since like 2002 or 2003. That I personally know of.


Triple Facepalm
Yeesh the cringe is strong.

Strong strong strong.
Omg @ 57 sec .
What kinda drug he takes? I wanna bit too

"This is the didactic example of why they want you to molest them and kill them"
Zakk's schizophrenic...

But it's THE WORST video I've ever seen from him (in like 15 years).

Because no one is going to understand his insane ramblings, they're gonna think he's just flat out being a creep.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's a miracle no one ever confronts Zakk in these public places he goes to and records people.
That's the worst shit ever honest to God though, I'm not even gonna front about it.

90% of people would be totally sure that Zakk needs to be locked up after seeing that shit.
Yeah the dude has a unique mission. Lol

Imagine a father overhearing that shit. Still i applaud zakks unique take on this crazy world
I've read Zakk's posts and heard him talking in some of his videos for so many years that I understand his particular crazy-talk. I know what he's trying to say, at least with the vast majority of his statements that really just run on a loop. He's acquired very little new material in the last decade.

But damn, does he not have ANY sense of appropriateness??

It's sad when people are too far gone to be viable in public.
(09-15-2018, 09:55 PM)Trix Wrote:

Triple Facepalm
I am sorry but this was super LOL  , what a big fucking  idiot saying that shit  right in front of the parents  . 

I wonder if he dubbed in the audio after filming it  cuz that uber brazen to sit there and talk about kids like that , WTF LOL
No man he does that shit IRL, in person, legitimately out in the open just like that.

I’ve NEVER seen him talk about the kids like that before.
yeah he's put out tons of videos of him doing that, and i don't recall anyone ever directly confronting him over it, but i have seen a few that would seem to indicate they know what he's talking about and they kinda egg him on while doing more of the things he sees.

i can't speak to the specific example of those kids, but what he talks about is real... there are sentient bipedal humanoids that almost everyone would assume to be human but are not. my feeling is that the whole reptoid thing is a metaphor - a cold, heartless predator - and not a literal descriptor. i've not seen enough evidence for it to be a literal thing. i have however met far too many individuals that were not an ensouled human being, but an empty archonic husk that serves as a drone to affect the ensouled and a vessel for entities to temporarily inhabit.
Genba thats scary . i think i know people like that they seem vacuous and no moral compass with cold eyes
I watched 5 or 6 zakk videos(really tryinh to understand his messages) amd now youtube recommend this


1:16 see, HISTORICALLY, THIS is WHY we watch Zakk and listen to Zakk and love Zakk.

Because as he's talking about all these "white flashes" and other types of interference, EXAMPLES OF IT actually APPEAR in his video in real time. That's fucking FASCINATING. And it always has been.

Wish the epic donut orb video was still around. It's not on this channel and I can't find it. I guess that vid is like 5 or 6 years old. But Zakk just starts randomly filming this guy at a restaurant and talking about how colors are flying off him, and no shit, you could SEE a colored "orb" of light fly off the guy's hand/the donut. It was CRAZY.

Zakk ACTUALLY sees this shit... it's ACTUALLY REAL.

And I find it FASCINATING what he says about the Amish and why they reject electricity and how there are "demons and aliens" in the electricity. I don't agree with that terminology. But do I think electricity facilitates energetic portals and can "house" and store consciousness? Yeah, I do.

1:33 and it's interesting because as he's recording and talking about the glitches, the glitches are also happening on his own transmission/device.

Zakk has referred to himself as "Dimensionally Challenged" (schizophrenic) and has referred to the "hallucinations" as dimensional "bleedthrough", just like in the title of this video, "overbleed".

This is why Zakk is so valuable as insight into the schizophrenic perception. He has a rare clarity of understanding about what schizophrenia actually is. Perhaps it's because he also has synesthesia... I think that may help him in putting 2+2 together about what he's perceiving on an energetic level.

2:15 I think re: the tattoos he's referencing the energetic attachments that people have, like that movie "Branded"...

I can't believe he hasn't been kicked out and lifetime banned from Planet Fitness yet.
Those sunglasses are pretty bitchin' though, not gonna lie.

Ah God man it is just fucking CRINGE as all out absolute total FUCK.
I'm second-hand creeped the fuck out.

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