The Official AHS: 1984 Thread

Episode 1 dropped, and the show is like 1/8th as enjoyable without your input, just like life in general, so I'm hoping this inspires said input, either here or on a new thread. <3

The first half was kind of meh. But once Mr. Jingles comes back into the picture, it vastly improves. 

Mr. Jingles looks an awful lot like an older more bloated Styx. 

80's aerobics awash with splattering blood = one of the weirder AHS intros, which is saying something. It's not more gross or creepy, it's just such a strange aesthetic, but it certainly sets the tone. 

The character of Montana starts out really generic, but tic by tic she gains more depth. That leopard skin onesie thooo. Wait, was it a onsie? I'm not sure now. The switchblade was when I was like "oh this girl has layers". 

I thought it was a little lame the way Brooke just discounts everything she witnesses simply because no one believed her. She should "know what she saw" regardless. She's apparently a magnet for serial killers. 

That ending ... two killers vying for one camp? Is that the gist? A handsome satanist jewel thief with a grudge vs an oldschool slasher just escaped from a high security insane asylum = possibly interesting. 

As far as episdode ones go for AHS... it didn't slay me. Last season's was one of the best opening episodes of ... any show pretty much ever, but then it kind of laid an egg in the subsequent couple of episodes before ratcheting things back up. I don't feel like this season is even close to establishing its identity yet. It certainly established itself aesthetically, but otherwise there wasn't a whole lot of meat on the bone. While I don't ache to see the next episode, I will definitely be watching and hoping it improves.
Thanks for the spoiler alert!!!


So far the season sounds unsurprisingly wank, but it's just the very beginning...

We'll see how it shapes up.

I personally have no intentions of watching it at this time though.
I will say I think it's sorta predictable where they're gonna go with it.

Why call it "1984" otherwise, gnomesayin'?

If they DON'T take advantage of that opportunity, it'd be one of their biggest failures.
(09-22-2019, 12:46 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I will say I think it's sorta predictable where they're gonna go with it. 

Why call it "1984" otherwise, gnomesayin'?

Oh my god... 


(09-22-2019, 01:26 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Yeeeeuuuuuuuup...

New episode tonight. I'm eager to see if anything crops up to hint that your theory is correct. Your insights have always been so on the money, not to mention fun, and I totally agree that it would be a missed opportunity if they don't go that direction. 

I was kind of disappointed when I saw what the new show was, as my kneejerk reaction was that the producers were just trying to capitalize on the 80's horror craze at a time when it's kind of getting tiresome, so your idea has given me hope.  It is exactly the kind of shit that the AHS writers would be all over--and in fact they would be banking on my type of kneejerk reaction for the payoff.
I'm not sure they're actually smart enough to go for it...

I'd say there's a 60/40 chance...

40% chance they'll take the opportunity, 60% chance they're too dumb. We'll see.
3 stars on Amazon...

That's pretty bad.

Lowest rating of any season so far.

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