Elliot Rodger...
In Elliot's manifesto, under June 2011, he says his mother gave him Gucci sunglasses and he makes mention of the Armani shirt...

Page 99 is the first mention of the sunglasses. He mentions them again on page 122, saying they had been stolen. He never mentions retrieving them and he says his mom replaced his stolen gold chain, but makes no further mention of the sunglasses... https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/...festo.html

The Hunger Games premiere was March 23, 2012. He wore the same SAME SHIRT and the SAME SUNGLASSES that he shows in this video from May 2014...

At 1:47 he says the sunglasses are Armani too.


Are these all the same sunglasses?

Did he really only have one Armani shirt? And one pair of Armani/designer sunglasses?

Two year timespan and he's still only got the one designer shirt and the one pair of designer sunglasses?

Only "sort of wealthy" I guess...
Furthermore... he appears to be wearing the shirt EXACTLY the same way in that video as he did at the premiere. The dark blue shirt underneath, unbuttoned, same glasses.

TWO YEARS apart.
my hunch is that elliott was a boy prostitute much like the kind they caught with that other producer of x-men , they pass these boys around and you can imagine the level of brainwashing ... then one day they propose a grand idea where elliot gets to be the star of the show
I have been watching the videos of Elliot for most of the day. I have been through a gambit of different emotions and beliefs. And while there is just something so off about it, about him, the last conclusion that I came to was that he was more or less in love with himself. Remember, when he says something to the effect of "I am pretty, no denying that." What the heck??? That's not the way dudes talk, especially about themselves. Could it be that he thought so much like a female, that he was jealous of all the 'blonde Barbie Doll types', because he couldn't be one of them? It's too bad for him that he took off with his (too) crazy mindset of how great he was and getting his long planned revenge. When in reality he was living in a world with so many others who think and feel the same way as he did. If he had given it just a little bit more time he could have had his own show. He could have been a male, a female, a robot, a male robot or female robot, or soon he could take hold of a programmed robot that would have gladly given him all the sex he wanted. And then just like most of the rest of us, he would have found out, that sex is just so overrated. By now he could have been thinking, "I am so over that!!! Thank goodness I didn't go on that killing spree a few years back. What was I thinking???

Dude was just totally eaten up with it. I too saw a whole world of another world in his wild eyes. I'm gonna have to go with sociopathic/psycho in his reality. No conspiracy, although I am still pondering the 'same shirt, sun glasses, and the fact that he hadn't grown very much from the time he went with dad and stepmom to the red carpet thingy. Sometimes truth is indeed stranger than fiction. 


These videos put shit into perspective pretty damn well...

And here's something I did not know...

Elliot uploaded his final video AFTER he had killed his three male roommates. That casts a whole new light on things and indeed, calls for me to further analyze the video now that I know this.

This monkey dude has an amazeballs sense of humor though, OT.
What the fuck... monkey guy was wrong, he didn't upload that vid after he killed the dudes, Elliot says "tomorrow" was the day of Retribution in the video. That's kind of a big fuck up on somebody's part. Did Elliot pre-film the video the day before and then just upload it when he emailed out the manifesto? And if he did upload that video right before he killed those people, why did he say "tomorrow" at all?? That would have made everyone who watched it upon upload think that he was going to do the shit the next day. So WTF?

And I've always wondered why the hell the lighting was so bad in that final video. Like. It's your LAST FUCKING VIDEO and you can't even get remotely normal lighting going on like you had in all the other videos?? That's just lame as shit. I think that's the weirdest part of all of this. Why slack so hard on the final video? And why does it cut off where it does? I never saw the full original video. I assume there HAS to be more to it than that. So WTF?
I done went and did things I never shoulda done...

(07-05-2017, 02:19 AM)Trix Wrote: I done went and did things I never shoulda done...


one thing that runs through all his vids , he can't stop smirking and almost laughing  ... i can't believe anyone would fall for this utter BS !
Elliot shot himself in his car, supposedly, in the head... head wounds bleed massively. There is no sight of blood whatsoever in the car...


There should be blood EVERYWHERE.

This video shows Elliot's car found impounded in 2016:

Not a speck of blood anywhere. At 2:14 there is some strange dark stain beside the back seat, but the placement is so precise, there are no splatters or anything around it so I have no idea what that is.

Page 27 and 28 detail how Elliot was found in his car with the door open, his body motionless, and a gunshot wound all the way through his head. He was supposedly covered in blood. Really??
Then where is the blood? Even if Elliot had opened the driver's side door and shot himself through the right temple, blood would have gone all over the door and the seat and the airbag etc., but there IS NO SIGHT OF BLOOD.

Lack of pictures at the scene of Elliot's alleged death is very suspicious... these are the only mildly interesting ones:

The rest of the pictures are low quality, low resolution, sorry excuse for crime scene pictures. These are interesting because you can see the shoes, and what looks like blood under the body and some on the covering.

What's the deal with the tan colored shoe right here where Elliot's body was??? https://thenypost.files.wordpress.com/20...quality=90&strip=all

Parents of the victims who were stabbed in the apartment say that there was no blood on the walls or ceilings and that the only sign in the apartment was missing a 6ft. section of carpet in a bedroom. This prompted the parents to believe their kids were killed in a very confined area in the apartment and that they were drugged at the time.

Elliot was cremated...


There are no pictures proving it was his body on the ground next to the car.

There is no proof it was even in him the car and certainly not adequate proof that he's dead.

We need to see pictures of his dead body. The more I look into it, the more I doubt.

The guy at the end of that clip is definitely not Elliot Rodger though, Elliot didn't have a chin dimple and the voice is not the same.

Again, bringing up the fact that there WAS NO visible blood anywhere in/on the car. Supposedly, Elliot shot himself in the car WHILE still driving, and then his car ran onto the sidewalk/into the back of a Jeep. That means that the airbag would have deployed AFTER Elliot shot himself, meaning the airbag would have blasted into a large area where there MUST HAVE been blood, yet there isn't a drop of blood anywhere visible on the airbag or anywhere else.

The bit about the bike being placed at the scene is very suspicious as well.
I remember my 7th birthday, it was lit  Booty and remember being 2 and having milk by myself for the first time too

Thanks for weighing in on the childhood memories debate, Dani.

The general consensus of people I have talked to is basically that sure, we may remember times from our childhoods, 7 and younger... but they're typically very random and vague memories that aren't about any specific date.
On page 2 of the police report, it says he killed himself whilst still driving the vehicle, and then the vehicle crashed. Page 58 states the shot entered the right side of his head and exited the left. In the car. NO BLOOD WHATSOEVER. Fucking REALLY?

"He then committed suicide by shooting himself while still driving his vehicle. The suspect’s vehicle subsequently crashed into another vehicle and came to a stop."


Page 3 of this report states "the driver of the BMW (was) slumped over inside the vehicle, bleeding heavily from his head" ... REALLY?! Where's the fucking blood then!?


Page 6, "Once at the scene he saw what appeared to be an Asian male in a white shirt, handcuffed, lying on the ground." There aren't many pics of Elliot wearing white, in fact, I can't think of any at all.

Page 7, "When they arrived at the crash, Deputy Johnson saw the BMW smoking, the driver’s side door open, and the suspect lying next to the door. Deputy Johnson then noticed there was a large amount of blood coming from the suspect. . . . Brain matter also protruded from one of the wounds."

But no visible blood in/on the car. Anywhere.

Page 8, "Corporal Lupo next heard over the radio a deputy dispatch that the suspect vehicle crashed on the 6500 block of Del Playa and the suspect was in custody." ... In custody? A dead body lying on the ground is "in custody"? Okay.

Page 10, "The driver’s side door of the BMW was open and Deputy Smith could see the suspect sitting in the driver’s seat motionless. Deputy Smith provided cover while others removed the suspect from the vehicle and handcuffed him. He saw there was a handgun in the suspect’s lap that appeared to be a Sig Sauer semi-automatic with the hammer in the cocked position. When the suspect was removed from the vehicle, Deputy Smith could see that he was gravely wounded with what appeared to be a through and through gunshot wound to his head."

Page 12, a witness describes the shooter "tracking" the position of an officer with hand motions: "As the BMW continued westbound on Del Playa, Cappon saw the BMW driver 'track' the deputy’s position as he drove away and continued to fire. Cappon demonstrated this 'tracking movement' by pointing his hand in the direction where he had seen the deputy and then moving in a westbound direction while holding his hand still facing the original location where the deputy had been." Sounds pretty pro to me.

Page 15, "Seven minutes after the first reports of gunshots, the suspect crashed his vehicle and ended his life with a gunshot wound to the head."

So this conflicting report states that he crashed AND THEN shot himself, while the police report states that he shot himself THEN the vehicle crashed.




Oh my. Yes.



I'm so glad I was inspired to use that song for the sake of remembering Elliot.

It's been associated with so many things for me in the past, so much emotion and experience...

Never would I have dreamed that some day it would be used to express the poignant feelings I have for The Supreme Gentleman.

And in no way am I trying to make fun of Coldplay, or Elliot, or any aspect of the situation... but I feel like using the song in this way was a huge upgrade from all its past associations, because now I can smile about it.
ROFLMFAOLOLOLOL just viewing it all from the perspective of the ignored and dejected vanilla latte...

It just gives me life. Pure life.

Pure life and living.

I want to make a movie about Elliot's life... a tale of what could have been.

In the story, he writes his manifesto and plans the Day of Retribution. But as the day approaches, he starts to get nervous. Out of sheer desperation... he resorts to WITCHCRAFT!!!

He does a few spells, really believes and gives it his all in the moment... but then gets mad at himself afterward for being so dumb and desperate. Later, he goes out to Starbucks... and to his astonishment, that's when the first of several hot cockstarved blonde girls approach him independently and in separate numerous encounters. Hedonistic pleasure of unimaginable proportions ensues over a summer that would change the course of his life forever. It would end with Elliot moving the 'Day of Retribution' file to Trash and hitting 'Empty' as he laughs and shakes his head.

Then he'd go on to start his own cult and intentional community, but that would be a sequel...
Elliot never approached those beautiful blonde girls. Just like they never approached him.

It's a two way street. Beautiful women don't get approached that much (in any kind of respectable setting) because they intimidate men.
Women do like to be dominated...

They like mean men because they're more likely to fight and be protective.

But there's a happy medium as well...

Bitches don't want to be mistreated and abused all the time.

You have to know when to be mean, and when to be nice...

Or at least 'not mean'.
I find myself reading my diary entries in internal Elliot Rodger voice...

they say this is elliot rodger's diary as well: http://archive.is/LYmGb

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