Full Version: Hurricane Dorian
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Fascinating video around 7:10 when he's talking about these opposing forces...

It's very educational.


i feel like Jesus is going to unleash the whoopass on florida because of how they let jeffrey epstein continue using underage goyims. Jesus doesn't like child abusers and their enablers

And this isn't even on the other side of the eye yet.

This sucks.

This storm is devastating.
Seriously out of all the footage I've seen, that video makes me want to bawl my eyes out...
Cars upside down, houses half gone, debris strewn...

But because of flooding those poor people have nowhere to go besides the top parts of houses that will probably blow away on the other side of the storm.
Quote:Cat 5 Hurricane #Dorian with 180+ MPH winds is the strongest storm on record to make landfall in the NW Bahamas.

The thing seems to just go over the islands without changing at all.

Eastern eyewall now approaching islands.

Expected to stall over Bahamas with 185MPH winds.
The eye on this thing is unbelievable.

Nightmare storm...

Some parts of the Bahamas now look like rooftops sticking out of the ocean.

Top left corner one, very interesting.

It's pretty obvious at this point that it's going to hit way harder into Florida than they're willing to admit.
Total chaos about to officially break out in FL...

Too late to leave and officials are about to have to admit they're wrong and issue evacs and warnings that can't even be properly heeded at this point.
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