Evan Peters Claims Playing Sinister AHS Characters And Other Roles Made Him Sick


He says "It's hurting my soul" and "I'm sick/don't feel good"...
Pretty interesting to me, I mean of course portraying all these evil characters would take a toll on you after a while.

If he feels that way about it then he really should stop. 

Doing these super long stints in TV shows year after year is the ultimate in immortalizing yourself as an actor, in my opinion. 

I've been sort of against the idea of Evan forsaking TV for movies, but I guess it's gotta be this way. He's definitely better off playing Quicksilver in X-Men or whatever than he is playing all these psycho characters on AHS.

Evan as Quicksilver was the best thing he's done in the movies, and he's never really had a super endearing TV character since AHS season 1 anyway. He's better off with these more light hearted roles. 

He's probably already filthy rich, it's not like it matters if he's ever in anything again to be honest.
Sounds like it's fricken over for AHS though.
Probably for the best!
The truth of the matter is that Evan is nothing like any of these AHS characters he's played and he probably can't relate to them at all. He's probably a pretty sensitive emotional (typical millennial male) kinda dude and tapping into a bunch of evilness to play these horror roles would probably ruin his life if he kept it up.

Other than his role as Quicksilver, I don't see him doing anything truly great again. He'll probably pander to the agenda du jour, go gay, and then get fat and become a recluse.
Not at all surprising that his contracted "romantic" relationship with Emma Roberts was terminated not so long after this announcement though.

He spent a lot of years playing that role too...

So sad to be famous within the old guard. You have no identity, no choice... no freedom at all. And who says these people are even that rich, really... they probably take all their money too.

Seems these deals are made JUST for fame itself...


JUST to be known to a bunch of people.
"JUST to be known to a bunch of people."
random ones they dont want approaching them after become famous...its like a sick joke , no wonder so many end up taking daily drug coxktails just to relax and sleep
Amen. Well said.

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