Supernatural (2005) - Review & Commentary
Supernatural - Season 11, Episode 14 - "The Vessel"

1:20 these two are legit pretty sexy.

2:00 oh come on man, he was totally hot.

4:35 LMAO. Luci as Castiel is pretty funny.

5:58 LOL man oh man, Crowley going through a hard time!

12:00 ah jeez... well I'm sure this will go horribly wrong.

16:01 mmmmmm, does Dean look fuckable as a sailor or what?!

23:00 LOOOOOOOOL honestly this is fucking awesome.

25:55 I despise war... so sad that so many delicious men have been lost.

28:05 this lady has good taste... I'd totally rather get killed by Dean.

30:18 I gotta say, Misha's been good at acting bad.

32:30 so this is suggesting Hitler being into high magic.

This was a really good episode.

35:40 how cool is that shit?? Pretty cool. That'd be awesome to see just before you died.

38:20 he brought back clothes from another time, you can't do that... totes against the rules.
Supernatural - Season 11, Episode 15 - "Beyond The Mat"

Dude, wrestling is so weird and awesome.

3:53 this is by far the hottest Misha's ever been on this show.

4:58 dude, Crowley needs to be returned to his position as king fucking immediately.

7:25 I'd like to take care of the guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


14:41 OMG that was smooth!!!

15:20 roflroflroflmao.

17:40 DAMN FUCKING STRAIGHT, GURL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21:51 what the hell did he put in that??

37:30 well at least he got away. Wonder when Rowena will come back??
Supernatural - Season 11, Episode 16 - "Safe House"

1:21 oh I'm sure nothing horrible is about to happen... (((Sarcasm)))

3:15 they're peppering some gay propaganda in this episode... that seems to be their preferred poison with this series.

13:30 I like how they bring dead characters back in flashbacks like this... it's pretty cool.

28:50 I'm honestly barely paying attention to this episode... it's just not keeping me engaged.
Supernatural - Season 11, Episode 17 - "Red Meat"

OMG WTF that guy just shot Sam.

1:28 God look at this righteous button up Sam is wearing...


3:13 uhhh, dude, FUCK your stupid girlfriend, Sam is SHOT, okay? Nobody cares about your bitch.

This episode starts out with too much action.

5:00 "These days everybody under 40 looks the same to me" GUUURRRRL I HEAR YOUUUUU.

8:07 ahahahahaha oh hell no, fuck that guy!!! LMAO!!!

This episode is so dark, I can barely see anything. I really hate that shit.

10:01 they totally need to kill this guy.

11:02 and all to save his stupid girlfriend that nobody gives a fuck about.

12:23 amen to that, I'd be feeding these two losers to them.

18:44 is she gonna do the right thing and tell him her piece of shit boyfriend killed his brother???

21:59 LOL he's drinking it down with Pedialyte.

24:57 OMG I cannot WAIT for this guy to get what's coming to him.

34:58 I gotta say this chick has proven herself to be way better than her stupid boyfriend.

35:54 hell yes, muahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

37:13 uuuhhh, what the fuck is the difference??
Supernatural - Season 11, Episode 18 - "Hell's Angel"

Ooo! The hell's going on here!?

LOL... oh. They're summoning Crowley!!!

2:03 he's got nice looking hands...


5:21 OMG IT'S ROWENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7:01 what a badass bitch... I think I'm in LOOOOOOOVE.

Yet another darkass episode, what's the deal with this?? This one has no excuse to include a bunch of dark scenes. My monitor brightness is the same as always, so I really don't get it at all. Very annoying.

11:44 ROFL. "Just sayin'."

15:18 Sam is right.

15:25 LMFAOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!! WTF?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17:32 Rowena is such a damn fucking suck-up... but God I love her.

21:22 I love it when Rowena spies.

24:37 I love the way she says his name, LOL.

28:20 WTFFFF just happened???

29:10 I can't believe I actually LIKE Crowley now... I'm still not used to it!!!

31:30 OMG.

32:50 I love how Rowena runs and hides... God I fucking love Rowena so bad I can't stand it.

34:59 some of the effects in this show are really pretty.
I think season 11 is where we really start to sense Jensen's burnout...

TBH, if he wanted to continue, they probably wouldn't have stopped for like 10 more years.

But I think he's quite tired of it...

You can tell in this video that he's beyond ready to say goodbye. Looks like Jared would do it forever... but Jensen and Misha are like 'meh, we're done'.

0:07 when Jensen hears and reiterates Jared's words, his eyes light up. He's excited. But he stuffs it back down, it's only very brief.

0:15 he even said the word "excited"... LMAO. God I love reading people. I could do it all day every day til the end of time.

You can tell by their body language that Misha and Jensen pretty much feel the same about it.

0:46 again, Jared just totally willing to do the show forever... I mean he'd do it alone but the show can't be carried without Dean/Jensen. And so right here when Jared says they've cried some tears, Jensen immediately chimes in with his comment of saving the emotion for 'next year' (this final season), further exemplifying his deep level of burnout. It honestly seems like he can hardly take it anymore. I wonder if he's okay?
(08-03-2019, 07:24 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: . . . Jensen immediately chimes in with his comment of saving the emotion for 'next year' (this final season) . . .

And again with Misha and Jensen's similarity in feelings and whatnot, Misha quickly clarifies what Jensen meant with this statement...

They've all got pretty good chemistry, but Jared is outnumbered by those who really just want the show to end.
Supernatural - Season 11, Episode 19 - "The Chitters"

Oh great so now it's not just gay propaganda, it's gay KID propaganda... LOL. By far the worst offense on this show. EXTREMELY offensive and reprehensible. If they started putting shit like this in the show in later seasons, no wonder the regulars are freaked out.

I gotta say that was a VERY sudden jump into pure evil... VERY sudden.

15:31 this story is fucking stupid anyway.

Can't really get much worse than what they've done in this episode... leagues beyond shameful, pure garbage.
Supernatural - Season 11, Episode 20 - "Don't Call Me Shurley"

So up until late season 11, this show was not a particularly bad or negative influence, but now it looks like their deal started being hardcore enforced... these are the 2016 episodes. I would have figured the vile propaganda would have started a lot sooner, like circa 2012 or so.

3:29 so Carver Edlund is God?? LMFAO.
Supernatural - Season 11, Episode 21 - "All In The Family"

4:00 well that's certainly true... they never learn, as exemplified by this very show.

11:13 yeah I wish Rowena was here too, she's the only good thing left about this show.
Supernatural - Season 11, Episode 22 - "We Happy Few"

6:22 LOL @ all the Death cards. So ridiculous.

8:16 the shirt Carver's wearing with the X on it, Gigi Young describes the symbolism in this video: 25:51

30:21 LOL.
Supernatural - Season 11, Episode 23 - "Alpha And Omega"

5:08 so is this a woman of letters?? Kind of intriguing.

Wonder what the deal with the whole "crack in the sun" thing is... I've heard of it before and always wondered.

11:57 they're talking about how souls are batteries.

12:48 Waverly Hills... the most famous haunted hospital in Kentucky. I guarantee my childhood home had more though ;) You never hear about the real deal, it always gets buried.

19:53 "It's pretty fancy for the park" ROFLROFLROFLMAOOOOOO. It's sooooo weird to see this because I was just thinking earlier about wearing this super fancy sequined dress with a fascinator and the black lace gloves and stuff, but then I was like "Where the hell would I go dressed this way?? The park??" Weird synchronicities with this show. Although I'd like to flush it down the toilet for its trespasses and never look back.

22:52 of course it had to be some shit like this... *facepalm* Fucking swear with this show. Rowena is so hot though.

27:23 God look at those pearl snap buttons.
Supernatural - Season 12, Episode 1 - "Keep Calm And Carry On"

With a title like that, it's gotta be shit.

Looks like this show's just gonna get worse and worse from here on out.

It's probably been an embarrassment for the past 3 years.

1:49 oooOoooOooo their mom is kinda hot when she gets aggressive.

19:19 LOLOLOLOLOL. No wonder he likes the car so much!

23:15 LOL, this two guys are funny.

25:22 I looooove violent Castiel!

32:33 oh you GOTTA be fucking KIDDING me.

36:43 oh fuuuuuck yes baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Supernatural - Season 12, Episode 2 - "Mamma Mia"

Dude, I THOUGHT they were gonna bang in the last episode, but I didn't say it. LOL! Dammit!

2:06 what's with the basic questions? I thought they'd been "watching" Sam and Dean for years and knew everything about them??

8:24 ROFLMAO... I love Castiel.

10:16 God, Rowena is truly the best.

30:11 just kill the bitch. It's always a mistake not to.

33:33 ROFLLLLLMFAOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Supernatural - Season 12, Episode 3 - "The Foundry"

2:01 oh COME ON she'd NEVER go in there, that's SO dumb.

3:54 that's so hot, I totally wanna fuck Castiel.

I feel like Castiel and Dean's mom are gonna bang.

7:20 hell yeah baby, lookin' fly. She even hiked it up in the back, that's my kinda chick right there.

10:09 dude... if somebody drove like that with me in the car, I'd make them wish they were never born.

10:52 OMG LMAOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25:08 they're being soooooo ridiculous about the mom. Like come on, she's fine.

28:46 their mom legit might not be the sharpest tool in the shed though.

29:02 I wouldn't mind Rowena drawing on my chest in ash with that pretty lil finger of hers!!!

30:20 I fucking love Rowena so much... the best character in this show by far.

39:20 uuuhhhh, that sucks.
Supernatural - Season 12, Episode 4 - "American Nightmare"


5:13 God I swear... Dean makes me wanna bang so hard.

12:27 mention of 'off the grid people' as a low key insult.

22:17 this episode is kinda stupid.

27:40 oh man, Sam's totally gonna kill this lady.

30:18 uh oh, looks like we've got a badass bitch on our hands.

35:33 LOL what a nightmare!!! Total drink the Kool-Aid moment!!!

37:13 LOLOL what a psycho!!!

39:55 LOL great job on the mom text, it looks totally legit.
Supernatural - Season 12, Episode 5 - "The One You've Been Waiting For"


9:31 ah FFS.

13:56 oh this dude is pretty hot.

17:01 they're saying that Hitler's soul was saved in a container so that he could be brought back later.

20:40 random pointless mention of global warming. Doing their bare minimum to upkeep the propaganda, I guess.

33:24 lmao.

37:55 LOL, very cute.
Supernatural - Season 12, Episode 6 - "Celebrating The Life Of Asa Fox"

3:37 awwwe, Mary Winchester inspired somebody!

11:43 LOL, Enya.

20:51 whatever, bitch!

28:27 why are they giving the demons red eyes instead of black now?

41:09 "ALL THE BACON" ROFL. Hell yeah this is my kinda chick!!!
Supernatural - Season 12, Episode 7 - "Rock Never Dies"

1:26 it's so insane to think that there are people really doing this somewhere in the world right now.

9:30 yoga pants LOL.

13:46 agh, cucumber water is sooooooo good.

19:48 I've barely been watching this episode, but it seems kinda shit.
Supernatural - Season 12, Episode 8 - "LOTUS"

11:30 well at least he got a hotter host this time.

16:46 without the flannel LOL hell no!!!

21:06 Rowena and Crowley are my favorite characters in the show these days.

26:08 LMAO I love the way Castiel doesn't even move.

26:40 so this is the British men of letters guy... wonder how many episodes he'll be in.

29:53 it's a golden egg.

35:40 the effects in this show are really great sometimes.

38:10 why did they stay behind in the room?? I don't get it.

40:31 meh, she's doing the right thing... I'd birth that devilbaby too! It has every right to live!

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