Public service announcement for my fellas...
If you, or anyone you know asks for gluten free options at the bar- get a check on that shit. It may sound funny but this shit is serious. Went to a soft opening at a friends bar tonight. I have never in my life seen a building full of emasculated,  gluten intolerant,  viture signaling men at one time. It is extremely disturbing.  kill your fucking social media accounts, char up a steak, grow a fucking backbone. America is the greatest because on grit. Spirit.  Men AND women. I gave my friend my honest opinion . Great place. Hip. Definitely a cash generator.  I will NEVER step a foot in a place that panders to these types. Is this the new norm? If so we are screwed
Oh I hear ya dude...

Fuck I can't stand those damn vegans.

Give me a rare fucking steak any day of the week, put it in my facehole.

But due to frankenfoods and GMO, people have developed real allergies to foods and it's all because man has been trying to play God, altering everything.

If things hadn't been tampered with, these allergies wouldn't exist.
It blew my mind. Honestly,  if a grain is gonna take you out i would NEVER want to rely on you to stand beside me in battle. I was with me and a buddy , we order a couple jim beams for us and 3 other guys we were chatting to. They declined, and tried to cheers me with a frozen white claw drink. I absolutely died laughing. Check please!
God damn, i literally do not want to hear about why the tomatoes in my salad are racists because they were picked from the tribulations of illegals. If thats woke, ill choose to snooze god damn it. Its just insane. I really feel like especially us men, need to put our foot down. Im tired of feeling like im an outcast because i dont want daddy sam to pay my fucking bills. Shit is cray, MO. Im glad you see whats going on
You sound like a freethinking dude, Bump, I like it...

Sounds like you need to sire about 8 or 9 kids and raise them with your values!!!
(08-14-2019, 12:31 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: You sound like a freethinking dude, Bump, I like it...

Sounds like you need to sire about 8 or 9 kids and raise them with your values!!!

That is the funniest and best compliment ive ever fucking heard, EVER!  Haha
Get busy, champ!!!

*hard pat on the back*

as someone who ha suffered from gluten issues, and other GMO product issues, while everyone for years told me it was nothing until i ignored them and tested shit for myself, i can wholeheartedly tell you to fuck off.

yeah, there's a lot of trendy faggot sjws. don't lump me in with them. i'll grit your face in.

for the ignorant, big farms use a desiccant to dry out their wheat fields so they can all be harvested at once by machines. guess what desiccant they like to use? glyphosate aka round up. so.. enjoy your pesticide soaked bread with your alcohol?
rhombus will set you free.
“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.” ― Michael Ellner

Round Up, sheer poison...

And GMO added on top of these pesticides, it’s a recipe for disaster.

If one’s body rejects them to such an intense degree, such as in the case of people like Genba...

I am of the mind that those people have particularly strong vessels.

As with all other things though, there are trendies who try to be included in all kinds of ‘special needs’ categories, like the idiots running around claiming to be autistic...

So fun and trendy right!?

That’s just one example!

The world is fucked! Always has been though.

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