Hurricane Dorian
Because of how massive it is, it's got its feelers out for the warmest water around...

Probably extending toward the southern tip of Florida...

It's getting magnetized to that entire region.
If anything it'll go south.

That's my opinion as a non-rocket scientist, non-weatherperson entity.
That system over there in the Gulf looks like it wants to combine forces and have a party.

They are very clearly being pulled toward each other.
Dorian looks to be stretching out toward that area, and the system in the Gulf looks to be rotating in such a way as to 'pull' the water and in turn pull Dorian over to the southwest.

But again, I'm just some idiot on a computer.

All indicators are of a southerly movement...

It ain't turning north, at least before it fucking hits Florida.
If you look at the system forming over central Florida right now you can see that its rotation is about to tie in with the rotation of the hurricane and looks like it will just make it worse.
This is some wild shit.

It's so obviously going south.
It's still got those islands to go over or whatever, so maybe that will dramatically change things...

But those islands??

My God.
People are looking at the eye as an indicator of what direction it's going in...

Uh, no...

It's about everything around the eye and into the waters around the storm to a great radius...

And like I said, the radius of this particular storm is absolutely massive.
Huge influence on the entirety of the surrounding area...

That formation taking place over Florida right now says it all.

Didn't expect to see this.
(09-01-2019, 04:54 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

The lines of projection and the cone within that very model are a fucking joke...

No attention should even be paid to that shit, it is more than clear to see exactly where this is going.

Straight up south central impact of Florida and will continue right up the middle...

If it doesn't go into the Gulf. Looks like it won't though IMO, looks like it's just gearing up to take it all out on central FL.
Looks like it's gonna strengthen, hit Palm Bay, and go up through Florida toward the west.
(09-01-2019, 03:48 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Florida is phallus shaped though.

And the hurricane is shaped like a big butthole.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
I mean it's not really south central Florida, it is just central Florida...

But it looks like it could have a pull to the south.

So like rather than directly impacting Titusville, it's going for Vero Beach type deal.
Lake Okeechobee is what's pulling it toward that area.
So we basically have a cat. 4 heading straight toward a nuke plant...

Maybe only be a cat. 3 by the time it gets there.
That system forming over central Florida (though it really is just an extension of Dorian) is going to start coming down hard toward the southeast and meet up/combine with Dorian right over the Port St. Lucie area.

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