Elliot Rodger...
Does anybody else find the whole thing super weird?

The fact that his videos are still on YouTube...

The fact that he uploaded videos to YouTube in the first place...

The fact that he came from a wealthy elitist family, yet claimed he wasn't that wealthy even though he drove a Mercedes and a BMW and had $300 sunglasses...

The fact that people claim women will throw their panties at anything in a fancy car, wearing fancy clothes, yet nobody ever wanted Elliot... IN CALIFORNIA. The most superficial place outside of Miami.

I just don't know if I truly believe the story or not.

And his manifesto... talking about remembering his 7th birthday and where they went out to eat. Fucking no one remembers their 7th birthday, and this is coming from somebody who remembers being 2. You just don't remember shit like that, I'm sorry.

His manifesto and "life story" was boring as all out total fuck.

I just don't know if I really buy it.

Something about it is so suspicious.

He had a great taste in music though... and video games. He really liked 80s music, and World of Warcraft. I bet that loser never even had a level 80 though.


The songs he was listening to in every video were no accident either... it was always some sad love song about waiting for love or some shit.

It all seems too... planned. I dunno. 

It's this weird mix of candid and premeditated.

So fucking freaky. And sad.

And check this shit out...

Portents of violence and suicide, from Elliot Rodger's astrological birth chart:

Vertex 15°35' Aquarius, in House VI

This degree warns against possible swindles and violent death, whether one is the perpetrator or the victim.

Juno 22°11' Я Capricorn, in House V

In few cases, this degree describes a fatality which wreaks havoc in the home, and a possible suicide.

Uranus 11°02' Я Capricorn, in House V

If mental cleverness is misused and serves illegal purposes, one incurs a heavy punishment such as a prison sentence or exile.

Moon 4°28' Capricorn, in House IV

This degree often describes a person who makes wrong decisions despite above average intellectual capacities.

Venus 6°07' Virgo, in House XII

Although not unsociable, behaves gawkily particularly with persons of the opposite gender. A nasty female who enjoys doing harm may prove to have devastating influence.

Midheaven 3°24' Gemini

This degree often indicates weeping, bad luck, and deprivation of liberty.

TWO suicide aspects??? Wow. And a nasty female in his life who had a devastating influence... perhaps his step-mom? 

But astrology isn't totally fucking accurate or anything...

I never really followed the Elliot Rodgers drama. People I've heard talk about him said he was creepy as fuck. Being creepy in an era when young women are predisposed to label guys as creepy probably didn't help him much.
You always hear them say shit like, "Don't be creeping on me!" WTF does that even mean? Is there an airhead-to-English dictionary for this shit?

Elliot Rodger might have been like...

The one dude who it would have been justified to say that about.

Cuz you can tell how totally crazy he was just by looking at his eyes.

And that's the God's honest truth.

That's probably the reason chicks never pursued him...

It's because it was so obvious he was unhinged.

Even if you have like zero discernment when it comes to people...

That kind of crazy sets off subconscious alarm bells.

Real deal shit right there.


Sooo fuckin' damn creepy.

But right at the beginning there when he says his own name...

There's something in his face that just doesn't jive with me.

The same "something" that makes me question the entire story.
He blinks and his eyes get bigger almost like he's telling a lie.
Really wish he'd chosen better lightning for that video...

I mean seriously.


I always thought he was a victim of the nobody meme and had that grandiose ego that he had superpowers.
i laughed when i first saw these elliot vids , its almost like TPTB want to give some entertainment to those of us that know all these shootings are just fake , its just too silly
This is my first post.  

I will have to do more homework on the subject of Elliot Rodger, and try to find out more of the true facts that started this horrific event into motion. I have only recently been privy to the knowledge of this 'serial killer', as they refer to him. Like most people I too am so intrigued by the mindset of these types of individuals. I seek to find answers to the questions in my mind. I want to try somehow to see why or what it is that make these sociopathic individuals tick, and what triggers them to do the unthinkable. I know it is just to be, human, to seek out these answers. I do tend to get terribly overtaken by subjects of this manner. 

I have seen only a few of the videos of Elliot so far, and that is way I say that I need to get more educated on his life and his demise. But from the few minutes that I have watched of him, I have come to these conclusions. 

These were the baffling things that struck me : 1. When he smiles (he rarely shows his teeth or the way they are structured). 2. The car video that I saw was on the day before 'his day of reckoning'. When he would smile (more like a grin), and when he would laugh, they were both so very fake. When he laughed it was as if, the laugh, was so hollow (fake for sure). He put no heart or soul into it, making himself a rebel without a cause. Why take the lives of the innocent when you are not even committed to the cause yourself???

As I said, I have to try to get more of the facts, before I can comment on it again. 

Thanks for this forum in which there are like minded souls who are trying to understand (not judge) Elliot Rodger.

Willow  Huh2 
i can't speak to the veracity of these claims, but i had read a sad and hilarious write up about how he was sent to live with a harem in morocco, who endlessly tormented him over his very small unit.
Back when this whole thing first happened in 2014, there was A LOT of speculation in the 'conspiracy theory' circles that it was all staged and Elliot was acting in general. People thought that it was a staged event for the sole purpose of furthering gun control, and this is a valid concern since, in the introduction to the police report, they were ALREADY mentioning gun control and how 'important' it is.

BasedShaman makes excellent videos about Elliot Rodger, here is the police report video where the document starts off discussing gun control:

Some even theorized that Elliot was going to receive plastic surgery and relocate to another country after carrying out the mass shooting, and that he is still alive.

These ideas were mainly fueled by the fact that Elliot's dad is a director... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Rodger

He made a documentary called "Oh My God" which was discussing the subject of "What is God?" He also worked as a second unit director on the 2012 movie Hunger Games, the one that Elliot made a red-carpet appearance with his dad. Here they are at that premiere:


What stands out to me about Elliot in these pictures is his mad widow's peak. But I digress. He was dressed the same way he usually dressed, and he looked prettymuch the same as far as stance and mannerism.

There is a motion video halfway through on this vid of the red carpet event wherein you can observe Elliot's body language as well as his father and his (wife, girlfriend?)...

In this video, Elliot stays behind his dad, almost so as to hide himself from view. I assume this what he always did in a public place whenever he felt that attention was on him, thus the reason why no one ever felt comfortable approaching him. In addition, his dad and the woman are completely and wholly ignoring Elliot as he tags behind them like a small child, only, if he were a small child, dad and the woman might turn around every now and then to see if he's still there. Alas, they do not even look at him and appear to be very much into each other, specifically the dad is into the woman and is not thinking about Elliot whatsoever.

Elliot always looked the same. Any smile was only slight. Here are old pictures of him:


The guy just exudes creepy. 100,000%. And I don't feel that way about people often. Personally, I find that attractive in its own way, but I think most females would probably just avoid getting close whenever it's that obvious.


He really should have just become an alcoholic and stopped being a little bitch. Look at his 'privileged' surroundings. But supposedly compared to the saturation of mega-wealthy people in that area of California, Elliot was only 'kinda wealthy'. At least that's how he made it sound in his manifesto. And he couldn't get girls? Really? The creepy factor must have been magnified 1000% in person then. Even if he was intensely shy, I can't imagine that being a deterrent for ALL women. You would think at least a moderately hot cougar would have "tried it" with him at some point in time. Was he approached by women, but simply acted off-putting? Perhaps even closed up completely when they tried to talk to him? If I had been a cougar and approached an Elliot paralyzed with shyness, I would have just ignored it and started unbuttoning his $500 shirt.

Maybe they just assumed he was gay just by looking at him?


Even so, would that really have stopped women from coming onto him? Lots of women like that challenge. I don't buy it.

ROFL, God bless photoshop:

Moving along...

Elliot was sort of a girly-boy:

He had that blonde-tipped hair that the multi-racial men sport sometimes to try and appeal in some way to the Aryan ladies. Not saying it works, I am saying it's a highly psychologically rooted thing that these guys do, and just because you won't hear a lot of people talking about that doesn't mean I won't be honest about it right now. I've even seen this phenomenon in real life people... it's not just something I read on the internet, I promise.

Elliot in a hammock with his dad:

Sad little Elliot:

Young teenage Elliot, always had the same look in his eyes:

Who the heck are these girls? Perhaps one of the 'cousins' who prompted Elliot to Google search "How to get blow job from cousin"?...

It's at this point I will remark that what I DON'T see in Elliot is ANY resemblance to his father in any type of physical way, whatsoever:

Little Elliot with classmates:

Older Elliot with his brother and father, his body language showing complete detachment from them and a palpable unhappiness:

Baby Elliot:

I find it very interesting... in his little eyes, you can already see some sort of darkness. Maybe it's all just inescapable... unavoidable.

A rare happy looking Elliot:

Looks like he got some action from a blonde at some point in his life after all:

You're telling me none of these easy looking chicks even showed interest in Elliot? I highly doubt it:

I find this photo interesting...
To me it signifies a family that was disconnected from one another but tried at some level to maintain a facade of 'togetherness' even in their candid personal lives. His dad and the lady actually seem genuine, as much as they could be at least. They could not have been truly connected and understanding of one another, since they failed to notice such a serious problem with Elliot. If being "kind of wealthy" in socialite California isn't enough to encourage your young son to get out and have some fun... what the fuck is? What more can a person really do though?

As fucked up and disjointed as they seemed, it's not like they didn't have SOME type of desire to 'include' Elliot in some way.

WTF, creepy:

A lot of these pictures suggest that they loved him:

After looking at the pictures... I am quite tempted to declare Elliot Rodger "Born that way". Better luck next time Elliot.
trix: "If I had been a cougar and approached an Elliot paralyzed with shyness, I would have just ignored it and started unbuttoning his $500 shirt."

comedy gold , again .

on a side note ,elliot looks nothing like this supposed father
I wondered what Alex Jones had to say about this back in the day...

He says Elliot's parents did 'warn police' weeks before... apparently they must have found his YouTube videos and got concerned. Around 3:30 he starts talking about how it did seem like Elliot was acting in his videos, but he relates it to a narcissistic personality and how they try to portray the image of themselves they have in their mind.

Further addressing Elliot's "fake" maniacal laughter and smiling, he was a big fan of World of Warcraft, and actually quotes a villain from the game with his "mountains of skulls and rivers of blood" quote from his "Day of Retribution"/final video. This video from BasedShaman explains the relation:

Elliot was attempting to mimic his idols.

Alex also mentions there was a connection between The Hunger Games and Sandy Hook as well... which there was. In fact, there was a connection between Sandy Hook and The Hunger Games, Batman (Aurora shooter) and the Dark Knight Rises. http://govtslaves.info/conspiracy-connec...nnecticut/ These are the types of connections that set conspiracy theorists off, and in my opinion, for good reason.

It's interesting to watch Alex's response to Elliot. He calls him "creepy". It's prettymuch unanimous. Elliot was indeed creepy. I still can't help but feel sorry for him though... for some reason.

Alex says that Elliot was sheltered and insecure, and that was the reason he turned out this way. He also can't believe or relate to the concept that Elliot, driving a BMW, couldn't attract any women. It does indeed go against common sense.

He brings up a great point that Elliot killed three of his six victims with a knife... they even gloss over this fact in the police report. The focus is ALL on the guns, not on the knife. It seems they just take any tragic event that happens even remotely involving a gun and use it and play it up to the hilt.

So I am looking into gun laws put in place in California due to the Isla Vista shootings... sure enough:

Either it was the best use made of a random tragedy... or it was a manufactured tragedy.

16:20 in the video, Alex starts reading off some statements by the victims' families, and of course they are all solid 'gun control' proponents, taking the spotlight to discuss their dead family member 20% of the time and how great gun control is 80% of the time.

Incredibly suspicious and nobody can deny it. Alex really raises great points in this video.

He calls southern California the "heart of narcissism and mental illness"... he's absolutely right.

Alex addresses how so many females (and males) started 'swooning' over Elliot after his horrific crime. To be honest, I see where Alex is coming from... but I also think there's a certain 'human nature' element involved. It's psychological. People feel 'distant guilt'. People feel the need to 'validate' people even though it's too late. All kinds of innate responses are invoked in people which cause them to react with positive sentiment. These people interested in Elliot Rodger are different than the Charles Manson obsessors for example. Elliot strikes more of a motherly 'cutesy' feeling out of people, whereas with Manson, it was more like people (men AND women) with daddy issues or those who wanted to be cult leaders too who were interested in him. It's not a highly developed analogy but the best I can do at this time because I want to move along to another point...

Alex mocks Elliot's "Hi, Elliot Rodger here" opening, and I just have to say LOL. Because after the Isla Vista shootings and right when we were all introduced to Elliot Rodger back then, it became a little meme/inside joke to mock creepy/woman hating posters on forums by saying, "Elliot Rodger here." I still think it's absolutely hilarious.
He was a supreme gentleman.
ROFLMAOLOL that video. God bless the internet.

But you know it's also an interesting point to make...

People often say "We have to stop giving mass murderers fame post-mortem because it incentivizes other psychos to commit heinous acts for the fame they will receive post-mortem or following imprisonment".

It's a valid consideration. But Elliot is now known as "The Virgin Killer"... that wouldn't make Elliot proud, that would make him even more angry and bitter.
(07-01-2017, 09:02 PM)Trix Wrote: Alex says that Elliot was sheltered and insecure, and that was the reason he turned out this way. He also can't believe or relate to the concept that Elliot, driving a BMW, couldn't attract any women. It does indeed go against common sense.

dude its not that complicated at all. He was a white guy trapped in asian guy's appearance. None of the Asian guys I know ever get laid, you ever hear an asian guy go on a rampage because he's a virgin? He's just pissed that his white father can get any pussy he wants, but the half asian son got all the shitty asian genes.

Not that I know anything. I'm just a white girl.  Rolleyes
BWHAHAHA. And you are a BEAUTIFUL white girl, Ling.

Touching on the 'torn between two worlds' kind of aspect with bi-racial people is a good point though. It's a psychological element that should be taken into consideration. It should be taken seriously instead of being dismissed just because of some 'political correctness' excuse for diversion, ignoring the facts because of some potential intangible emotional 'offense'.

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